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Chapter 78 - That Should Belong to Me!

Chapter 78: That Should Belong to Me!

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Mu Qiqi still did not manage to see for herself how evil Mu Tangxue was. Her kindness had limited her imagination.

She did not know that there were people in this world who were just like maggots. They hid in the darkest corner of the world and gained their power by leeching off others.

The exams lasted for three days. Its difficulty level was quite similar to those mock examinations. So, she was quite confident with herself when she walked out of the exam hall.

Old Lin saw that she was quite pleased with herself. So, he spoke to her, “I see that you’re quite happy. You must be quite confident with how you did in the exam.”

“Yes. The questions were almost similar to what I’ve been doing lately. So, it’s not bad,” Mu Qiqi replied.

“That’s good. Young Lady Su can be at ease now.”

Mu Qiqi nodded her head. She would not say that her results are going to be exceptional. But, she was confident with how well she did just by looking at her results for the mock examinations. So, she told Sheng Xiao about it.

The first thing she did when she walked out of the exam hall was give a call to Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao could not listen to her attentively. But, he managed to say to her in advance, “Congratulations.”

Sheng Xiao never doubted her abilities.

Su Zipei was unsure of how well Mu Qiqi did in her exam. However, the vice-principal of Eaton was attentive toward Mu Qiqi’s exam papers during the test because of Su Zipei. He was very satisfied with her answers. Finally, he found a topic which Su Zipei was willing to talk about.

Everything seemed so promising.

On the other hand, the first thing Mu Tangxue did when she went home was to look for Mama Mu to enquire about their plan. Mama Mu assured her that everything was being carried out according to plan. She then felt relieved. She saw how arrogant Mu Qiqi had appeared in front of her. Mu Qiqi did not even know that she would finally fail the exam.

Papa Mu asked Mu Tangxue about her exams but she pretended to be modest in front of him. “Dad, I’ve tried my best.”

Papa Mu did not say anything else before the exam results were revealed. He patted Mu Tangxue’s shoulder. “It’s fine as long as you try your best. Are you confident that you will beat Mu Qiqi in the exam?”

Mu Tangxue was stunned. Then, she nodded her head. “Dad, I won’t disappoint you.”

“Good! You’re indeed my excellent daughter!” Papa Mu was delighted. He hugged Mu Tangxue and swayed her from side to side.

Mu Qiqi no longer belonged to the Mu family after she decided to leave home.

If Mu Tangxue could not even beat Mu Qiqi given how reckless Mu Qiqi was, he would be embarrassed.

Since Mu Tangxue gave such a reply, it meant that she was indeed confident in herself.

“If that’s the case, we’ll wait for the results…”


Mu Tangxue did not manage to get her recommendation through to Sheng Ting University. It had been blocked by the university.

However, she had signed up for the best faculty offered in the Sheng Ting University as her first choice. She intended to defeat Mu Qiqi and completely replace her.

Mu Qiqi signed up for the faculty which Sheng Xiao had chosen for her. She had worked quite hard for that targeted faculty for a long time.

It was the 25th of June and it was early in the morning. The results would be revealed that day. Mu Qiqi sat nervously in front of the computer. She keyed in her student ID and citizen ID.

The marks soon appeared on the screen. It was totally different from what Mu Qiqi had expected.

Her facial expression changed drastically. Su Zipei went over and took a look at it immediately.

Five hundred and ninety-eight marks. Mu Qiqi would never get that kind of result even if she did the questions casually.

Mu Qiqi forced herself to remain calm. She keyed in her data again. But, the result was still the same after her second trial. “It’s impossible! I calculated my marks before. I considered every question including the ones that I was not confident in. It should be around seven hundred and twenty marks!”

“Qiqi, don’t worry.”

“I cannot go to the best faculty in Sheng Ting University with that kind of marks.”

Mu Qiqi closed her eyes in despair.

She never thought that there might be another reason behind it.

Sheng Xiao received Su Zipei’s call soon after. “Young Master Sheng, could you help to talk some sense into Qiqi?”

“What’s wrong?” Sheng Xiao started inquiring about the situation.

“The results of the college entrance exam were revealed today but Qiqi…”

Sheng Xiao could almost guess what happened. He told Su Zipei, “I’ll come later.”

Sheng Xiao turned around and gave an order to Jing Yun when he ended the call. “Go and look into Qiqi’s result.”

The entire Eaton had high expectations for Mu Qiqi. But, her results were very plain when the results were revealed. There was yet another shocking news. It concerned Mu Tangxue. Her results gained third place nationwide and the first place in Eaton. Did they switch identities during the exam?

If Mu Tangxue got a bad result, they might think that she failed to perform well during the examination. But, Mu Tangxue got third place when she could not even get into thirtieth place before. That was beyond everybody’s expectations.

Qianqian went to check her results in school. She heard what happened. Then, she called Mu Qiqi swiftly, “Qiqi, what happened to your results?”

“I don’t know.” Mu Qiqi was staying in her room now. She was helpless.

“How did Mu Tangxue get third place nationwide?”

Mu Qiqi got up from her bed when she heard that. “So, you’re saying that Mu Tangxue got the third place?”

“Yes. The school is filled with various kinds of news. What happened exactly?”

“How many marks did she get?”

“Seven hundred and twenty four.”

Mu Qiqi realized something soon when she heard that. “Qianqian, you might not believe what I’m about to tell you. I calculated my marks before. It should be around seven hundred and twenty marks.”

Qianqian was stunned when she heard that. “I know what you mean. But, it’s the strictest examination. How was she able to do that?”

“Qianqian, I need to look into it now.”

“Fine, I’ll talk to you later.” Qianqian ended the call. Sheng Xiao heard about it from Jing Yun too. The results both sisters got in the exam were beyond everybody’s expectations.

So, Sheng Xiao went to the small villa just like he promised.

Mu Qiqi rushed to meet him when she saw him. She almost burst into tears. “Xiaoxiao…Mu Tangxue’s results…Her results should be mine if I’m not mistaken.”

Sheng Xiao hugged her and consoled her. “I’ll never forgive her this time for what she has done.”

“How dare she steal my results! How shameful she is!”

“Then we’ll take revenge on her.”

“But…the results were revealed just now. Isn’t it fixed? Can we change that?” Mu Qiqi was afraid that the incident would be forgotten in the end.

“I ordered Jing Yun to investigate the incident. He’s investigating the related people and things to collect the evidence. If Mu Tangxue really stole your result, I’ll ask her to return it to you. If the results cannot be changed, we’ll ruin her reputation and life!”


Sheng Xiao hugged Mu Qiqi tight. He was sad to see her like that. How evil the Mu family was!

What was more ridiculous was that the Mu family was currently celebrating Mu Tangxue’s results.

It was stolen from someone else. So, what was there to celebrate?

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