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Chapter 85 - How Could You Ruin the Mu Family for That?

Chapter 85: How Could You Ruin the Mu Family for That?

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The guests left the hotel soon after that. The Mu family were the only ones left. Mu Tangxue was kneeling on the floor. She cried and she was engulfed in deep insecurity. She seemed so weak and helpless.

Papa Mu did not bother about his daughter. He told his employee, “Go and learn about the incident at the police station.” Then, he left the hotel. He was greatly disappointed in his two daughters.

He needed to get back to the company to make the necessary preparations because that incident would surely be on the news the next day.

Grandpa Mu helped Mu Tangxue to stand up. He saw his son who left just like that. Then, he said to his lawyer, “Lawyer He, let’s go. We’ll get to the police station. That unfilial son left everything just like that! I’ll take care of everything now!”

“Alright, Mr. Mu.”


The Mu family became infamous when the news was out. Mama Mu claimed that she was framed after she was brought to the police station. She did not cooperate with the police and the police could not hold back anymore.

“Let me tell you now, Madam Su. The Ministry of Education has made their decision. If you don’t cooperate with us regarding the bribery case, you’ll receive a heavy punishment if you are found guilty.”

“Three million dollars. They have a total of two million dollars. Are you aware that if the cash involved in a bribery case exceeds ten thousand dollars, it’s considered a serious crime now? Do you know how many years you would need to spend in jail? Why do you still want to deny the fact?”

“The victim has provided crucial evidence for us. All you can do now is to ask for a lighter punishment. How could you still deny the fact and refuse to admit to the crime?”

Mama Mu was frightened out of her wits. She asked for a phone, “No, I want to hire a lawyer…”

“It’s up to you. But, we’ve got the necessary evidence now. Even if you hire a lawyer now, you’ll never escape.”

Soon, Mu Qiqi reached the police station. She provided very detailed evidence to the police and her own testimony.

Grandpa Mu reached the police station with Mu Tangxue too.

It was such a scene when the police saw the two sisters in front of them. All kinds of peculiar things happened in this world.

Some twins liked to be together wherever they went while some twins chose to hurt each other.

But, they never saw twins who hurt each other to that extent.

Surely, Mu Qiqi received much sympathy from the police because she was the victim in the case. But still they carried out their work honestly. They also treated Mu Qiqi in a much gentler way.

“Please come and give your testimonies.”

Mu Tangxue appeared angry, sad and frightened at the same time.

“Lawyer He, go and accompany Mu Tangxue. Console her for me too.” Grandpa Mu was being unfair here.

The police could not help but pat Mu Qiqi’s shoulders. “Little girl, we’ll definitely do justice to you. The case is clear now. Just wait for the results.”

Mu Qiqi nodded her head. She needed to get it over with although she was sad too. Then, she left the interrogation room when it was done.

She met with Grandpa Mu when she went back to the lobby. Grandpa Mu was asking the police about Mama Mu. “Sir, I’m sorry to tell you that Madam Su won’t be able to go home for the time being. She’s suspected of bribery and a large amount of money is involved. She cannot leave that easily.”


“All of the evidence is there now. You better go home now. It’s late. Take care.”

Grandpa Mu frowned when he heard that. He realized now that it wasn’t a scheme anymore. Mu Qiqi was not framing Mu Tangxue.

“Police Officer, my granddaughter has been wronged.”

“Sir, the Ministry of Education won’t interfere if it’s only a scheme. They even asked us to investigate it that very night when they knew about it. This incident involves a lot of parties now. You better go home.”

Grandpa Mu was stunned. He seemed to have come to his senses all of a sudden. He saw Mu Qiqi who was standing not far from him. He had mixed feelings.

Then, Mu Tangxue burst into tears when she left the interrogation room. At that moment, Grandpa Mu said to her, “Xue’er, the police are serious. You better tell me the truth!”

Mu Tangxue was scared. Now, she had no choice but to pretend to faint in front of them when her grandfather threw her that question.

Grandpa Mu asked Lawyer He to help and lift her up. “Send her to the hospital.”

After that, he walked toward Mu Qiqi with the aid of his crutch. He said to her, “Why do you want to do this? How could you ruin the entire Mu family for this?”

“I believe in your ability to survive this. You can always get back up again. I’m not strong enough to ruin that. Besides that, have you ever thought about me when you said that? Have you sided with me when this incident happened?”

“Both of us are born in the same family. Tangxue could steal my results. What right does she have to do that to me?”

Mu Qiqi turned around and left the police station after she had said what she wanted to say. Grandpa Mu could not help but sigh deeply.

He believed in Mu Tangxue. He even disregarded every evidence for fear that Mu Tangxue would feel sad. However, his granddaughter was not as simple-minded as he thought she was.


What was more frightening was yet to happen.

It would surely be a strong blow to Mu Group when the news about that incident is released.

So, they should never anger Mu Qiqi. They should be begging her for forgiveness. But, it was too late now.

What happened that night was the result of persistent training given by Sheng Xiao to Mu Qiqi. She could stand in front of everybody and speak her mind with courage because she had practiced that in front of Sheng Xiao beforehand.

Mu Qiqi suddenly squatted down when she left the police station. She felt helpless.

Sheng Xiao’s large and strong figure appeared across the road right at that moment. He passed the red light and rushed toward her. He lifted her up in his embrace.

Mu Qiqi hugged Sheng Xiao’s neck and burst into tears amidst the noise of the busy traffic. “Xiaoxiao..I’m really heartbroken.”

Sheng Xiao got her into his car and hugged her head. He let her rest in his embrace. “What if you didn’t have any family with you? Am I no better than your father or mother?”

“Did you see how Mu Tangxue denied the fact? How dare she try to escape from the crime!”

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 Sheng Xiao placed a kiss on Mu Qiqi’s head. Then, he brought her back to the small villa. “Little girl, your wish has been fulfilled now. Mu Tangxue would never be able to study in Sheng Ting University for the rest of her life.”

“Moreover, tomorrow will be their worst day.”

Mu Qiqi had mixed feelings at that moment. It was because she had just ruined her family.

They forced her to do so.

“Wait for it. Wait for them to come and beg for your forgiveness. Wait for your dad to come begging at your feet, asking you to return to the Mu family.”

That was the only way Papa Mu could soothe the public’s anger.

Mu Qiqi would be waiting for that day to come!

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