From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 1306 - Invincible Master Sheng (2)

Chapter 1306: Invincible Master Sheng (2)

“What kind of loser would be able to do this? That’s probably the biggest misconception about him!”

“If he can win against Elder Chen, Zhai Yunsheng is absolutely insane! Why has he been hiding his talent and skills?”

“The young master of the Zhai family is really deep in hiding!”

“He might look like an ordinary individual but his martial art skills are quite profound!”

Everyone watching the live broadcast also had the same thoughts. Some of them even began to spread the news to their friends. Others began to comment:

[When did Zhai Yunsheng become this strong? Wasn’t it rumored that he was sick?]

[It wasn’t a rumor. He was indeed sick. This was a secret that the Zhai family had been carefully guarding.]

[Apparently, during the two years Jian Yiling went missing, some people said that he was dead or near the brinks of death. What kind of nonsense is that? From the looks of it, he probably went to learn martial arts from someone!]

[He seems quite healthy right now. How did he get better?]

[Jian Yiling probably cured him. Didn’t you say that Jian Yiling was a very good doctor?]

[Well, even if Jian Yiling didn’t cure him, someone in Lahaisen Hospital probably did. Lahaisen Hospital truly lives up to its reputation. I heard that Zhai Yunsheng’s condition was congenital. In all these years, no one has managed to cure him.]

In contrast to everyone else’s excitement, members of the Loyalty Alliance began to feel nervous.

How could this happen?

Would Elder Chen actually be defeated by Zhai Yunsheng?

Sheng Yingying nervously asked Qu Zhen: “Mr. Qu, what’s going on? How did Zhai Yunsheng become so strong?”

Qu Zhen frowned as he replied: “I told you about this earlier. He was already very strong when he fought against the Hidden Blade Clan.”

“This can’t be happening,” Sheng Yingying stammered. She still didn’t want to accept the reality in front of her. “He can’t possibly win against Elder Chen! Elder Chen has never lost before!”

“No, he has lost once,” Qu Zhen corrected Sheng Yingying. “And even though it was only once, it still proves that someone can defeat Elder Chen. We shouldn’t have ignored that slim possibility.”

Upon hearing this, Sheng Yingying’s face turned white.

Then, when she turned to look at Chen Lin, a sense of fear overwhelmed her.

In the middle of the arena, Zhai Yunsheng ruthlessly attacked Chen Lin. He was like a living nightmare.

For some reason, it seemed as though she could foresee how this man would take revenge against the Loyalty Alliance. She could foresee how this man would take revenge on her.

Chen Lin’s forehead was filled with beads of sweat.

He felt both surprised and afraid.

He was surprised by Zhai Yunsheng’s strength and he was afraid of losing the match.

He was even more afraid of the situation he would face after defeat.

For decades, he was known to be the best fighter in the martial arts community.

He did not want to fall off that pedestal today.

And thus, Chen Lin desperately wanted to attack back. He wanted to find an opportunity to reverse the situation.

However, Zhai Yunsheng’s attacks were too fierce. There was not a single crack in his moves.

On the defense, Chen Lin took a dozen punches in a row.

His face and body were peppered with injuries.

There was blood on the corner of his mouth.

Just now, one of Zhai Yunsheng’s punches knocked out one of his posterior molars.

For the first time in decades, he was getting beaten up.

In the past, this only happened when he was fighting against the Black Demon King.

Chen Lin couldn’t defend against these attacks.

Even though he did not want to admit defeat, his body could no longer support him.

And thus, after receiving another kick from Zhai Yunsheng, Chen Lin fell down and landed solidly on the wooden floor of the arena.

After a countdown of ten seconds, Chen Lin could not get up.

Chen Lin was defeated.

He suffered a complete and utter loss.

As Chen Lin laid on the ground, his entire body felt dazed.

Even though his body had been beaten to the point where he couldn’t move, his consciousness was still there.

When he thought about his defeat, Chen Lin felt that it would be best for him to just faint there.

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