From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 1308 - Three Conditions (2)

Chapter 1308: Three Conditions (2)

Upon hearing Zhai Yunsheng’s words, Chen Lin stared at him incredulously: “You’re… Asking me not to be enemies with you…?”

He expected Zhai Yunsheng to ask him to hand over his entire fortune.

And thus, Chen Lin was surprised to hear these unexpected requests.

Even if Zhai Yunsheng asked for his entire fortune, he would not be able to say no.

Everyone else was also surprised by Zhai Yunsheng’s requests.

He could easily ask for that money! Why didn’t he want it? Was he not short on money or something?

For some reason, the story about Zhai Yunsheng relying on Jian Yiling for money seemed like a joke now.

“Can you promise that?” Zhai Yunsheng asked.

“Yes, of course,” Chen Lin hastily agreed.

He was afraid of Zhai Yunsheng going back on his word.

After hearing this response, Zhai Yunsheng walked over to the audience and took Jian Yiling’s hand.

“Come on, let’s go home.”

“Okay,” Jian Yiling replied with a nod. Then, she followed Zhai Yunsheng out of Jingxin Court.

Everyone quietly watched the leave.

Most people were still in shock that Zhai Yunsheng had won the competition.

After a while, people began to leave one after another.

However, all of them knew that after this match, Zhai Yunsheng’s name meant something completely different.

As expected, less than an hour after the martial arts match, almost everyone heard about the result.

Everyone was shocked to hear this.

They never expected Zhai Yunsheng to be this talented at fighting.

This meant that even without the support of the Zhai family business, Zhai Yunsheng was a powerful being in his own right. He was not someone that should be underestimated.

Sheng Yingying and Qu Zhen’s plans had the complete opposite effect of what they wanted.

And thus, the members of the Loyalty Alliance held an emergency meeting after the martial arts match.

Despite discussing how to handle this matter for an entire afternoon, they did not come to a conclusion.

In the end, they could only return to their respective homes in a worried and apprehensive mood.


Jian Yiheng hurriedly went to look for Zhai Yunsheng before medicine could even be applied to his injuries.

“Brother, please don’t rush away. You need to bandage this up. If you don’t disinfect your injuries, they will get infected,” Jian Yichen said to his brother. He tried to stop Jian Yiheng.

However, even if Jian Yiheng was injured, Jian Yichen could not stop him.

Jian Yiheng rushed over to Zhai Yunsheng’s apartment.

“Brother!” Jian Yichen desperately called out as he watched Jian Yiheng barge into Zhai Yunsheng’s apartment with a dangling bloodied gauze.

Jian Yiling was currently checking Zhai Yunsheng’s body to see if he had any injuries.

Although Zhai Yunsheng said he was not injured, Jian Yiling insisted on checking before she could rest assured.

Zhai Yunsheng was happy to let Jian Yiling check up on his body. He took off his shirt for her to see.

Unfortunately, Jian Yiheng barged in at this moment.

“What are you doing?” Zhai Yunsheng asked. There was a slightly unhappy expression on his face.

“I want to speak to you about something.”

Despite seeing the scene in front of him, Jian Yiheng did not feel embarrassed at all. He insisted on speaking to Zhai Yunsheng alone.

“Just say it here,” Zhai Yunsheng replied. He already somewhat guessed the reason why Jian Yiheng was looking for him.

“I want to fight you,” Jian Yiheng stated.

Ahh, as expected.

Zhai Yunsheng’s fighting skills were spectacular to watch.

However, in Jian Yiheng’s eyes, he saw a new opponent. He saw someone else that he wanted to challenge.

And from now on, his life goal was to defeat Zhai Yunsheng.

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