From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 1307 - Three Conditions (1)

Chapter 1307: Three Conditions (1)

This was the second time in Chen Lin’s life where he tasted failure.

And this time around, the defeat was a heavier blow to him than the first.

Back then, he was still young. Back then, he ended up losing to a legendary figure. This made the loss much less humiliating.

However now, his identity was different. Therefore, this loss meant much more than before.

The glory and honor he accumulated through many battles were all destroyed in this one moment.

Chen Lin fell to the ground. He sensed the looks people were giving him.

There was surprise, sympathy, and mockery…

There was no more respect, worship, and admiration….

He had fallen from his pedestal…

This defeat was unacceptable to Chen Lin.

This mental blow felt far worse than his physical injuries.

The faces of everyone from the Loyalty Alliance were pale with shock.

Chen Lin had lost.

Their plan to use Chen Lin to suppress Zhai Yunsheng was a complete failure.

Not only did they fail to suppress Zhai Yunsheng, but they even created momentum for him.

What were they meant to do now?

Sheng Yingying tugged on Qu Zhen’s arm as she stressfully said: “Mr. Qu, think of a solution!:

“What can I do?” Qu Zhen replied. What could he possibly do right now?

“Don’t panic. Mr. Qin is still on our side,” Zhong Baiyun reassured Sheng Yingying.

After all, Zhai Yunsheng’s biggest opponent was Qin Chuan. As long as Qin Chuan was still around, Zhai Yunsheng could not easily make a comeback.

As they were in an alliance with Qin Chuan, if Zhai Yunsheng wanted to take revenge on them, he still had to deal with Qin Chuan.

Sheng Yingying could only comfort herself in this way.

Surely Qin Chuan could deal with Zhai Yunsheng!

Qin Chuan stared at Zhai Yunsheng.

He knew that the Zhai Yunsheng in front of him was completely different from the playboy in their previous lives.

After all, he and Jian Yiling strayed from their previous paths. And thus, why did he assume Zhai Yunsheng would remain the same?

Qin Chuan wondered what would happen to them in this life.

By now, Chen Lin’s subordinates walked over to help him stand up.

Chen Lin struggled to get up.

His body trembled uncontrollably because of the pain.

Right now, Chen Lin only had one thought in his mind. He wanted to hurriedly leave this place.

He did not want to face the eyes of the people looking at him.

“Why are you rushing to leave? You promised to do three things for me,” Zhai Yunsheng called out after Chen Lin.

Upon hearing this, Chen Lin could only stop in his tracks. He turned around and reluctantly asked Zhai Yunsheng: “What do you want me to do?”

Even if he was reluctant, Chen Lin did not intend on going back on his word. He would do what he promised.

Losing was already humiliating enough. If he failed to keep his word on top of this, then he would truly become the laughing stock in Beijing.

Zhai Yunsheng said to Chen Lin: “Firstly, you will no longer make Jian Yiheng do anything.”

This condition was reasonable. After all, Zhai Yunsheng loved his wife dearly. This meant he would definitely care for his brother-in-law as well.

“Okay,” Chen Lin hurriedly promised.

After all, he couldn’t say no to this.

Furthermore, this could be easily achieved. Chen Lin was just scared to hear Zhai Yunsheng’s other demands. Even if Zhai Yunsheng asked for something that was excessive and impossible, he could not refuse to do it.

What if Zhai Yunsheng wanted his entire fortune?

He was already very old. It would be impossible for him to start all over again.

“Secondly, I want you to clear your relationship with the Loyalty Alliance. From now on, you’re not allowed to help them.”

“And finally, in the future, you must not become enemies with the Jian family or the Zhai family. You must not do anything that will harm our interests.”

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