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Chapter 83 - How Dare You!

Chapter 83: How Dare You!

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The guests looked at each other when the secret was revealed.

“What happened exactly?” The guests were doubtful.

The Mu family had a pair of twin daughters. But, they knew that there had been something wrong with the eldest daughter recently. However, the Mu family refused to admit to the truth. No, what happened at the party confirmed the rumor. What happened exactly? Why did Mu Qiqi appear with the reports all of a sudden?

“Let me tell you what happened exactly.” Mu Qiqi walked up the stage. She took the reports from the guests and faced the crowd. “This report affirms that my exam papers were exchanged with Mu Tangxue’s exam papers. Moreover, Mu Tangxue even copied my handwriting in order to confuse the crowd.”

“You’re lying!” Mu Tangxue shouted hysterically.

“Am I? Mu Tangxue, I’ll never allow you any chance of survival this time around. I’ve sent the original report and exam papers to the Ministry of Education. They will surely give me an explanation. If not, how could a person who rarely got thirtieth place nationwide suddenly get third place?”

“How dare you…”

“Moreover, you never liked science subjects. That’s why you’re always weak in those subjects. How could you gain full marks all of a sudden during the college entrance exam?”

Mu Qiqi talked loudly. Her voice was harsh and shaky. It was because she was controlling the deep fury in her heart.

“Guards! Guards!” Papa Mu realized that something was wrong now. He quickly asked somebody to get rid of Mu Qiqi. But, Mu Qiqi laughed out loud.

She turned to Papa Mu to say, “Mr. Mu, take it easy. Wait for your turn. I’m going to take revenge on every harm you’ve done to me. Don’t think about kicking me out! If you do, I won’t bother about everything anymore! I’ll tell everybody what happened to grandma. I’ll let everybody know about this! Don’t blame me then.”

Mu Qiqi was filled with a deep hatred now. All her words were just like sharp knives pointing at the people she hated.

She didn’t care anymore. If worse came to worse, she would reveal everything. She would tell everybody what happened exactly.

Papa Mu stared at Mu Qiqi in shock but he could do nothing to her.

“Let’s go back to Mu Tangxue now. She exchanged her exam papers with mine. She stole my life. How could she still be accepting other people’s gifts here?”

“You think that you can prove me guilty with only that report? Where’s your evidence? The college entrance exam is a strict exam. Mu Qiqi, do you think cheating is very easy?” Mu Tangxue stood beside Mama Mu and shouted hysterically.

She was no longer the gentle princess that she appeared to be just now.

She seemed like a clown in a circus now.

“Are you and Madam Mu familiar with Teacher Yuan from Exam Room 12 and Teacher Deng from Exam Room 16?”

“Nonsense! I don’t know any teacher from Xue’er’s school,” Mama Mu denied it. “How dare you make up a story here when you couldn’t beat your younger sister in the exam! How shameful!”

“Oh! You don’t know them. Very well.” Mu Qiqi smiled and said to the waiter at the hotel, “Could you please switch the big screen on? I can’t wait.”

Sheng Xiao prepared everything for her. So, the hotel gave Mu Qiqi their full cooperation. They immediately switched the big screen on. They played the video which Sheng Xiao prepared for them.

“Mu Tangxue, Madam Mu, I’m giving you the last chance now. Are you going to admit it? Did you bribe the invigilators and exchange my exam papers?”

“It’s my biggest shame to have you as my daughter!” Madam Mu put her arms around Mu Tangxue and sneered at Mu Qiqi.

“Fine.” Mu Qiqi nodded her head. She hadn’t planned on giving them anymore chances. She asked the waiter to play the video directly.

Soon, a shadow appeared on the big screen. It was one of the invigilators, the good father. He recorded a video of himself telling the truth. “Madam Mu contacted me a few times. She promised to give me a million dollars but I thought that it was too risky a task. So, I rejected her. After that, she persuaded me by referring to my daughter’s illness. She promised to give me three million dollars. Hence, I promised to do what she said. I even conspired with another teacher from the same exam room. I promised to pay him five hundred thousand dollars.”

“We exchanged Mu Qiqi’s and Mu Tangxue’s exam papers…”

“We thought that it was a done deal as long as Mu Tangxue got better results than Mu Qiqi. But, we never thought that Mu Qiqi could obtain third place in the exam. I knew that there would come a day like this when the results were revealed.”

The teacher in the video appeared pathetic and pitiful. He was…

But, Mu Tangxue still had something to say about it.Read more chapter on NovelFull

“Do you think that you could be admitted into Sheng Ting University after you bribed the teacher and slandered me? Sister, it’s too late now. I’ve accepted the admission letter.”

“I’ve reported to the police. It’s not a slander for sure. The police have now got hold of the evidence, cheque and everything else that you could think of! You cannot do anything you want recklessly!”

“Do you think that you could scare me if you speak like that?” Mu Tangxue appeared strong in front of Mu Qiqi. She was not frightened at all. “I think that I should be the one who launches a police report.”

Mu Tangxue appeared calm. She was not scared at all. But, Mu Qiqi would never admit defeat to Mu Tangxue.

Papa Mu spoke at last, “That’s enough! Are you done? Mu Qiqi, is that all you’ve got? You ruined such a nice party! How embarrassing!”

Papa Mu thought that Mu Qiqi was just messing around. It was all but a joke.

Mu Qiqi could not bear to lose.

Mu Tangxue appeared much more confident when she realized that her father was on her side. “Sister, are you done? Get lost now!”

“Mu Qiqi, you better leave now before your dad holds you responsible for the mess you’ve made.”

The Mu family was really one of a kind. How dare they deny the truth like that when everything was laid in front of them? Mu Qiqi could not believe them.

Soon, the police came.

They rushed into the hotel straightaway. Then, they asked the crowd, “Who is Madam Su Ziqing?”

Mama Mu’s facial expression changed drastically.

“Mister, she’s here,” Mu Qiqi pointed at Madam Mu and said to the police.

“You’re suspected of bribery. We need you at the police station.” The police soon took out the handcuffs and put it on Mama Mu. But, Mama Mu grabbed Papa Mu and said, “Dear, I didn’t do anything wrong. Why do they want to handcuff me?”

“Stop acting. If not you’ll be charged with obstructing public service too,” the short police spoke sternly to Mama Mu. The police even ordered the subordinates behind him to go and take her with them.

“Dear…save me…you…”

 “Mu Tangxue and Mu Qiqi, you need to go to the police station too to assist with the investigation.” The police took Madam Mu with them. Before that, the police said something to Mu Qiqi, “Don’t worry, kid. All of us will help you to fight for the justice you want.”

“Thank you, police,” Mu Qiqi said to the police in tears.

“Let’s go to the police station when you’re done here,” the police reminded Mu Qiqi.

Mu Tangxue was still denying the fact now. “Mu Qiqi, how wicked you are! You even bribed the police to hurt your younger sister!

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