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Chapter 833 - When You Give Face, You Shouldn’t be Shameless

Chapter 833: When You Give Face, You Shouldn’t be Shameless

“Shanshan, come and sit down quickly,” Papa Feng greeted her lovingly.

However, Feng Shanshan took a seat near the door, and Tang Yan took the opportunity to sit beside her.

“Don’t stand on ceremony, Mr. Feng.”

“Why don’t you call me Daddy?” Papa Feng was rather displeased. “I know. Two days ago, your sister went over and made you suffer. I’ve taught her a lesson. Feng Wen, apologize to your sister.”

Feng Wen stood up when her name was called. She glared at Feng Shanshan and said dryly to Feng Shanshan, “I’m sorry.”

“An unwilling apology is meaningless. Besides, if it weren’t for my friend coming over that day, I don’t know if the child in my stomach and I would still be alive.” Feng Shanshan looked at Feng Wen coldly, “Let’s be honest with each other. If you don’t want to apologize, I don’t want to accept your apology.”

“Good!” Feng Wen sat down angrily.

“Shanshan, we’re all family. If there’s a misunderstanding, just solve it…”

“There’s no misunderstanding.” Feng Shanshan interrupted Papa Feng’s words. “Mr. Feng, you probably misunderstood. The reason I appeared in the Feng family wasn’t to ask you for money. I just… naively thought that I could still have family and kinship. However, your family’s attitude has let me know that I shouldn’t have appeared in front of you and caused such a big trouble for myself.”

“If it wasn’t for money, why did you take Father’s check?” Feng Wen questioned.

“I found a charity the very next day and now I’m just waiting to sign the donation certificate. Consider it a good deed by the Feng family,” Feng Shanshan said calmly. “Moreover, after so many years, he knows better than me whether Mr. Feng’s living expenses have been touched or not.”

Papa Feng did not speak, but his expression was extremely ugly.

“I have no intention of disturbing you, so I don’t wish to continue being your family. Just pretend that you haven’t seen me and give us a way out.”

Feng Wen’s expression showed that she did not believe a word Feng Shanshan said.

“You say that all so nicely. But now that you know that your father is the CEO of the Hanwen Group, who knows if you will use your identity as the second miss of the Hanwen Group to seek any benefits in the future, especially if your husband is just a police officer. If you have power and influence, you’ll be promoted even faster, wouldn’t you?”

After hearing Feng Wen’s words, Feng Shanshan laughed out loud. “In my heart, I’ve never taken the Hanwen Group seriously.”

“You don’t take it seriously. What about your husband?”

Feng Wen’s words were vile, targeted at Tang Yan, which Feng Shanshan couldn’t stand the most.

Humiliating her husband was equivalent to directly slapping her in the face.

Tang Yan wanted to say something when he saw her pale face, but he was stopped by Feng Shanshan. This was her family. No, this family was only related to her by blood, so she didn’t want Tang Yan to waste his energy on this family.

“My husband doesn’t have any interest in currying favor with you. Even if he did, you’re not qualified,” Feng Shanshan said, not wanting to get too angry.

“Who does he think he is?”

“Shanshan, it’s not that I’m criticizing you. You’re still young and can find better happiness.” Papa Feng took this opportunity to join in. “It’s not that I dislike your husband, but his career is so dangerous. How can he take care of you and your child?”

Feng Shanshan finally understood. It seemed that the Feng family did not plan to be civil.

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

Feng Shanshan replied coldly, “The reason I came today is to tell you that in the future, everyone will pretend to not know each other. This is the best way. Everyone will be satisfied.”

Seeing that Feng Shanshan was angry, Tang Yan held her hand and reminded her to not get riled up.

Then, his calm voice could be heard over the dining table. “Although I don’t have any background, but… I’m not nothing. I’m enough to give Shanshan the life she wants.”

“Just you? A poor policeman?”

“Just me, a poor policeman,” Tang Yan said firmly. “Hanwen’s been having problems with tax recently, right? The Director of the Tax Bureau over there is my senior brother.”

Tang Yan’s words were neither fast nor slow, but it shocked the Feng family.

Especially Papa Feng.

The investigation of the tax issue this time was a done deal. However, they didn’t expect him, a poor policeman, to know about it.

“I won’t make things difficult for you, and the Feng family won’t make things difficult for us. Shanshan and I just want to live in peace. We don’t want the Feng family to disturb us again. Otherwise, I don’t know what my senior brother will say or do. After all, we have a good relationship.”

Tang Yan’s words were neither servile nor overbearing, but they were accurate and effective.

Papa Feng immediately fell silent.

“This is a threat!”

“When you give face, you shouldn’t be shameless.” Tang Yan directly rebuked Feng Wen. “To put it plainly, don’t you know what status Hanwen Group has in Jianchuan? Don’t think that everyone is interested in your money the moment you see them.”

“You… Who do you think you are to lecture us here?” Feng Wen pointed at Tang Yan’s nose and scolded.

“It seems that the Feng family is waiting for a call…”

“If you have the ability, then go ahead and sue. I don’t believe that a penniless policeman like you can call the people from the tax bureau your brothers.”

“Then we’ll see.” After saying that, Tang Yan looked at Feng Shanshan and asked her gently, “Do you… want to go?”

“Qiqi is waiting for us on the other side,” Feng Shanshan replied. “Let’s go now.”

After saying that, the two of them stood up and walked to the room next door.

At this moment, Feng Wen was so angry that she went crazy. “Two pretentious people, what are you talking about? Dad, just you wait and see. What tax bureau people? They’re all made-up lies. Previously, Feng Shanshan even said that she knew the mayor’s niece.”

Papa Feng did not say anything, but his face was ashen.

“Xiao Wen, stop talking. Accompany me to the bathroom.” From Mama Feng’s position, she could see the two of them going to the room opposite.

Therefore, she wanted to know who was in that room.

Feng Wen stood up unwillingly and accompanied Mama Feng out of the private room.

When they reached the corridor, Mama Feng saw Xu Che and the other bodyguards at the door. She asked about the service in the private room. “Young Lady, who are the big shots in this room? They’ve brought quite a few bodyguards with them.”

“Oh, it’s President Sheng of Zhongteng and his wife, Mayor Shen’s niece.”

“Then who were the two people who went in just now?”

“I’m not sure either, but the two families are very close.”.

Mama Feng’s expression changed when she heard that. Then, she turned to look at Feng Wen. “Could it be that Feng Shanshan really has relations with the Shen family?”

Feng Wen shook her head, indicating that she was not sure either. “Who knows.”

“Your father will definitely curse you to death if he finds out the two of them are close to the Sheng and Shen families.”

Feng Wen snorted, disapproving.

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