Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 80 - Then I Should Go and Congratulate Her!

Chapter 80: Then I Should Go and Congratulate Her!

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Mu Qiqi rarely talked now after what happened to her. She rarely smiled now. Su Zipei was anxious to see her like that.

“Qiqi, just tell me how you feel. Don’t hide all of it in your heart. I’m sad to see you like this,” Su Zipei could not help but console Mu Qiqi. “They’re really wicked villains. How dare they steal your results!”

“If only I could kill Mu Tangxue and get it over with. But, I can’t be just like her. Aunt, don’t worry, I’m fine.” Mu Qiqi looked at Su Zipei and forced a smile on her face.

“Why don’t you and Qianqian go out for a trip? Stay out there two days and one night?”

Mu Qiqi had no mood for that now.

Mu Tangxue stole her results. It was just like both her life and future were snatched away from her. How could she go on a trip now?

“”She needs to go to my place these two days.” Sheng Xiao appeared in the small mansion suddenly. He informed Su Zipei and Mu Qiqi about his plan, “I’m working together with Vice-principal Lu now. We’re investigating the exam papers. We need her there to give her full cooperation.”

It was a valid reason. Su Zipei did not worry too much.

“Fine, Young Master Sheng. Please take good care of her these few days.”

Mu Qiqi was not as excited as before now that she could live at their new house without having to hide from anyone. She became calmer now and she did not talk as much.

“We’re monitoring the teacher who was in charge of both of your exam papers during the exam. It’s not the time for us to make a move yet. It’s because we need to investigate both your handwritings.”

“Didn’t they say that the exam papers would be destroyed altogether?” Mu Qiqi raised her doubts.

“The storeroom is robbed once in a while. The authorities can do nothing about it as they have not enough evidence,” Sheng Xiao replied directly. “The exam papers are with us now.”

“So fast?”

“Mu Tangxue’s every laugh was heartbreaking for you. How long did you think it will take for me to do everything I can?” Sheng Xiao retorted. “Mu Tangxue will get what she deserves when I see you like this.”

“Xiaoxiao, I have considered Uncle Lu’s suggestion properly. I don’t have the time and energy to study for another year. I’m unwilling to let go of the chance to study in Sheng Ting University. So, I will sign up for forensic science.”

“I want Mu Tangxue to know that I can succeed even with her results. But, I regret I won’t be able to become your junior…”

“Foolish girl! You will still be my junior as long as you get into Sheng Ting University. Moreover, you will always be my woman. So what if you’re not my junior?” Sheng Xiao parked the car in the garage of the new home. He even lifted Mu Qiqi up and walked into the living room. “There’s one more thing. The Mu family plans to hold a party to celebrate Mu Tangxue’s success. What do you think?”

“When will it be?”

“After they received the acceptance letter from Sheng Ting University.”

“Then, I should really go and congratulate her.” Mu Qiqi laughed to herself.

“Before that, I will prepare the testimonies of two witnesses and the results of the investigation for you. So, you could go and send Mu Tangxue a big gift.”

After listening to what he said, Mu Qiqi stretched her hands and put them around Sheng Xiao’s neck. She hid herself in his embrace.


Lu Wenhua went to the small mansion again. But, Mu Qiqi was not there this time.

Su Zipei did not avoid him like before. But, she asked him about their progress in the investigation of the case.

“Zipei, don’t worry. We’ll investigate it carefully. The truth will be revealed soon. But, you and Qiqi need to prepare yourselves mentally because such high marks would not belong to Qiqi anymore even if we could prove that Mu Tangxue exchanged their exam papers. It’s because no one can prove that nothing else was being done to the exam papers. The only way is to ask Qiqi to sit for the exam again.”

“The Mu family is too wicked.” Su Zipei could not help but burst into tears after listening to Lu Wenhua’s explanation. “It’s so easy for her to ruin somebody. It’s just a decision that she made all of a sudden.”

“Don’t worry! We’ll do justice to Qiqi!”

“Then, there’s no other way for Qiqi to go to the best university?”

“I told you before, haven’t I? Qiqi should consider taking forensic science. The Ministry of Education might not approve of her true results but they might let her keep her current results.”

“But, forensic science…She needs to work with corpses every day. She’s just a girl…”

“You need to change that kind of thinking. She could never work in the business field now given her condition. But, she could try her luck in politics! That’s another way to protect herself too!”

Su Zipei felt that what Lu Wenhua said was indeed logical.

Then, she replied swiftly, “I’ll ask Qiqi to consider that properly.”

“Then, I’ll leave now. I need to monitor the investigation myself.”

Sheng Xiao was the one who passed Lu Wenhua the exam papers. He did not know when Sheng Xiao had ordered his people to sneak into the storeroom. But, it was not important now. If the authorities wanted to investigate the robbery case, he would take full responsibility for it.

Then, both Sheng Xiao and Lu Wenhua came to the investigation room.

They gave the investigation team both Mu Tangxue and Mu Qiqi’s exam papers and daily homework.

They formed their conclusion at last after the professionals made comparisons on both samples.

“Firstly, the names on both exam papers were altered. They used the most advanced correction fluid and you could alter the names without leaving any mark behind. But, you’re unable to purchase that kind of thing on the market. You need to get it overseas and you need to spend a lot of money on it.”

“Secondly, the handwritings were almost similar in both exam papers. The similarities were seventy percent. After our comparisons, we found that both exam papers matched Mu Qiqi’s handwriting. But, one of the exam papers had a lot of fabrications and those instances matched Mu Tangxue’s handwriting.”

“One could never change how they hold their pens no matter how hard they try to impersonate the other’s handwriting. After comparisons, the assumption that both exam papers were exchanged is valid and logical.”

“Mu Tangxue even copied Mu Qiqi’s handwriting to confuse the public. We could see that clearly from the way she changed her writing habits.”

“In fact, her ways were rather clumsy and bad.”

“Mu Qiqi herself might have never discovered it if she did not get a result as exceptional as that. But, Mu Qiqi got third place nationwide,” Lu Wenhua told the investigation team. “Mu Tangxue might have never thought that Mu Qiqi would get such a good result. It was because she worked hard for her own exams too. That was why her marks exceeded the minimum passing score for admission to Sheng Ting University.”

“That was true. If there wasn’t a vast difference between their marks, the truth might never be revealed,” the investigation team told them.

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