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Chapter 82 - Mysterious Guest

Chapter 82: Mysterious Guest

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It was in the middle of July in the five-star Crowne Plaza Resort.

The Mu family was going to hold a celebration party for Mu Tangxue there. They wanted to congratulate her for her exceptional results and her admittance to the best faculty in Sheng Ting University.

It was six o’clock at night. The guests arrived at the hotel. Most of them were Papa Mu’s business friends. There were also people from the Mu family. They attended the party even if they were jealous or envious of her.

Papa Mu had a big smile that night. He was proud of his daughter’s results. He accepted the praises of others happily.

Mama Mu was also smiling happily that night. She wore a long black dress with diamonds. She seemed charming and elegant.

On the other hand, Mu Tangxue was the little princess that night. She wore a violet strap dress. She seemed seductive. Since she was an adult now, Mama Mu did not prohibit her from wearing like a woman.

“CEO Mu, like father, like daughter. Tangxue is so outstanding! We’re jealous of you!”

“That’s true! As her uncle, I have prepared a great present for my niece.” Her uncle took out a car key and gave it to Mu Tangxue. “A Ferrari for my niece! That’s just about right! A great car for a beautiful young lady!”

“Thank you, uncle.” Mu Tangxue held the car key from her uncle. She seemed quite pleased with herself the whole time.

It was because she had received the acceptance letter from Sheng Ting University. It meant that it was too late even if Mu Qiqi knew about the truth.

“Tangxue is a really good kid. No wonder her grandma adored her since she was young.” Grandpa Mu was sitting at a high seat and holding a crutch in his hand. He waved his hand at Mu Tangxue. “Xue’er, come over here.”

“Grandpa.” Mu Tangxue walked over to her grandfather.

“I prepared a great present for you too.” Grandpa Mu then said to the lawyer beside him, “Read it out loud.”

“Okay. Young Lady Mu is an adult now. She even got exceptional results in her exams. So, Chairman Mu has decided to transfer five percent shares in Mu Group to her. He hopes that she will grow up sooner and contribute to Mu Group in the future.”

Even Papa Mu has only twelve percent shares in Mu Group. Now, Mu Tangxue owned five percent shares in Mu Group.

Everybody was jealous of her.

Surely, Papa Mu was the happiest in the crowd. Mu Tangxue was still unable to manage the shares. Hence, he would have to give her a hand.

“It’s a great glory indeed…”

“We’re jealous of her…”

“Just look at their daughter!”

Mu Tangxue received all kinds of praises that night. The Mu family had long forgotten the existence of another daughter, Mu Qiqi.

They were immersed in the beautiful classical music under the luxurious chandelier. Nobody brought up Mu Qiqi’s name. It seemed like she never appeared or existed in the world.

“Xue’er, we’re so happy tonight. Why don’t you give a speech up on the stage to thank everyone here for their support,” Papa Mu reminded Mu Tangxue.

Mu Tangxue nodded her head. She was just like an arrogant princess at that moment. She had everything she ever wanted including the excellent results, her high status in the Mu family and even the shares from Mu Group. She had the whole world in her hands now.

Then, Mu Tangxue walked to the stage. However, a waiter came to her and delivered a gift box to her before she could step on the stage. “Young Lady Mu, somebody delivered a gift to you.”

Mu Tangxue quickly took the gift when she saw how exquisite the gift box seemed. “Who gave me this gift?”

“A mysterious guest. The guest asked you to sign after you received the gift. The guest will come later,” the waiter replied politely.

Mu Tangxue did not dwell on that for long. She signed for the gift. Who sent it to her? It was wrapped up so nicely!

“Xue’er, quickly open the gift. It might be from one of your admirers!” Mama Mu said to her impatiently because she was rather curious about it.

“Yes.” The guests started to make a fuss.

Mu Tangxue nodded her head and opened the exquisite gift box with a smile. However, her face paled the minute she opened the box.

Mama Mu realized that something was wrong. She quickly asked Mu Tangxue, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Tangxue closed the box because she was guilty about it. But, Mama Mu grabbed the box in time. “What is it?”

It was nothing else but two exam papers and the reports on the comparison between the handwritings.

Mama Mu quickly closed the box. Her face was pale too. “It’s nothing. Someone’s playing a prank on us!”

“What kind of prank?” Papa Mu snatched the box from Mama Mu. He was about to open the box but Mama Mu started begging him, “Dear, please don’t open that box. I’m begging you…”

“Dad, let me open that kind of personal gift at home.” Mu Tangxue quickly diverted their attention.

A person appeared among the crowd at that moment. She was wearing a blue skirt with the starry sky on it. She was slim but her eyes seemed cold and distant.

What was more important was she looked just like Mu Tangxue but her aura was different from Mu Tangxue.

If Mu Tangxue was a gentle rose then Mu Qiqi was a dangerous black rose.

How could an eighteen-year-old girl appear so frightening? That was indeed surprising.

“Why are you afraid to open the gift I sent you?” Mu Qiqi walked toward the crowd slowly. She asked them, “Are you scared?”

Mu Tangxue quickly went to her elder sister when she saw her. “Sister, it’s not the time to be making jokes.”

But, Mu Qiqi pushed her away. “Who’s your sister? Did you ever treat me like your sister?”

Mama Mu rushed toward her but Mu Qiqi turned to face the guests before Mama Mu could do anything else. “Allow me to reveal the secret to you. I’ll tell you what kind of gift I brought with me.”

“I believe that almost all of your kids are studying in Eaton, aren’t they? Then, you must have heard of the rumor regarding Mu Tangxue’s exceptional exam results. Why is it beyond everybody’s expectations?”

“Mu Qiqi, how could you prohibit others from getting an exceptional result when you did not get one yourself?” Mu Tangxue grabbed the chance to speak first. “I know how they think about me but it’s my real results and it has nothing to do with you.”

“Is that so?” Mu Qiqi laughed. Then, she nudged her chin at the box in Papa Mu’s hands. “Then, open up that box and let everyone see it. Could you do that?”

“Don’t mess with me here.”

Mu Qiqi stared at Mu Tangxue. She hated her so much. Then, she walked toward Papa Mu and took the box from him. She opened the box in front of everybody. However, Mu Tangxue snatched the box away from her. The report fell out from the box during the process and it fell at one of the guest’s feet.

The guest picked it up and saw the content…

“What is there on the paper?” Another guest asked the guest.

“There are a lot of professional words used but I understand them. The exam papers of two people were exchanged and the handwriting was forged,” the man who read the report spoke loudly for everyone to hear.

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