From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 1305 - Invincible Master Sheng (1)

Chapter 1305: Invincible Master Sheng (1)

The Jian family retreated to the side to watch the match between Zhai Yunsheng and Chen Lin.

After they left the arena, the martial arts match officially began.

There was a sneer on Chen Lin’s face.

He knew that Zhai Yunsheng was somewhat skilled at martial arts. Sheng Yingying and Qu Zhen told him about this.

He even knew that Zhai Yunsheng defeated someone from the Hidden Blade Clan. However, this was not because Zhai Yunsheng was incredible. Rather, it was because the Hidden Blade Clan had taken steps backward.

Everyone watching the battle was incredibly nervous.

This was especially the case for the members of the Loyalty Alliance.

Naturally, they wanted Chen Lin to win. If Chen Lin won, it would be impossible for Zhai Yunsheng to make a comeback.

Not only would he lose a plot of land worth more than 30 billion dollars, but he would also lose respect amongst his peers in Beijing.

And once this news was spread in Beijing, Zhai Yunsheng would never be able to claw back his reputation.

The Jian family also watched the match anxiously.

Even though they discussed this matter previously, they couldn’t help but feel worried for Zhai Yunsheng.

After all, this person won against Jian Yiheng. Would Zhai Yunsheng really be able to win against him?

What if Zhai Yunsheng lost as well?

In the eyes of the Jian family, losing 30 billion dollars was a small problem. However, Jian Yiheng being left to Chen Lin’s disposal was a big problem.

If the money was lost, they could earn it again. However, if something happened to Jian Yiheng, there would be no turning back.

Chen Lin made the first move, He wanted a quick battle. Therefore, he didn’t want to waste any time.

Furthermore, during the fight with Jian Yiheng, he had already revealed his full strength. This meant that there was no need to hide his strength when fighting against Zhai Yunsheng.

In his mind, Zhai Yunsheng would not be able to keep up with his strength and speed.

However, the reality was completely different from his expectations.

To everyone’s surprise, even after a series of attacks, Zhai Yunsheng did not get hit. Even Jian Yiheng got hit by these attacks.

Zhai Yunsheng managed to completely counter Chen Lin’s moves. On top of this, he went around to Chen Lin’s back and landed a solid punch.

Chen Lin, everyone watching the martial art match in person, and the viewers watching through the live broadcast were all shocked. They did not expect this to happen.

How could Zhai Yunsheng do this? Wasn’t he meant to be a playboy who didn’t know how to do anything?

This wasn’t normal!

Upon seeing the scene in front of him, Qin Chuan frowned slightly.

He had always known that Zhai Yunsheng knew some kung fu.

Furthermore, when Zhai Yunsheng returned from the southwest, people from the Loyalty Alliance had told him that Zhai Yunsheng’s fighting skills became more refined than before.

And thus, even though he psychologically prepared himself, Qin Chuan realized that he had severely underestimated Zhai Yunsheng’s abilities.

He did not expect Zhai Yunsheng to be so different from the person he remembered from his previous life.

Chen Lin was also confused for a moment. This feeling…

During this moment of confusion, Zhai Yunsheng continued to launch a series of attacks.

Chen Lin hurriedly defended.

However, to his horror, Chen Lin quickly discovered that Zhai Yunsheng was stronger than Jian Yiheng. He was stronger than Jian Yiheng in terms of speed, strength, and even variation of moves.

And these moves were familiar… It was not his first time encountering such moves…

The crowd went from shock at the beginning to excitement.

Some people couldn’t help but exclaim:

“Zhai Yunsheng is insane!”

“Who said he was just a pretty boy? How can there be such a powerful pretty boy?!”

“Who called him a loser? Who called him a playboy?”

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