Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 79 - I Am Your Direction

Chapter 79: I Am Your Direction

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The vice-principal of Eaton was very surprised when Mu Qiqi’s results were revealed. It was because he had seen her answers during the examination and those answers would not yield such a bad result. Moreover, Mu Qiqi was good in science subjects. However, her current results showed that she was quite weak in those subjects.

Were those results Mu Qiqi’s?

It was clearly not her results.

So, he got to thinking. Did somebody exchange Mu Tangxue’s and Mu Qiqi’s results during the collection of the exam papers?

Then, the vice-principal, Lu Wenhua went to the small mansion.

Su Zipei thought that he came to meet her. She wanted to reject him. However, Lu Wenhua told Su Zipei something else, “I’ve seen Qiqi’s exam papers. Her results should never be like that.”

Su Zipei was rather touched. She could not help but allow him to enter her home.

Mu Qiqi remained calm although she was angry with Mu Tangxue.

“Qiqi, you cannot be nervous now when everything is still a mess. I’ve seen your exam papers during the exam. Your results should not be like this. But, we need to collect evidence first. We have to find out what went wrong and where it went wrong.”

“Moreover, five hundred and ninety-eight marks are not as exceptional as seven hundred and twenty-four marks. But, you’ll still get accepted into Sheng Ting University. Surely, you cannot enter the first course of choice you selected before. But, here’s a suggestion. Sheng Ting University offers Forensic Science too. It’s as good as the engineering course. They would open a second admission every year because the job is rather special. There is always a shortage of human forces. So, they always recruit more people. If you’re brave enough to choose that faculty, being a forensic doctor is rather an excellent job.”

“But, it’s just my suggestion. We could not let the villains get their way. At the same time, we need to brace ourselves and work harder for what we want in life. As we know, excellent people will always remain powerful and exceptional no matter where they go. But, the villains will always be hated by the public.”

Mu Qiqi listened to Lu Wenhua’s suggestion. Finally, she looked up and her eyes were filled with tears.

It was because what Lu Wenhua said was right.

“Thank you, Vice-principal Lu.”

“I’ll help you. Justice will help you too. Don’t worry, the villains will have to pay for what they’ve done.”

Su Zipei stood behind them. She listened to Lu Wenhua’s every word. She felt rather touched. In fact, she knew that the man who stood in front of her was nothing like the bastard before. He was an honest and kind man. She was just afraid to try again.

Then, Lu Wenhua left the small mansion and allowed Mu Qiqi some time to think on her own.

What was important now was to figure out what Mu Tangxue had done exactly. She wanted to find out at which part she exchanged their exam papers.

She needed to think properly about the forensic science faculty too.

Su Zipei grieved to see Mu Qiqi like that. She had a hard time studying diligently for that whole year. Now, her results were easily stolen by Mu Tangxue.

Mu Qiqi seemed to have grown up in one night. She seemed to be able to endure the difficulties she faced now. It was because she knew perfectly well that being sad and in despair would not change anything.

Her biggest aim at the moment was to make Mu Tangxue pay for what she had done.


There were a lot of rumors going around in school. It was possible for Mu Qiqi to perform badly during the exam. But, how could Mu Tangxue perform so well? It was unbelievable! Moreover, both sisters held a strong hatred toward each other. Their results had totally changed. Therefore, everyone became suspicious about Mu Tangxue’s results.

Mu Tangxue never thought that Mu Qiqi could get such an exceptional result.

Third place nationwide. First place in Eaton.

She could never gain that kind of excellent results no matter how hard she tried. She could not stand the queries.

Mu Tangxue got anxious after being praised by everybody.

It was too obvious…

She could not free herself anymore after everyone from the Mu family gave her their appraisals. Moreover, nobody had any kind of evidence to claim that her results belonged to Mu Qiqi.

Nobody could do anything to her as long as she clung resolutely to her own claim. Everything was done and settled now. Mu Qiqi could do nothing no matter how hard she resisted.

“Xue’er, you got such an exceptional result this time. Grandpa has a reward for you. He’s going to transfer you 5% of the shares from the Mu Group. Faster thank your grandpa.”

Mu Tangxue got the phone from Mama Mu. She thanked her grandpa because she knew very well what it meant to receive that kind of reward.

That result had given her all kinds of advantages.

So, she would never allow Mu Qiqi to ruin it!

That result belonged to her. It was hers!


It was late at night. Sheng Xiao brought Mu Qiqi to their new home.

But, there was no excitement on her face. Sheng Xiao knew very well what she had gone through. He was sad for her.

So, he lifted Mu Qiqi up and went to the bedroom. Then, he put her on the bed and pressed onto her softly. “Jing Yun has found out who’s the teacher involved during the collection of the exam papers.”Read more chapter on NovelFull

“But, it’s fixed now. Xiaoxiao, I won’t be able to get accepted into the best faculty in Sheng Ting University and I can’t be your junior.” Mu Qiqi burst into tears when she had finished pouring her heart out. Then, she wiped her tears away stubbornly.

“Do you want to enter that faculty so desperately? Did I tell you to do so?”

“But, that was my target. It was what I had been working for.”

“Foolish girl, your future is me. Why can’t you see your future clearly when I’m here with you?” Sheng Xiao placed a kiss on Mu Qiqi’s lips when he finished talking. “Lu Wenhua came to meet you. I know that he’s sincerely being nice to you. I think that he is suitable to be your uncle.”

“I can’t be happy about it.”

“Mu Tangxue would never get accepted into Sheng Ting University. Never!” Sheng Xiao told her firmly. “I’ll make sure she is never able to step into Sheng Ting University for the rest of her life!”

“Little girl, just allow them time to be happy and smug about it first. Let them laugh recklessly! Then, she would know what it feels like to fall to hell from heaven.”

“How dare she bully my woman! I’ll let her know what it feels like to be unable to live or die.”

Sheng Xiao kissed Mu Qiqi after that. He was trying with all his might to console her broken heart.

Since when did the Crown Prince console anybody? He was doing it right now because he knew very well how important Mu Qiqi was to him.

Mu Qiqi believed in Sheng Xiao. She was having insomnia for the past few days. But, finally she was able to sleep soundly in his embrace. Sheng Xiao then got up and went to meet the Lu family. He promised to investigate the incident with Lu Wenhua.

“Young Master Sheng, we can investigate the incident from different perspectives. First, we could look up the teacher who collected the exam papers to see whether she accepted any bribe at that moment. Secondly, we could get hold of Mu Qiqi’s exam papers and match the handwriting with that of Mu Tangxue’s. However, it was not an easy step. Those exam papers were always destroyed after being collected and marked.”

“I just want to grab hold of the evidence even though we can’t change her results now. I want to do her justice and take revenge on Mu Tangxue.”

“There’s nothing I can’t do,” Sheng Xiao said with a strong resolution. “I want Mu Tangxue to pay for what she has done.”

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