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Chapter 88 - How Dare You Push Me!

Chapter 88: How Dare You Push Me!

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Mu Qiqi walked toward Sheng Xiao. She saw that there was a wet stain on his chest. “The weather is rather hot. You must’ve waited for me for a long time.”

“I’m curious to see you after so great a change. Which is more important to you now? Taking revenge or me?”

Mu Qiqi looked up at Sheng Xiao and saw his faint smile. She felt that it had been such a long time since they could be together like that. “Then, do you have an answer yet?”

Sheng Xiao lifted Mu Qiqi up and got her into the sports car. Then, they went straight to their new home.

But, Sheng Xiao embraced her tightly the minute they entered the house. He kissed her madly. What happened after that was…

Mu Qiqi only accepted his kisses. But, soon she felt that the man who was hugging her was the one who always stayed by her side. He was the man who helped her the most. All of a sudden, she started to respond to his kisses.

When they recovered their senses, they were lying on the sofa. Sheng Xiao’s shirt was torn open and his muscular chest was exposed.

Mu Qiqi was stunned. She sat up and appeared helpless. Sheng Xiao laughed softly. Then, he lifted her chin. “How dare you push me! Now, you’re really grown up.”

Mu Qiqi then threw herself into his embrace and leaned against him. “Xiaoxiao, I’ll be staying with you forever if I ever get to own you one day.”

“So, you’re saying that you might regret it?” Sheng Xiao asked her a dangerous question.

“I won’t. But, you have so many other better choices.” Mu Qiqi really thought so. She wanted so badly to make him hers. However, she was afraid that he might not be happy with her.

Sheng Xiao frowned and hugged Mu Qiqi tightly until she could barely breathe. “I’ll cling onto you always. Do you think that I have other choices?”

“I told you before, haven’t I? Since you’re the one who pulled me down with you, then you’ll never get to escape from me for the rest of your life.”

After that, Mu Qiqi pushed Sheng Xiao away. But, she was staring at Sheng Xiao’s messy clothes. Then, she stretched her hands out and started unbuttoning his shirt. She seemed to have made a decision. However, Sheng Xiao grabbed both of her hands. “What are you doing? Are you planning to repay my kindness?”


“Do you think that you could lie to me?

“If you’re not going to do it because you love me, I better go and take a cold shower.” Then, Sheng Xiao pushed Mu Qiqi away and headed straight to the bathroom.

Mu Qiqi laughed softly while sitting on the sofa. Then, she went after him. She picked up his clothes from the floor.

Mu Qiqi pushed the bathroom door open. Sheng Xiao was enjoying himself in the bathtub.

Mu Qiqi did not dare to look at him. She just squatted down beside him.

“Why do you close your eyes even when you’ve seen my naked body before?” Sheng Xiao laughed at her. “You were quite fast that day at the clinic…”

“I did that to save you.”

Mu Qiqi looked at him. She could still see the scar.

Sheng Xiao did not say anything more. He grabbed Mu Qiqi and pulled her into the bathtub. He hugged her tightly and pressed her onto him. “If you move again, I won’t be holding back anymore!”

“Xiaoxiao, will Mu Tangxue be punished for what she did at last?”

“Of course!” Sheng Xiao hugged her tightly and gave her a firm reply.


The next morning, Mu Tangxue returned home from the hospital. Although no one was being nice to her, Papa Mu did not punish her at all. Instead, he pretended not to see her.

Mu Tangxue knew how things were now. She should not appear in front of Papa Mu too often. She should do what was best to resolve the issue at hand so that her father would be on her side again.

Mu Qiqi would never be able to return to the Mu family. So, everything in the Mu family would be hers at last.

She escaped this time because Mama Mu was going to bear full responsibility for the case. However, she needed to plan for herself now. How would she survive after this?

But, she was too naive!

Mama Mu changed her testimony overnight. Now, the police had submitted all of the evidence.

Grandpa Mu called her after that, “Xue’er, don’t worry. Lawyer He told me that your mother has done what we asked her to do. You’ll be fine very soon.”

“Then, should I go and visit my mom in the police station?”

“What for? She’ll be released after a few months. If you go and visit her now, the others might get suspicious. Moreover, Mu Group is going to hold a press conference in the afternoon. You need to attend that.”

Why was she needed there? She had to claim that she was innocent in front of the public.

It was an unfilial deed but…

She had no other choice!


Lu Wenhua received the news about the upcoming press conference. He soon went to the small villa.

“They’re quite confident with their plan so they’re eager to hold a press conference to clear the doubts. They want so badly to save their shares.”

“When is the press conference?” Su Zipei was concerned about it.

“This afternoon at two o’clock.”

“Then, surely it will be an interesting drama.” Su Zipei laughed and nudged Mu Qiqi. “Let’s wait for it.”

The reason why Mu Group held the press conference was to apologize to the public. They also wanted to prove Mu Tangxue’s innocence.

She was just one of the victims.

Mu Tangxue pretended to look pitiful while facing the camera. She cried vigorously, “I really didn’t know that my mom would do such a thing. If I had known earlier, surely I wouldn’t have allowed her to do it no matter what happens.”

“Moreover, I should have inquired more about it. I always believed my mom. I always thought that she asked me to copy my elder sister’s handwriting because it’s beautiful. I have always treated my sister as my role model. I didn’t know that my mom would lie to me like that. She just wanted me to cheat during the exam. She thought that she could escape from it.”

“It’s all my fault. I humbly apologize to my sister and all of you…”

“Mu Tangxue claimed that she had nothing to do with the case,” the reporters started whispering off the stage. “Who’s going to believe that kind of lie? Their handwritings look so alike. It’s obvious that it was not done in a short period of time. How could she claim that she’s ignorant about it? Who will believe her?”

“Then, you really don’t know about how things work now. She would not be punished severely by the law or the Ministry of Education if she claimed that she was a victim. But, do you know what would happen to her if she confessed that she was aware of all of it? If I was her, I would do what she did.”

“How shameful! She exchanged her exam papers with her elder sister’s but escaped from the punishment in the end. How infuriating!” The reporter sneered.

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