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Chapter 84 - That’s Impossible even in Your Next Life!

Chapter 84: That’s Impossible even in Your Next Life!

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“Mu Tangxue, are you going to deny it still? The Ministry of Education, the police station, Eaton, Sheng Ting University and even the whole nation will turn their focus toward you as long as they’re concerned about the education field. Do you plan to go on like that?”

“Then, the mass media will know about it too. They will investigate everything about you! Third place in the whole country? How is that possible? I could even make you the first in the whole country!”

Mu Tangxue shook her head after listening to what Mu Qiqi had said. She denied everything, “Sister, do you think that I’ll believe your lies? I didn’t switch our exam papers. I’ll never admit that! If I ever did that, I’ll be struck by lightning!” She then rushed to Papa Mu and grabbed his sleeves. “Dad, you need to trust me. These are my true results. I didn’t exchange our exam papers.”

However, the evidence was laid out clearly, and the police came to capture the perpetrator. Mu Tangxue still chose to stubbornly deny the fact. In fact, all of the guests could clearly see the truth.

The elders from the Mu family found it rather embarrassing. They said to Papa Mu, “Brother, I don’t know what to say now. Just deal with it on your own.” The relatives left the hotel immediately.

It was too shameful!

“How could she do such a thing? It’s crazy!”

“How could she steal her own elder sister’s exam results? Their reputation is ruined now!”

“Just look at Mu Tangxue! We never knew how wicked she was! How could she frame her own elder sister?”

The guests’ angry voices surrounded Mu Tangxue. They sounded like sharp knives piercing through her heart.

 “Nonsense! I didn’t exchange our exam papers! She wronged me!” Mu Tangxue realized that it was useless begging for forgiveness from Papa Mu. She quickly went over to Grandpa Mu and knelt down in front of him. “Grandpa, you need to do justice to me. I didn’t do what she said. That’s my true results.”

Grandpa Mu was holding the crutch in his hand. He seemed solemn and cold. He looked at Mu Qiqi who was standing far from him. He scolded her sternly, “Qiqi, are you taking revenge on us? Do you hate us for kicking you out from the Mu family? Is that why you framed your younger sister? If that’s the case, get it out on me. Why do you want to hurt your younger sister?

“It’s been so many years now. I never thought that you would have your eyes on her results.

“I won’t believe everything that happened today. Why did you pick today to reveal about everything if you’re not set on taking revenge on us? The Ministry of Education and the police station are just one of your tricks. Wait till the police investigate everything. I believe that they will do justice to my granddaughter.

“You ruined our reputation. You will never be allowed to step into our home for the rest of your life!

“Let’s go home now. I’ll only believe what my granddaughter says before they collect the evidence.” Then, he helped Mu Tangxue stand up.

It was what Mu Qiqi had expected. They would deny the fact given how cunning they were.

“Grandpa, thank you for believing in me.”

“Don’t worry, I have a lawyer by my side right now. Xiao He, go and settle this for me.”

The lawyer beside Grandpa Mu witnessed the entire scene. He was indeed a wise and reasonable man especially when he saw the report and the appearance of the police officers. So, he knew very well that Mu Tangxue was guilty.

However, Grandpa Mu had hired him so he had no choice but to get prepared for the upcoming lawsuit.

As a lawyer, he had his own stand. So, Lawyer He told Grandpa Mu the truth, “Looking at the evidence laid out by Mu Qiqi and the involvement of the Ministry of Education and the police station, the possibility that Mu Tangxue will be found guilty in the end is high. So, I think that the Mu family should think about dealing with the mess now instead of arguing with Mu Qiqi. It does not benefit the Mu family at all.”

“But… I didn’t do it,” Mu Tangxue denied it still. “Moreover, I’ve received the admission letter from Sheng Ting University. I will go to the best university very soon.”

Before the guests left the hotel, Su Zipei listened to Sheng Xiao and told Mu Qiqi about the news from the Ministry of Education and Sheng Ting University.

Mu Qiqi quickly pulled out her phone and read the response given by the Ministry of Education on the incident. She then walked over to Mu Tangxue and showed her what she found. “The Ministry of Education has cancelled your results. Sheng Ting University has also withdrawn your admission letter.”

“The whole of Jianchuan will know about your wicked act tomorrow. Even if you knelt in front of them, they could not even help you.”

“Do you want to study in Sheng Ting University? It’s impossible even in your next life!”

Then, she turned to look at the other family members from the Mu family. “I know that you adored Mu Tangxue more than me since we were young. Now, you still want to deny the truth. I won’t blame you. But Grandpa, Dad, ask yourself truthfully this time. Have I ever received anything from you while I was living with you? Did you ever care about me?”

“You’re always strict toward me. You always hit and scolded me. It seems like I’m an unnecessary person for you. Why do you let me live in the first place?”

“Since you could sacrifice me for your interest, it’s fine. So, now I’m going to ruin the thing you care about the most!”

“Don’t blame me for what I did today. It’s your fault! You didn’t treat me as a human before.”

Mu Qiqi came back to stand in front of Mu Tangxue after she was done talking. She stared at her sternly. “You have killed the Mu Qiqi whom you could bully recklessly before.”

“I swore to myself the day when the results were revealed. I hid in a corner and cried so hard while you laughed happily at that high altar. I want to see your whole life ruined and there will be no more place for you in Jianchuan.”

“You can go ahead and tell everybody that you did not commit the crime. Wait till the entire world knows about the truth. Then, your dad and grandpa would only give you a vigorous slap.”

“Mu Tangxue, I’m eager to see that.”

Mu Qiqi wiped away her tears and pretended to be strong in front of the others.

“Moreover, I never want to go back to the Mu family. I vividly remember every harm you have ever done to me.”

Mu Qiqi then turned away from them when she saw Mu Tangxue’s trembling body. “I have said what I wanted to say now. We’ll meet again at the police station later.”

After that, Mu Qiqi strode away and left the scene.

Her hatred for the Mu family was in congruence with the harm they had done to her!

She hated them so much. She wanted to do justice to herself this time around.

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