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Chapter 86 - Mu Tangxue Has No Clue About It!

Chapter 86: Mu Tangxue Has No Clue About It!

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The sisters who had their exam papers switched became the morning news the next day.

The public was amused by Mama Mu’s and Mu Tangxue’s deeds. Papa Mu was a part of it too. He was deeply ashamed. The shares of Mu Group were affected and it started to go downhill.

Mu Tangxue still denied everything. She was lying on the bed in the hospital. She woke up and saw Grandpa Mu. She soon fell on her knees in front of Grandpa Mu. She said to him, “Grandpa, I really thought that it was my real results. I didn’t know that the exam papers were switched.”

Granpad Mu knew the facts now. So, he looked at Mu Tangxue in despair. “Then, could you tell me why you copied Qiqi’s handwriting?”

“My mom asked me to do so. I really had no idea about it, Grandpa.”

“Your mom spent a lot of money to exchange your exam papers for you. How could you say that you don’t know about it? I don’t believe you!”

“But, it’s true!” Mu Tangxue appeared pitiful in front of her grandpa. She still wanted to deny everything. “If Grandma were still here, surely she would believe me. She will know that I’m innocent…”

Grandpa Mu could not help but soften his heart when he heard Mu Tangxue mention his deceased wife. At last, he told Mu Tangxue seriously, “If there’s any more investigation from now on, you just tell them that you know nothing about this. It’s your mother who planned everything. It has nothing to do with you.

“At least, it’s less embarrassing for us.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

‘She was young and innocent. She could have easily gone down the wrong path under another’s influence,’ Grandpa Mu thought. If worse comes to worse, he had to protect Mu Tangxue!

“But, Sheng Ting University has made their decision. I’m afraid that you might never be able to study there from now on.”

Mu Tangxue knew that very well. But, Mu Qiqi could not study there too except if she sat for the college entrance exam again the following year.

It was not a great loss to Mu Tangxue when she thought about that.

“Since you’re staying in the hospital, don’t think too much. Just rest well. Don’t bother about other stuff.”

Grandpa and Dad left the hospital after that. They went straight to Mu Group’s office because they needed to make some decisions at a time like this.

“The news is out now. Although it would not shake the stable core of Mu Group, somebody might manipulate the news. So, you need to settle everything now. Let my daughter-in-law be held responsible for everything. Let Tangxue remain innocent so that the harm done to us will be minimized.”

Papa Mu understood Grandpa Mu’s suggestion. He nodded his head. “I know, Dad.”

“Regarding Qiqi, you need to go and beg for her forgiveness. If not, this event will last for a year and a half if she wants her justice!”

“I understand that.” Papa Mu nodded his head.

So, they intended to let Mama Mu be responsible for the whole affair. Surely, she would be unwilling to do that but they had lawyers at hand.

Mama Mu was waiting for the lawyer to come so that she could leave the police station. However, the lawyer did not help to release her on bail when the lawyer did come at last.

“Police, I need to speak a few words with my client. Is that okay? I promise that she’ll tell you the truth after I speak to her.”

“Faster then.”

The incident became the focus of the Ministry of Education. The entire education sector was watching its progress closely. The police were undergoing great stress.

“Lawyer, when can I leave the police station?”

“Madam Mu, don’t worry. Listen to me first. This is Mr. Mu’s idea. Now that the incident is infamous and everybody knows about it, it has a great influence on Mu Group. So, what he planned was for you to bear the responsibility of the entire case so that the case will be closed soon. Then, the Mu family will spend money to get you out of here when the public forgets about it. This is the best resolution now.”

Madam Mu then understood that the Mu family wanted to sacrifice her. She could not believe it. “I did this for the Mu family’s glory and reputation. Why should I bear the responsibility all by myself?”

“But, it’s true that you’re the one who caused the mess. If you hadn’t bribed the invigilators, this case might have never happened.”

“Moreover, Mr. Mu asked you to claim that Mu Tangxue is innocent in the incident. She had no idea about everything you did.”

“If you’re unable to do that, he’ll divorce you the minute you walk out of the police station.”


Mama Mu was stunned when she heard that. “I’ve been married to him for so many years now. I sacrificed everything for him. Now, he would sacrifice me that easily just to protect Mu Group?”

“If you confess now, you’ll have only a few months in jail. You won’t suffer for long,” the lawyer persuaded her. “It’s for everybody’s sake…”

Mama Mu held her hands together and lowered her head. She never thought that after she had planned everything out for her daughter and husband, they would betray her in the end.

“So, what you’re saying is that my husband is not going to help me and he even asked me to bear responsibility for the whole case and hide the fact that my daughter is guilty?”

“That’s true. If not, a divorce settlement will be waiting for you.”

Mama Mu burst into laughter after she heard that. But, her eyes became teary. “What did they think I was? A tool?”

“By the way, I’ve told you their decision. You better think properly regarding your next step.”

Mama Mu never thought that she would be abandoned by the Mu family when she had plotted for Mu Tangxue all this while.

So, why did she treat Mu Tangxue nicely and even abandon her other daughter? What was it for?

Mama Mu was filled with a deep hatred.

The police officer came in when the lawyer left. He asked her, “Are you going to confess now?”

“Police, I need to meet someone first. I’ll tell you everything after I have met that person.”


“I want to meet my younger sister, Su Zipei!”


The case created a great mess now and everybody was watching the news closely.

How would Mama Mu and Mu Tangxue be punished at the end? The public was eager to know the result. Mu Qiqi was waiting for it too.

But, the police called Su Zipei, telling her that Mama Mu wanted to meet her. If not, she would not confess the truth.

Su Zipei hated Mu Tangxue the most and Mama Mu came after that. It was obvious that she would not go and meet that evil woman. However, Lu Wenhua advised her, “Logically, the people that your elder sister should want to meet are the people from the Mu family. Why does she want to meet you? There must be something wrong somewhere. You better go and meet her.”

Mu Qiqi felt that what Principal Lu said was indeed logical. “Aunt, that woman will surely be punished if she denies the fact. But, I hope that her punishment and Mu Tangxue’s will come sooner.”

“If that’s the case, I really need to go to the police station now.” Su Zipei got up from her seat.

“Let me give you a ride.”

Lu Wenhua often went to meet them in the small mansion now because of what had happened to Mu Qiqi. Moreover, Su Zipei did not reject him so much now.

Mu Qiqi looked at them as they left the small mansion. She felt that they would indeed make a great couple.

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