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Chapter 77 - You’re Mine!

Chapter 77: You’re Mine!

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Qianqian drank some wine during the graduation party. She leaned against Mu Qiqi and asked her relentlessly, “Have you thought about what you’re going to do once you’re accepted into Sheng Ting University?”

“No, I’ve never thought about that.”

“Then, have you ever thought about the possibility of going back to the Mu family?” Qianqian continued enquiring.


“Have you thought about making your relationship with the Crown Prince public?”

“Still no,” Mu Qiqi replied honestly.

“Why are you like that? Why haven’t you thought about anything? Surely you must have some dreams that you want to fulfill…”

For Mu Qiqi, the thing she wanted the most was for the Mu family to have a better impression of her. She wanted them to realize how wicked Mu Tangxue was. That was the wish she hid in her heart all this while. It never changed.

She knew that there would be much difficulty awaiting her and Sheng Xiao. But, it would get better once she went to college. Surely, a college student was better off than a high school student.

So, she did not plan when she was going to tell everybody about their relationship. It was not time yet…

“You still haven’t got to sleep with the Crown Prince, have you?”

“Qianqian, you’re drunk.” Mu Qiqi was afraid that the others might have overheard what they said. So, she quickly coaxed Qianqian and asked her to sleep.

Duan Shao’an arrived at their graduation party after a while. Everybody screamed when they saw the handsome man in front of them. But, his eyes fell on Qianqian alone. He implied that she was a burden to him. However, Mu Qiqi could clearly see that Qianqian was the only one in Duan Shao’an’s heart.

“Let me take over from here.” Duan Shao’an stretched out his hands.

Mu Qiqi nodded her head and pushed Qianqian to him.

Duan Shao’an lifted Qianqian and left in front of everybody. But, he wished Mu Qiqi before he left, “I hope that you’ll pass your college entrance exam with flying colors!”

“Thank you.”

Mu Qiqi admired how Duan Shao’an could simply leave with Qianqian in front of everybody. Sheng Xiao could never do that in public. It was almost impossible for him to lead her away in front of everybody.

“Qiqi, do you have a boyfriend? How about that man you wrote about in your diary before? Is he studying in the same school as us?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Mu Qiqi replied with a guilty conscience.

“You’re not getting together with that man. Do you know how many people admire you in our class?”

Mu Qiqi was really unaware of it as she had put all her attention on Sheng Xiao.

“Let’s forget about it. Why don’t I be a kind person and do something good today since we’re graduating soon?” That classmate stood up and spoke to the entire class, “Settle down first. By the way, Qiqi has never had a boyfriend. Those who have been admiring her for a long time, you could try to confess your love to her now if you cannot hold it back any longer.”

Mu Qiqi was immediately stunned.

She thought that the classmate was only joking with her. But, she was stopped by a boy from her class when the graduation party was over. He said, “Here, this is for you.”

Mu Qiqi froze on the spot. She did not know whether to accept it or not.

But, that boy forced it into her hand and did not wait for her refusal.

She could not even bring herself to call his name in the dark although they had been in the same class for a year now.

Old Lin came to pick Mu Qiqi up in the late night. Mu Qiqi took out the love letter. She planned to throw it away. But, Old Lin laughed at her. “It’s the expression of someone’s true heart no matter how you feel. It’s not nice if you tore it or threw it away.”

What if Sheng Xiao found out about it?

However, Mu Qiqi did not throw it away in front of Old Lin. She put it back into her bag placed amongst her revision materials.

She never thought that Sheng Xiao would not ask her out on a secret date that night. Instead, he came to the small villa and sat down to dinner with her and Su Zipei.

Old Lin was really a blabbermouth. He gossiped about the love letter when he saw Su Zipei. “Young Lady Qiqi is really popular in her school. There’s even a boy who wrote her a love letter.”

Mu Qiqi did not know what kind of facial expression Sheng Xiao had on while he was sitting in the living room. She wanted to divert their attention. “Aunt, I’m hungry.”

But, Su Zipei did not heed what she said. She replied to Old Lin with a laugh, “Love that happens in school is always exciting.”

“That’s true…”

Mu Qiqi could only lower her head and go back to her room when she failed to stop them from discussing the love letter. “I’ll change my clothes first.”

After a while, Sheng Xiao went into her room and pressed her against the wall. He gave her a deep kiss. “Did someone confess his love to you?”

“Aren’t you afraid that my aunt will see us?”

“Where’s the love letter? I want to take a look. I’m curious who has his eyes on my little thing.” Sheng Xiao grabbed Mu Qiqi’s bag and found the love letter soon enough.

Mu Qiqi stared at him but she did not get to snatch the love letter back.

“I’m taking it! I’ve reserved myself for you. How dare you go out there and seduce others!”

“I didn’t!” Mu Qiqi explained herself immediately.

“You’re mine.” Sheng Xiao approached Mu Qiqi. But, soon they heard Su Zipei calling their names.

“Qiqi, Young Master Sheng Xiao, come down for dinner now!”

“Does aunt know that you’re here?”

“I told her that you asked me about a Mathematics question.” Sheng Xiao then put the love letter in his pocket and walked out of her room first.

‘Those childish kids! Did they plan to go to college so that they could pursue my little girl? Was that why he wrote her that love letter?’

He was really quite daring.

Mu Qiqi obediently followed Sheng Xiao close behind. There were only a few days left before she could finally be with Sheng Xiao and live together with him in that villa.

“Tomorrow is the day of your exam. You need to sleep early tonight.” Su Zipei was concerned about Mu Qiqi while they were having their dinner. “Don’t you see it? Even Young Master Sheng Xiao has come over to cheer you up!”

“Work hard for it,” said Sheng Xiao seriously as he looked at Mu Qiqi.

“I will!”

She sincerely gave her promise for it concerned their future.

Su Zipei had not seen Sheng Xiao for a long time now. So, she chatted with him and they talked about a lot of things. But, he met Mu Qiqi every night.

Sheng Xiao did not appear condescending in front of Su Zipei. But, the truth was he wanted to spend more time with Mu Qiqi since they could not meet each other at their new home that night.

Mu Qiqi slept soundly that night. She put her arms around herself and tried to imagine what it felt like to have Sheng Xiao hugging her from the back, so she could sleep better that night. The next morning, she brought along all her necessary stationeries with her and went into the exam hall full of confidence in herself.

However, she passed by Mu Tangxue in the hallway before the exam started.

They belonged to different classes. So obviously, their exam halls would be different too.

Mu Tangxue said something to Mu Qiqi before she left. “Sister, good luck!”

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