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Chapter 76 - You Have to Take Responsibility Even If You Were Forced To!

Chapter 76: You Have to Take Responsibility Even If You Were Forced To!

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Mu Qiqi put her whole attention in the college entrance exam during the final four months. Her result was always listed as the top five in the whole nation for every mock examination she had sat. That kind of result was sufficient for her to get accepted into any kind of university she wanted in the nation.

Mu Tangxue’s result was comparatively better than a regular student’s. However, her ranking was within thirty only.

She could not take it. But, she could never surpass Mu Qiqi’s result no matter how hard she tried. It was because Mu Qiqi was exceptional in all of the subjects related to science. She could get full marks in those subjects too.

The school held high expectations for Mu Qiqi and she never slacked off. It was because she wanted to achieve the target which Xiaoxiao set for her, to get accepted into the best faculty at Sheng Ting University.

Although she was busy with her homework, she still dated Sheng Xiao at night especially after he moved into another house. Sometimes, he would accompany Mu Qiqi all night until the next morning. Then, he would send her home.

Jing Yun was their ally.

Sometimes, Mama Mu paid them a sudden visit. Jing Yun would give Sheng Xiao a call and he would get home in a hurry.

The vice-principal of Eaton came to meet Su Zipei a few times now. But, he had failed in every attempt to get close to her. It seemed that Su Zipei was rather stubborn too. She also could not let down her guard since Mu Qiqi had yet to sit for the college entrance examination.

Mu Qiqi felt that there was quite a heavy pressure on her now.

She was not only responsible for her own future but also her aunt’s future.

There were only ten days left.

Mu Qiqi and Sheng Xiao were staying in their new home at the moment. Sheng Xiao was hugging Mu Qiqi from the back while supervising her in her studies.

But, Mu Qiqi could not manage to focus on her studies. It was because she could clearly feel the warmth from Sheng Xiao’s body behind her.

Sheng Xiao realized that she couldn’t focus as she only read a page in ten minutes. So, he let go of her and went to the bedroom. “You can go and sleep when you’re done reading that. I won’t wait for you.”

They were used to sleeping in separate beds these past few months though they suffered terribly every time.

Mu Qiqi immediately focused her attention on her studies. She read the notes several times. Then, she tiptoed to the bedroom.

Sheng Xiao did not leave the light on for her. However, there was an excellent man lying in bed.

Mu Qiqi approached the large bed just to check on him. She wanted to see whether he was asleep. All of a sudden, Sheng Xiao stretched out his long arms and grabbed her. Then, he was on top of her.

He was wearing a black night robe. After his vigorous action, his night robe became messy. His back and long legs were exposed to her.

Mu Qiqi’s heartbeat quickened. She stammered, ‘What…what’s wrong?”

“There are ten days left!” Sheng Xiao lowered his body and bit her neck.

Mu Qiqi nearly screamed aloud. But, Sheng Xiao let go of her in time.

“You’re really one of a kind. You little thing.”

Mu Qiqi straightened her body. She was annoyed. “I’m not a little girl anymore…”

Sheng Xiao grabbed her and sneered at her. “Aren’t you a little girl?”

Mu Qiqi was stunned. She seemed to be struck by lightning. She froze on the bed.

After that, Sheng Xiao took off her shirt and hugged her soft body. He left different kinds of marks on her skin just like he was playing with her.

Sheng Xiao never did that kind of thing to her. Mu Qiqi felt that Sheng Xiao seemed to have lost control that night.

Then, Sheng Xiao tore off her long pants by using his long fingers. He hugged her body tightly and wrapped themselves in the blankets.


Nothing else happened after that.

Mu Qiqi did not dare to move under the blankets. She allowed Sheng Xiao to hug her like that. Her body was close against his.

Their skin, breaths and warmth came together at that moment. Mu Qiqi became nervous and dizzy.

Did it mean that she belonged to Xiaoxiao now?

Sheng Xiao opened his eyes all of a sudden because he felt her tenseness. He smiled playfully and stared at Mu Qiqi. “Haven’t you seen all of me?”

“No…when did I…”

“That day at the clinic. You tore off my pants. How dare you deny that! Hmm?”

“I’m…I was forced to do so,” Mu Qiqi explained herself immediately.

“You have to take responsibility for that even if you were forced to do what you did.”

Sheng Xiao changed their positions when he finished talking. He let Mu Qiqi lie in his embrace so that she could sleep comfortably. “There are ten days left. I’ll let you have some reward now.”

Mu Qiqi burst into laughter. Did Xiaoxiao sacrifice his body so that he could supervise her in her studies?

“Xiaoxiao, you don’t have to do that. I’ll study hard for the exam.”

“I know,” Sheng Xiao replied to her in the dark. It was because he could always see the way Mu Qiqi looked at him. It was as though she could engulf him in a heartbeat.

Was that not true love?

Sheng Xiao stretched his hand out and stroked Mu Qiqi’s back in the dark night. There was no space between them now.

Mu Qiqi saw that his eyes were tightly closed. She soon realized that he was doing that subconsciously.

Her eyes soon became teary.

They always had their dates in the small villa. So, they did not have much time to sleep. They could only sleep together for around four to five hours because Mu Qiqi needed to go back home before Su Zipei woke up.

Sheng Xiao did not have to wake up so early in the morning. But, he had to send Mu Qiqi home so it became his habit now.


By the way, what was Mu Tangxue up to now?

Mama Mu had planned her scheme well. She got the exam invigilators on her side now. She even contacted the teacher who was in charge of collecting the exam papers.

She met the teacher in private and she even rewarded the teacher with a cheque worth three million dollars.

All the teacher had to do was exchange their exam papers and the money would be hers. Although it was a risky act, it was worth a try.

Mama Mu planned everything nicely because Mu Tangxue did not get that kind of exceptional result as her elder sister. If she succeeded, both she and her daughter would enjoy great privilege in the Mu family.

Moreover, Mu Qiqi was sponsored by somebody else now. So, what if her result was slightly poor this time around?

Mama Mu did not consider about Mu Qiqi’s future at all. She just felt that it was the fastest way to achieve her aim.

Mu Tangxue learned Mu Qiqi’s handwriting secretly. Now, her handwriting looked just like Mu Qiqi’s handwriting. Mu Tangxue firmly believed that Mu Qiqi’s result would be hers with her mother’s support.

Surely, she would never know that what they were about to do would bring about a terrible change to their lives. Their status in the Mu family would be overturned.

Sheng Xiao would never forgive her!

There was a short school holiday before the exam. Mu Qiqi spent her three-days break with her classmates. They bid each other goodbye. They also held a graduation party and snapped quite a lot of photos to be kept as memories.

They were excited and nervous about the upcoming exam.

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