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Chapter 834 - Let That Family Look Down on You

Chapter 834: Let That Family Look Down on You

“So what? Mom, as long as you don’t tell Father, it’s fine.” After that, the mother and daughter pair went to the bathroom.

When they came back to their private room, Feng Wei was already there.

As they sat down, they heard Feng Wei say, “Where’s Second Sister? Aren’t we having dinner with her?”

“Second Sister? She said that she doesn’t look up to our family at all.” Feng Wen snorted, feeling extremely unhappy.

“Isn’t that to be expected? Second Sister has such a good relationship with Zhongteng. Her not liking our lot doesn’t seem anything out of the ordinary,” Feng Wei replied indifferently. “Moreover, I heard through the grapevine that Mayor Shen’s family has already accepted her as their goddaughter. They don’t need to care about poor relatives like us.”

All the listeners were surprised after hearing Feng Wei’s words.

“Tell me clearly, what’s going on?”

“Don’t you guys know the gossip? Second Sister and Mu Qiqi, Sheng Xiao’s woman, are very close. Perhaps they want to be closer than ever, so Second Sister has Mu Qiqi’s father as her godfather. Now, she’s just like family to the Shen family,” Feng Wei explained as he ate. “It’s all your fault. You’re so focused on your work. Why didn’t you pay attention to the interesting things happening in the same city?”

After hearing this, Papa Feng and the other two felt some strange emotions.

Feng Wen and her mother were even more embarrassed and angry because Feng Shanshan really did not care about the Feng family. She hadn’t been pretending.

“Then… that husband of hers.”

“I don’t know much about him, but I heard that he’s very famous in the police world.” Feng Wei was only an eighteen-year-old teenager. He usually went to school, but he liked to interact with girls, so he usually knew a lot of gossip.

People like Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi were popular in Jianchuan, okay?

Naturally, they were the talk of the town.

The three Feng family members didn’t say anything. They didn’t know what to say.

The whole family wasn’t in the mood to eat. They just waited for Feng Wei to gobble up the food alone.

Right now, there was only one thought in Papa Feng’s mind. If what Tang Yan said about the tax bureau was true, then…

Before Feng Wei could finish his meal, he saw a group of people walk out of the room opposite him.

It was Mu Qiqi and Feng Shanshan.

No matter how slow Papa Feng was, it was impossible for him not to recognize Sheng Xiao.

The two women walked in the front while Sheng Xiao and Tang Yan walked side by side behind them.

The four of them made a beautiful group. However, the scene hurt Papa Feng because he knew very well that he had offended his ‘poor son-in-law’.

What about Feng Wen? Although she felt indignant, she knew how unattainable these people were. Therefore, she no longer doubted Feng Shanshan’s words, and she would no longer go looking for trouble with Feng Shanshan.

Among the four of them, only Mama Feng was terrified because she saw the change in her husband’s expression.

When she mentioned paying the bill, she was told, “Madam, the customer from the room across from you has already paid for the bill. The customer actually left a message for you. If you bully others, you will have to pay the price.”

“We… We didn’t know that.” Mother Feng was at a loss.

“Let’s go home.” Papa Feng took a deep breath. He knew that his relationship with Feng Shanshan could no longer be salvaged. However, he was worried about the tax issue. The moment he found out about Tang Yan and Feng Shanshan’s identities, fear started enveloping him.

Feng Wen did not speak. She could only remain silent because she knew that once she spoke, Papa Feng would definitely mention the matter of her looking for trouble with Feng Shanshan.


On the other side, Mu Qiqi and the other four people had changed places to eat. This was because Mu Qiqi finally realized deeply that it was not easy being vegetarian.

“If it were me, I wouldn’t have paid for that family’s meal.” Mu Qiqi felt that Feng Shanshan’s money had been spent unjustly. “I hope that they know what’s good for them!”

“With the two of you revealing your identities, that family can only admit defeat.” Feng Shanshan smiled. “I thought that you were thinking of some tricks to make that family suffer some humiliation.”

“To deal with those people who think that they are the best, we just need to let them know that they are nothing. That would be the best punishment. If the Feng family still has dignity, they will not bother you anymore.” Mu Qiqi snorted.

“I think they won’t.” After Feng Shanshan said that, she subconsciously looked at Tang Yan. “They have been wronged.”

Tang Yan had been silent all along. He held Feng Shanshan tightly and said, “Your father is right.”

“But I also have nothing, and there’s still a big problem for everyone.”

“I don’t care.”

“I don’t care either,” Feng Shanshan quickly added, afraid that Tang Yan would misunderstand. “But… about the tax bureau…”

“Wait for a good show tomorrow.”

He was indeed just a lousy police officer, and he didn’t have any power or influence. But over the years, he had built up a lot of connections, and he had many friends. Dealing with a company like Zhongteng would not be possible, but Hanwen Group was nothing to him.

Furthermore, Hanwen Group was already problematic.

“That’s fine too. Let that family look down on you.”

If Tang Yan’s parents were still around, he would have been the Chief of the Bureau by now. Even so, although his parents had left, his influence was still there. It wasn’t difficult for him to do anything.

The four of them switched to a German restaurant.

Mu Qiqi’s eyes lit up when she saw the steak. “This is what you call dinner.”

Feng Shanshan laughed silently, especially when she saw how Mu Qiqi cut the steak. It was so neat, thick, and consistent. It was wild.

“Seeing you cut so much, I no longer have an appetite.”

“I can’t help it. It’s an occupational disease.” Mu Qiqi indicated that she could eat very well.

Sheng Xiao and Tang Yan looked at each other. The two men did not say a word. That night, the two men were just going through the motions, especially Sheng Xiao. In fact, he did not even need to come personally. As long as Mu Qiqi mentioned his name, the Feng family would be afraid.

“Now that you’ve achieved your goal, can you stop for a few days?”

Mu Qiqi tilted her head and looked at Sheng Xiao with a smile on her lips. “When do I stop?”

Sheng Xiao really wanted to grab her and give her a little beating, but it was not appropriate for him to do so under the circumstances.

“It’s rare that there’s only a few of us here. Let’s drink some wine,” Mu Qiqi suggested, but was rejected by Tang Yan and Sheng Xiao at the same time.

“No need.”

“No need.”

“Shanshan’s pregnant. I have to take care of the pregnant lady.”

Mu Qiqi could accept this reason. After all, it was Tang Yan, but Sheng Xiao?

Mu Qiqi looked askance at him, not understanding what was going on.

“We need to rest early tonight.”

Mu Qiqi grumbled. The two of them had always slept at eleven o’clock. It was not even eight o’clock yet.

Of course, she did not know what kind of concerns Sheng Xiao had.

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