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Chapter 81 - Let Me Deal With Mu Tangxue First!

Chapter 81: Let Me Deal With Mu Tangxue First!

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“Now, we’ve gotten the report. Young Master Sheng, it’s up to you now.” Lu Wenhua said to Sheng Xiao.

What Lu Wenhua meant was the two teachers who were in charge of invigilating the examination. To be more specific, there were four teachers including the main invigilator and the assistant invigilator.

Mu Tangxue and Mu Qiqi sat for their exams in different exam halls. If they did want to exchange their exam papers, the invigilators must have been involved too.

It was up to them now and how they would explain the incident.

What was more important now was to figure out which invigilator was involved.

Sheng Xiao nodded his head when he heard that. “I’ll take care of it. I’m good at dealing with bastards…”

Ordinary people would always check the bank accounts once bribery was involved. But, they were more cautious now. The culprits could have used cash or cheque. There were various kinds of ways to hide the cash. Cheque could be exchanged into money once the incident was forgotten.

So, the culprits would not be that stupid and let the others know about it even if they did own a lot of money now.

If they wanted the invigilators to become their witnesses, they needed to have something against them. They needed to identify their weaknesses so that they could be made use of.

One of the two invigilators was an honest man. He went to work on time. His life centred around his school and family. But, his only daughter was sick. On the other hand, the other invigilator liked to lead a joyful life and was prone to drinking alcohol.

Lu Wenhua thought that Sheng Xiao would investigate the second invigilator because there were all kinds of weak spots on that teacher.

However, Sheng Xiao did not even waste his time on that man. He went forward and investigated the honest teacher. He even looked into his daughter’s illness and how serious her illness was. Moreover, he looked up how many surgeries his daughter had gone through.

At last, Jing Yun told Sheng Xiao that the daughter had congenital heart disease. She was waiting for the right resource.

Sheng Xiao lowered his voice and gave Jing Yun an order when he heard the news. “You go to the hospital…and do this…”

Lu Wenhua looked at Sheng Xiao in doubt. “Why don’t you go and meet the drunkard?”

“Did you think that I was going to do something to his daughter?” Sheng Xiao burst into laughter. He could not help but shake his head. “Vice-principal Lu, am I such a mean person?”

“Hmm…it’s just a rumor!” Lu Wenhua smiled awkwardly.

“I only asked Jing Yun to conspire with the doctors and nurses in the hospital. They will inform her father that she is going to have a surgery soon and they want him to pay the fees first. So, what do you think he will do when he’s anxious?”

Lu Wenhua understood everything now. It was obvious the Crown Prince was good at dealing with this kind of thing.

Ordinary people would never think of making use of a seriously ill girl.

But, that teacher should never be sympathized with because he did something bad.

So, Sheng Xiao did not hold himself back.

“We’ll wait for the show now. The other party will have no choice but to admit to the crime once the party involved admits to it.”


Mu Qiqi stayed at the new home for the past few days. But, she was not feeling good. She knew that both Sheng Xiao and Lu Wenhua were busy with her case. However, she needed some time on her own to walk out of that kind of pain.

So, Mu Qiqi stayed home and thought about how she would appear in Mu Tangxue’s celebration party. She thought how best to give Mu Tangxue the biggest surprise.

Furthermore, Xiaoxiao did not sleep at all these past few days. Mu Qiqi was guilty for that. So, she needed to brace herself and face the truth now.

But, the pain the Mu family inflicted upon Mu Qiqi was so great that she had the urge to destroy the entire world.

It was late at night. Sheng Xiao returned to the new home in a rush.

He wanted to tell Mu Qiqi that they had got a witness now!

“The doctor lied to that teacher, telling him that the surgery would cost one million and five hundred thousand dollars. That man was frightened out of his wits. After that, he went to make a few calls in the hallway. He seemed to be having an argument with the people on the other side of the line. At last, he went to the bank and cashed the cheque.”

“Jing Yun snapped a picture of everything including your mother’s signature on the cheque.”

“After that, Jing Yun brought the evidence and went to meet the teacher. Do you know what he did? He wanted to save his daughter. He’s a good father indeed. Unfortunately, his daughter did not need any surgery…”

Jing Yun might never be able to forget that scene for the rest of his life.

The teacher planned to jump off the building and kill himself. Jing Yun managed to stop him in time. “What do you think about that? Do you think your death will change anything for the better? Your family will lose their financial support and the truth will be hidden forever. What if you’re the student whose exam paper was exchanged? You could never do justice to your results for the rest of your life. Do you still think that killing yourself is the best solution?”

The teacher then hesitated.

“I promise never to report this case to the police. I just want the truth. Moreover, I’ll take care of your daughter’s medical fees from now on until the end of the world. I’ll sign a letter and you can finally be at ease.”

The teacher sat down on the floor when he heard about the advantages being offered by Jing Yun. He could not help but burst into tears. “I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s my first time.”

According to the teacher he was in charge of invigilating the exam hall where Mu Tangxue was. Then, he promised to exchange the exam papers with another invigilator from another exam hall. They would share the money at the end.

The names on the exam papers were changed beforehand. The difficulty of their task lied in how to exchange the exam papers…

The truth had been revealed now. But, Mu Qiqi was not happy at all because Mu Tangxue was still enjoying her moment.

Moreover, the harm had been done. She was deeply hurt. The anger in her heart could only be soothed by making Mu Tangxue pay for what she had done.

Sheng Xiao saw that Mu Qiqi appeared expressionless when he showed her every evidence which he obtained. “These are for you. Moreover, Jing Yun found the hotel which the Mu family has booked for their celebration party. There’s an extremely large screen and a good live show for you to enjoy.”

“It’s your own battle now. You need to brace yourself for it.”

“Are you tired?” Mu Qiqi looked at Sheng Xiao. She was sad to see him like that. “You’re the Crown Prince but you busy yourself for a little girl like me. You didn’t sleep properly these past few days.”

Sheng Xiao knew that Mu Qiqi would not feel better until she took her revenge on Mu Tangxue. So, he pinched her face and approached her. “You owe it to me. How about a reward?”

“Wait till I deal with Mu Tangxue first…No, Xiaoxiao. It’s the entire Mu family.”

“Since they ruined my life, I’ll fight them to death. I’ll never forgive any of them. I’ll take revenge on every wrong that they ever inflicted on me. I’ll take revenge for myself.”

“They stopped me from having a better life. So now, no one can live in peace!”

That might have been the first time Mu Qiqi blazed about her anger toward the Mu family.

Sheng xiao laughed out loud when he saw how reckless and arrogant Mu Qiqi appeared to him.

“Finally, you act like my woman.”

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