Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 90 - I Just Want What Belongs to Me!

Chapter 90: I Just Want What Belongs to Me!

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Mu Qiqi knew that what Sheng Xiao said was sincere. He could do what he wanted.

Mu Qiqi did not want to think about how complicated the Sheng family was. She just wanted to make the right choice so that she would not regret it in the future.

“Xiaoxiao, I’ve considered it for a long time. Although the Ministry of Education decided to return my results to me by allowing me to sit for the exam again, it’s still an unfair treatment. The others might not raise an argument there but they might be displeased with it. My family members framed me but it had nothing to do with the other candidates. Even if I gained full marks this time around, they would not approve of that result too.”

“So, I’ve done my best for the exam. But, I decided to listen to Uncle Lu’s suggestion and choose to apply for Forensic Science.”

“What’s the reason behind that? Tell me!” Sheng Xiao was curious.

“I was a passive person before so I was afraid to make that kind of decision. After I calmed down and thought about it properly, I feel that it’s much more meaningful if I chose to apply for Forensic Science.”

“Firstly, I could put an end to the rumors. I could only choose Forensic Science before but now I can choose whatever field I want. I don’t think that I’m wronged there. Secondly, my grandma’s death had hurt me deeply. Although only Mu Tangxue and I were in the room at that time, I think that I can prove my innocence one day without Mu Tangxue’s testimony. So, I’ll be taking Forensic Science. I also want to clarify my doubts and help others to do the same.”

Sheng Xiao laughed softly after listening to what Mu Qiqi said. “Since you’ve made the decision, why not go ahead with it?”

Mu Qiqi laughed with him too. She became calmer when she received Sheng Xiao’s support.

“You’re grown up now. Your thinking is more mature now.”

“Sometimes, I just want to rely on you alone. But, I can’t be that weak every time I face any kind of challenges with you. I don’t care about the others. I just hate being your burden. Xiaoxiao, I can’t sit around and do nothing no matter how strong you are. I can’t always wait for your protection.”

“No need to explain anymore. I know what you mean,” Sheng Xiao interrupted Mu Qiqi. He knew what she wanted to say.

Mu Qiqi still needed his step-by-step guidance a year ago. But now, she could think on her own. She had her own stand too.

“You don’t have to grow up so fast in front of me. If you do, I’ll lose all kinds of funny experiences!”

Soon, they returned to the small villa.

Su Zipei greeted them when they entered the small villa. She said to Sheng Xiao, “How nice you’re here! The Mu family has come to pick up Qiqi. It seems like they are going to discuss the terms and conditions with Qiqi.”

“The shares of the Mu Group will continue to go down the hill as long as the bribery case is still hot from the oven. The Mu family is nervous and anxious now. They want to listen to Qiqi’s stand now,” Sheng Xiao voiced out his opinion. Then, he sat down on the sofa. “It’s not a bad thing. Qiqi can think about what kind of thing she wants from them.”

“Qiqi is just a naive child. How could she have thought so well on that?”

Mu Qiqi remembered distinctly how the Mu family treated her these past few years. They will never be a family anymore in the future. Why couldn’t Mu Qiqi ask them for something?


“Aunt, do you still remember when Mu Tangxue held a celebration party a few days ago? Grandpa gave her five percent of the shares in the Mu Group.”

“So?” Su Zipei asked Mu Qiqi.

“I just want…what belongs to me,” Mu Qiqi replied to Su Zipei.

Mu Qiqi had that kind of thought because she was with Sheng Xiao now. She might not face any kind of conflict with the Sheng family in the future. But, it was not the same with her aunt. Her aunt might be pressured by the Sheng family. If that was the case, she could ask for something for her aunt. It would be better for her aunt whether she wanted to be with Lu Wenhua or do something else. At least…

She would have something with her too.

She could live happily with Sheng Xiao but it was not the same with her aunt.

“If that’s what you think, I’ll reply to your grandpa and decide on the meeting time.”

“Okay, thank you so much,” Mu Qiqi said to Su Zipei.

Su Zipei glanced at Mu Qiqi. Suddenly, she felt that her thinking had changed. Surely, she knew why Mu Qiqi was different now. It was what happened to her that became the stimulus of her sudden change.

Mu Qiqi seemed to have grown up in one night. Her thinking was more mature now. She wanted more for herself too.

She never thought that way before. She started to act like Sheng Xiao now. She became cold and distant. When the right time came, she grabbed onto the chance and did what she got to do.

At night, Mu Qiqi told Su Zipei about her decision. She still chose to apply for Forensic Science.

She also informed Su Zipei that she would be staying in the university when she went to study there.

“Are you worried that I’ll be bored staying home alone? I’m busy with my stuff too,” Su Zipei said to Mu Qiqi. “Don’t worry, I have my own things to deal with when you go to university.”

“Are you really not going to consider the possibility of you being with Uncle Lu?”

“We aren’t talking about him.” Su Zipei appeared self-conscious. But, it was just like what Mu Qiqi thought. Su Zipei was not so against Lu Wenhua now.

But, Mu Qiqi laughed and did not force her aunt to admit that.

It was eleven o’clock at night. Mu Qiqi sneaked out of the small villa and went to the new home with Sheng Xiao without Su Zipei’s knowledge. She saw a dress hanging in the bedroom when she went there. It was beige and it matched her skin color very much.

“It’s the brand under Huang Yao’s supervision. It’s their latest dress. I saw that it was quite nice so I bought it for you.”

Mu Qiqi gave Sheng Xiao a hug. She was delighted. “I was worried about what to wear tomorrow when I go to meet the Mu family. But, you prepared everything for me. Xiaoxiao, you really do know what I’m thinking about.”

“Just end the discussion if the shares they offer are less than ten percent. Moreover, you need to go and greet Mu Tangxue. Bring along four lawyers with you…”

“So many?” Mu Qiqi asked with a smile.

“Aren’t you aware of who you’re dealing with?” Sheng Xiao retorted.

But, Mu Qiqi put her hands around Sheng Xiao’s neck and gave him a kiss to stop him from talking anymore.

Sheng Xiao recovered his senses and hugged her waist. He pulled her close to him. “Are you messing with me now? Hmm?”

“Soon, I’ll be a college student. I’m no longer a little girl.”

“Do you know how to do this kind of thing?” Sheng Xiao rubbed her waist and asked her with a seductive voice.

“Then, do you know how?”

“Little girl, how dare you challenge me?” Sheng Xiao bit her. However, he told her, “I have something else to do tonight. You go ahead and sleep first.”

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