Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 835 - I'll Ignore You for the Rest of My Life

Chapter 835: I’ll Ignore You for the Rest of My Life

On the way home after the small gathering, Feng Shanshan kept staring at Tang Yan.

Tang Yan probably knew what she was thinking, so he waited until he entered the door before saying to her, “I don’t mind.”

“But I do mind.” Feng Shanshan hugged him and said, “My husband is not a lousy police officer. In my heart, you are a hero. No one has the right to look down on you because you have made an indelible contribution to the stability and prosperity of this city.”

“Isn’t that enough?” Tang Yan smiled, which was rare. “I don’t mind what others think of me. I just want you not to be bullied by anyone.”

Feng Shanshan leaned into Tang Yan’s arms and getting hot.

Tang Yan’s voice suddenly became hoarse. He held her hand and did not let her move. “It will hurt you.”

“You just have to be careful. Doctor Song told me that after three months, it won’t be a problem. If I can’t help it, it’s fine.”

Tang Yan saw that Feng Shanshan was blushing, so he knew that she was feeling the heat. She was pregnant, and it wasn’t easy to ease her feelings. So he carried her to bed and carefully made her happy. After she had released, he immediately went to the bathroom and took a cold shower.

Feng Shanshan couldn’t bear to see him like this.

Why was this man so stupid?

“You don’t have to do this…”

“No need. I’m thinking of you and the child.” He could endure it, even though there was a part of him that was unreasonably strong.


It was late that night. After Mu Qiqi finished showering, she climbed onto Sheng Xiao’s legs as usual. However, Sheng Xiao held her hands down and said, “Sleep early tonight.”

Mu Qiqi could finally see the clues. This person had been rejecting her since last night and was still unwilling to touch her today.

“What’s going on?”

She could easily detect his sudden estrangement. After all, she knew what Sheng Xiao’s every word and action meant.

Sheng Xiao put down the document in his hands and sat up straight. Then, he looked at the little thing seriously. “Think about it. What time should these few days be?”

Mu Qiqi thought about it. By this time, she should be having her period. She had always been very punctual.

However, she was already two days late. Her entire body shook. “You mean, I… I…”

Mu Qiqi lowered her head and looked at her lower abdomen.

It was fair and smooth without a trace of fat. Could there be a little life inside?

That night at Mount Yueying, Sheng Xiao did not use contraception and did not let her take medicine. Although Fifth Aunt had been helping her recuperate and feeding her well, there were exceptions to everything, weren’t there?

When she thought of this, Mu Qiqi’s mood suddenly became very complicated.

She looked into Sheng Xiao’s eyes and said very seriously, “Why don’t we go buy some early pregnancy test kits?”

Sheng Xiao’s thin lips were tightly pressed together because he had never thought that he would make such a mistake again.

Seeing that he didn’t move, Mu Qiqi immediately slid off his leg and went back to the bathroom to change her clothes.

Sheng Xiao stood up and followed behind Mu Qiqi without saying a word. Seeing that she was about to leave with her wallet, he grabbed her wrist.

“I’ll go.”

“We’ll go together,” Mu Qiqi said as she looked into Sheng Xiao’s eyes seriously.

Sheng Xiao could not refuse, so he held Mu Qiqi’s hand and they went downstairs together. Mama Sheng saw the two of them going out so late, so she asked them casually about where they were headed.

“Mom, go to sleep first. There’s something going on with Shanshan. We’re going over to take a look.”

Mama Sheng did not suspect anything. After watching TV with Papa Sheng, she went back to her room to rest.

It was already ten o’clock in the evening.

At such a time, very few pharmacies were open.

Sheng Xiao drove Mu Qiqi to a few places and finally stopped in front of a pharmacy that was open 24 hours a day.

Mu Qiqi tilted her head and glanced at Sheng Xiao. “I’ll go. It’s not convenient for a man like you.”

Sheng Xiao held Mu Qiqi’s hand and got out of the car. At this kind of time, who cared about being a man?

Sheng Xiao entered the pharmacy and bought all the early pregnancy test kits. There were all kinds of them. Mu Qiqi looked at the big bag full of them and was a little embarrassed. “Actually, just a few is enough…”

“Some extras will come in handy.”

Mu Qiqi did not say anything more. Her mind was also in a mess, especially when she saw Sheng Xiao’s unhappy look. Could it be that her pregnancy was a burden to him?

The two of them carried the things home. Then, Sheng Xiao took out a few types of test kits and handed them to Mu Qiqi. “Go ahead…”

Mu Qiqi had mixed feelings. How could anyone test five or six at once?

“If… I mean if, I really am…”

“Go try first.” Sheng Xiao sent her into the bathroom and closed the door.

Mu Qiqi held the test kit. Her head was empty and swollen.

She had been envious of Feng Shanshan before, but now that it was her turn, she was nervous and started to be paranoid.

Then, she opened the five boxes of pregnancy tests and checked the instructions. A moment later, she lined them up and squatted down on the toilet to observe them carefully.

A minute later…

Her expression changed subtly.

“Are you done?”

All the pregnancy tests had two red bars on them. She was pregnant… She was having Xiao Xiao’s child.

However, she had a nagging feeling that Xiao Xiao did not seem happy.

Hence, when Sheng Xiao asked, she did not know how to answer him.

She was especially afraid that Sheng Xiao would ask her not to have their child.

So, Mu Qiqi did not say anything for a long time until Sheng Xiao opened the bathroom door.

His eyes swept across the things on the sink and he already knew what the result was.

Mu Qiqi’s eyes looked at his expressionless face.

“Come out. It’s cold on the toilet.” Sheng Xiao reached out to hug her.

Mu Qiqi felt a little sad. She wrapped her arms around Sheng Xiao’s neck and said, “You’re not happy.”


“Sheng Xiao, let me tell you. If you get me to abort our child, between us… I… I’ll ignore you for the rest of my life.” Mu Qiqi could not say anything too decisive because she was afraid that Sheng Xiao would take it seriously.

“You’re in school now. You’re not even twenty-two years old yet.”

“So what? The child is already in my stomach. You’re not allowed to say no.” Mu Qiqi was anxious and she struggled in Sheng Xiao’s arms.

“Go for a good check-up tomorrow to make sure.” Sheng Xiao placed her on the bed and spoke calmly.

Seeing that he did not seem happy at all, Mu Qiqi’s mood sank further. “I know that you don’t want to have a child yet, but… I’m already pregnant. This is your child and mine.”

“What about school?”

“I can take a year off,” Mu Qiqi answered without thinking.

“You have to bring a child with you wherever you go in the future…”

“I don’t mind because this is yours and mine. I can be patient for the rest of my life.”

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