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Chapter 89 - Her Life As a Princess Has Come to an End Now!

Chapter 89: Her Life As a Princess Has Come to an End Now!

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“Even if you feel like that. Surely, Mu Qiqi would be outraged!”

“The public is furious too. They asked the Ministry of Education to give Mu Tangxue severe punishment. Now, we’re waiting for Mama Mu’s testimony!”

“Mu Tangxue appeared and claimed that she was innocent. That means that she would be fine now.”


Mu Tangxue thought that she had done the right thing by attending the press conference. She could claim that she was innocent. But, she didn’t know that her reckless action would annoy the police and the Ministry of Education. She showed no regret for what she did. She thought that all the others were naive and foolish people. She was playing with the law and treating the education system like it was nothing.

The Ministry of Education had already decided on the kind of punishment for Mu Tangxue after receiving Mama Mu’s final testimony. But, they needed to reconsider it after that press conference.

The press conference began at two o’clock in the afternoon and it lasted for only forty minutes. At 3.40 p.m., the Ministry of Education had a new announcement.

“After investigation, the Eaton candidate from Senior Class 5, Mu Tangxue is found guilty in the case concerned. During the college entrance exam, she conspired with her mother, Madam Su. They ignored the rules of the exam, bribed the invigilators, exchanged the exam papers and broke the laws of the school and the nation. It has resulted in a bad outcome. So, after serious discussion, the Ministry of Education has decided to reject Mu Tangxue’s current results. She is also barred from sitting for the same exam for five consecutive years. All other prospective exam candidates are warned not to commit a similar offense. You need to be responsible for yourself and your future!”

The announcement caused quite an uproar once it was out in the public.

It was because Mu Tangxue had claimed that she did not cheat during the exam just an hour ago. She had claimed that she was innocent!

But, the announcement felt like a harsh slap to her face.

Being barred from sitting for the exam for three consecutive years was a harsh punishment. Now, it was extended to five years. It basically made it impossible for Mu Tangxue to sit for the exam anymore. It meant that she needed to wait for another five years if she wanted a certificate to go to college.

The entire nation knew about it now.

Mu Tangxue sat down on the floor when she received the news. This…

How was it possible?

What’s worse, the press conference earlier on was just like a joke. Mu Group became a laughing stock. They just claimed that Mu Tangxue was innocent, didn’t they?

Mu Group suffered greatly when the announcement was out. Papa Mu’s face darkened. He went to the police station immediately. He wanted to meet Mama Mu but he was stopped by the police.

“Mr. Mu, I’m sorry to tell you that Madam Su refuses to meet you.”

“That’s impossible!”

At that moment, Mama Mu’s new lawyer came out of the police station. He saw Papa Mu and approached him. “Mr. Mu, nice to meet you. I’m Madam Su’s new lawyer. My surname is Liu.”

“Who are you?”

The lawyer laughed. Then, he told Papa Mu, “My client will file a divorce suit against you. Please be prepared.”

Then, Lawyer Liu left the police station. Papa Mu was outraged.

It was clear that Mama Mu had broken her promise this time. She was going to side with Mu Qiqi.

Papa Mu was furious. The first thing he did when he went home was give Mu Tangxue a slap. “You loser! You scumbag! How could you be my daughter? Idiot!”

Mu Tangxue was having the worst day ever. She had no future now. Even her father abused her physically.

“Dad! I’m still useful to you! You cannot slap me like this!”

“Weren’t you delighted when I slapped Mu Qiqi like that? Now, it’s your turn. Why? Can’t you take it?”

“Dad, trust me. I’m still useful to you. Don’t slap me.”

Papa Mu took a deep breath. He held himself back. “Get lost! Go to your room now! Don’t let me see you!”

Mu Tangxue ran back to her room. Her life as a princess had indeed come to an end now.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education had not decided on what to do with Mu Qiqi.

They had numerous discussions about her. They investigated Mu Qiqi’s results too.

However, Mu Qiqi’s original results could not be accepted anymore because no one could confirm that the results were authentic.

Hence, the Ministry of Education had held several meetings on that. At last, they made a decision.

“After investigation, the Eaton candidate from Senior Class 3, Mu Qiqi is considered a victim in the bribery case. Her results were exchanged. The Ministry of Education has decided to allow her to sit for the exam again alone to prove the validity of her results. We hope that Mu Qiqi can brace herself and sit for the exam again to have a better future.”

Su Zipei almost burst into tears of happiness when she received the news. It was because no one foresaw it.

Mu Qiqi could get back her true results, seven hundred and twenty-four marks, in the end.

But, sitting for the exam alone had no meaning for Mu Qiqi. It was different from sitting for a nationwide exam.

No one would approve of that kind of exam. It was just like a consolation prize for her. It was unfair for the other candidates too..

“Qiqi, you can study in the best faculty in Sheng Ting University now.” Su Zipei was rather pleased.

Mu Qiqi thought about it the whole night. Sheng Ting University had even allowed her to choose whatever field she wanted when they heard about the latest news as long as her results passed the minimum admittance score.

However, Mu Qiqi contacted Lu Wenhua privately. “Principal Lu, I was really against Forensic Medicine before. But, now I have other doubts since I’m allowed to choose again.”

“So, what do you think?”

“Nothing, I’ll rest early tonight.”

Mu Qiqi did not say anything else as she ended the call. After a few days, she sat for the exam again. But, it was no good sitting there alone in the exam room.

Sheng Xiao had been fetching Mu Qiqi after work these past few days.

“Xiaoxiao, what would you think if I didn’t manage to become your junior still this time around?”

“What else would I be thinking about? You’re my woman no matter what happens,” Sheng Xiao replied rather absent-mindedly.

He set a target for Mu Qiqi before to cheer her up and to give her a target to work towards. Now, the target made her unhappy. He did not have to cling onto that target anymore.

“Do you think that there is a wide distance between us?”

“Do you think that I need a woman to make myself appear stronger and more powerful? Mu Qiqi, don’t think too much. Even if you were a beggar, I’ll clean you up and put you in my bed. Nothing else matters to me as long as you’re you!”

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