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Chapter 75 - Our Key

Chapter 75: Our Key

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Mu Qiqi went home and honestly told Su Zipei what had happened given that Mama Mu had seen her there. “Aunt, I went to the shopping mall and bought some underwear with Qianqian just now. I met the Mu family.”

“I received their call!” Su Zipei replied calmly. She did not think that there was anything wrong with that.

Mu Qiqi was an adult now. Why could she not choose the kind of lingerie she liked?

“Qiqi, what you do will always appear wrong in front of them. Don’t bother about them.”

“Aunt, don’t you think that I’ve done something wrong?”

“By wearing beautiful lingerie? Is it wrong?” Su Zipei could not understand that. When girls reach seventeen or eighteen, surely they would want to try all kinds of things. Mu Qiqi was that age now. She understood that girls her age want to look attractive.

“It’s only lingerie. They overreacted. They might think of various ways to get back at you when you’re much more successful than Mu Tangxue in the future.” Su Zipei hugged Mu Qiqi. “It’s fine as long as you’ve done nothing wrong.”

Mu Qiqi nodded her head. She went back to her room and thought about it while lying on her bed.

She could not disappoint her aunt. So, she needed to work harder in her studies. She needed to give it her all. There was only one thing that she could not give up. It was Sheng Xiao.

Mu Qiqi felt that she should have deeper trust in Sheng Xiao after listening to what Qianqian said. She needed to have much more self-confidence too.

It was rather pleasing for her to be able to slap Mu Tangxue.

Mu Qiqi fell into a deep sleep with that in her mind. The next morning, she went shopping with Su Zipei.

Mu Qiqi noticed a middle-aged man who kept on looking at Su Zipei in the shopping mall. He was wearing a large coat.

Mu Qiqi nudged her aunt’s elbow and asked her, “Isn’t that my vice principal? I remember his surname…Lu…isn’t it? Aunt, do you really feel nothing for him?”

“You’re just a kid. Don’t bother about it.” Su Zipei was busy and she did not even bother about what Mu Qiqi said.

Mu Qiqi laughed. Based on her intuition, she felt that her vice principal was a nice man.

It was New Year’s Eve. Both Mu Qiqi and Su Zipei stayed at home. Although they lived in a mansion, Mu Qiqi still stayed close to Su Zipei. They sat in front of the furnace and had a drink.

Su Zipei soon got drunk. She went back to her room and slept.

It was 11.15 p.m. Mu Qiqi’s phone rang. She knew that the call was from Sheng Xiao. She rushed out of the door immediately.

It was obvious that Sheng Xiao had just left a party. He was wearing a suit and tie. But, he still remembered that there was a little girl who was waiting for him at home no matter what happened. She was waiting for him to countdown together.

So, he brought Mu Qiqi to the beach. The wind was strong. Mu Qiqi was sitting on Sheng Xiao’s lap. They were sitting close to each other.

They were waiting for midnight to fall. When it turned twelve o’clock at midnight, an endless stream of fireworks shot up into the night sky.

“Xiaoxiao, I hope that time goes by faster so that I could grow up sooner.”

There were quite a number of couples nearby. Most of them were hugging each other. It was a romantic atmosphere. Sheng Xiao voiced out suddenly. He said to her, “I’ll grant you a wish.”

“Can I wish for anything?” Mu Qiqi looked up at Sheng Xiao.


“Then…tell everyone that I’m your girlfriend.” Mu Qiqi made a wish. It was dark and nobody knew them there.

Sheng Xiao understood her wish and let go of her. He smiled playfully. Then, he walked over to a rock by the beach. He stood on a high spot and told everybody there, “Hi, ladies and gentlemen. This is my girlfriend. She says that she wants me to make our relationship public.”

Sheng Xiao’s voice was loud and it was a deep voice. Mu Qiqi was surprised. She went over to him and threw herself into his embrace. “Xiaoxiao, you’re serious. What if somebody recognizes you?”

Sheng Xiao hugged Mu Qiqi. They were both standing on the rock now. The wind blew by. “Do you think they care?”

Mu Qiqi looked around. The couples were kissing each other. She soon blushed.

Sheng Xiao laughed softly. He hugged Mu Qiqi tighter and lifted her chin. “Let’s jump into the bandwagon…”

It was reckless being with Sheng Xiao. What they did was impulsive.

Gradually, Mu Qiqi let go of her fear.

She also tasted the red wine in Sheng Xiao’s kiss. It was enchanting.

After that, Sheng Xiao took out a key from his pocket and gave it to Mu Qiqi. “It’s a New Year’s present.”

“This…” Mu Qiqi took it from him.

“The key to our home. Our…key.”

The home was waiting for its hostess. There was only half a year left.

Mu Qiqi held the key in the palm of her hand. It meant that her life from now on would be…

Then, Mu Qiqi told Sheng Xiao what happened in the shopping mall the day before. Sheng Xiao sneered when he heard about the incident. “I won’t touch you even if you have a charming body. Don’t you regret it when it’s time.”

Mu Qiqi hid her face in Sheng Xiao’s embrace. They were immersed in the romantic atmosphere and had a happy time there.

Soon, the high school reopened.

Uncle Lin resumed his job and returned to the small villa. He was responsible for driving Mu Qiqi to school. Mu Qiqi saw Mu Tangxue when she reached Eaton. She became much more arrogant. But, Mu Qiqi was still able to slap her no matter how arrogant she became.

In fact, Mu Qiqi was unaware of the scheme which Mu Tangxue was plotting in secret. Mu Tangxue was eyeing on Mu Qiqi’s college entrance exam.

Mu Tangxue’s handwriting resembled that of Mu Qiqi’s now. It had reached seventy percent.

She wanted to see Mu Qiqi studying hard for her exam. Then, she would be happy if Mu Qiqi’s real result was good.

Mu Qiqi did not see through Mu Tangxue’s wickedness. She did not know about her scheme. But, she was busy now and she had no time to bother about Mu Tangxue. She was indeed busy as the student representative. She was even busier when the school ended. She needed to take care of Su Zipei’s love life and her own love life with Xiaoxiao too.

Sheng Xiao managed to leave the Sheng family after a year. He did what he promised to do. He moved to the place that Mama Sheng prepared for him.

Jing Yun went to live with him naturally although Sheng Xiao liked living alone.

“Young Master, when are you going to move over to Sheng Ting University?”

“After Qiqi’s college entrance exam,” Sheng Xiao said to him. “So, we need to live together for a few months now.”

He needed to live there out of fear that Mama Sheng would come over for a visit.

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