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Chapter 72 - Xiaoxiao, I Can Do It!

Chapter 72: Xiaoxiao, I Can Do It!

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Then, Sheng Xiao ordered Jing Yun to prepare a few things for him. He went to the slums when the preparation was done.

Su Zipei was still persuading the man when he arrived. However, Sheng Xiao was not a patient man.

The bastard was still sitting on the chair with his hands and legs tied up when the door was pushed open. He was rather frightened when he saw Sheng Xiao appear in front of him.

“Young Master Sheng… How are you recently?”

“You’re quite daring now. You won’t even listen to me anymore.” Sheng Xiao sat on a clean chair at the side. Then, he leaned back against the chair and spoke to him, “I heard that you asked for a million dollars.”

Sheng Xiao had protected Mu Qiqi before. He was still protecting her now. The answer was quite obvious.

Sheng Xiao was putting both Mu Qiqi and Su Zipei under his wing.

So, he used up all of his courage and said to Sheng Xiao, “Young Master Sheng, you have Qiqi with you now. Do you think it’s too much if I ask for a million dollars? It’s just a small amount for you. Please be generous to me for once.”

Sheng Xiao nodded his head when the man had finished talking. “Luckily, I am in a good mood today. I’ll treat it as charity but I don’t have a million dollars for you. I’ll give you ten thousand dollars. Do you want that?”

The man wanted to ask for more but Sheng Xiao interrupted him directly. “If you want more, you might not even get a penny.”

He knew that he could not afford to annoy Sheng Xiao. He just wanted the money. It seemed that he finally had found Sheng Xiao’s weak spot. He could always come back and ask for more in the future.

“Fine. Ten thousand dollars it is.”

After that, Jing Yun put the money in front of the man but Sheng Xiao had another condition. “Sign and promise never to come back to Sheng Jing!”

“No problem, given how generous you are.”

“Sign the divorce settlement too!”

Jing Yun put the letter of guarantee in front of him together with the divorce settlement. Then, he freed the man.

That bastard was only thinking about the money. He did not even know what kind of letter he was signing.

Although he was rather displeased with signing the divorce settlement, he could always come back to ask for more money when he spent all of his money.

He put the money in his pocket after he was done. He even praised Sheng Xiao, “Young Master Sheng, thank you so much. You’re really a rich man, giving me ten thousand dollars directly.”

Su Zipei looked at the man who left smugly. She did not understand why Sheng Xiao had given him ten thousand dollars and allowed him that kind of freedom. “Young Master Sheng…”

“I didn’t give him ten thousand dollars. He’s the one who had signed for it. It’s not even a guarantee letter but a loan receipt. The interest rate and date of payment are clearly stated there. If he doesn’t manage to take out a million dollars tomorrow morning, I don’t know what the debt collectors would do to him. They might chop off his hands or legs.” Sheng Xiao laughed softly. He was rather excited to see what would happen to him.

Su Zipei understood his action instantly.

“The debt collectors are generally stronger than the private detectives in looking for people. If he dares to stay in Jianchuan from now on…he needs to choose to pay the debt or be killed by them.”

Moreover, the interest would grow bigger and bigger just like a snowball. Then, he would be unable to stay in Jianchuan anymore. If he dared to stay there still, Sheng Xiao’s name could be read from the back.

“Then he…”

“He won’t die, don’t worry.” Sheng Xiao left the small house after that. He knew what he was doing.

“Fine. I’m just afraid that you…for my sake and Qiqi’s…”

“What? Takes his life? Aunt, I’m just an ordinary businessman.” Sheng Xiao led Su Zipei to his car and sent her back to the small villa.

Now, that the bastard had been taken care of and she had gotten her divorce settlement, they could live in peace temporarily.

Despite this, Su Zipei was uneasy. It was because she felt that they owed Sheng Xiao a lot now.

But, all Sheng Xiao ever wanted was Mu Qiqi.

Mu Qiqi was worried about them. She rushed to greet them when they got home. “Aunt…how was it?”

“Young Master Sheng resolved it,” Su Zipei told her. “He even signed the divorce settlement.”

“That’s good.” Mu Qiqi hugged Su Zipei. Then, she looked up at Sheng Xiao.

Although she was unaware of how Sheng Xiao resolved the issue, somehow she felt that she burdened him more now.

Sheng Xiao stared at Mu Qiqi. What he wanted was quite clear. Mu Qiqi let go of Su Zipei immediately. Then, she told Su Zipei, “Aunt, it’s fine now. I left in a hurry yesterday. I didn’t get to explain to Qianqian. I want to go and meet her now. You better stay and rest at home…”

“Go then.” Su Zipei had mixed feelings now. She held the divorce settlement in her hands. She needed some time to think on her own.

So, she did not bother about Mu Qiqi.

“Let me give you a ride,” Sheng Xiao said immediately.

“Then, I’ll leave her with you, Young Master Sheng.” Su Zipei expressed her gratitude on Mu Qiqi’s behalf. Then, they left together.

Surely, it was just a lie. Sheng Xiao brought Mu Qiqi to their new home. He did not have to bring her to the revolving restaurant anymore now that they had this secluded spot.

Sheng Xiao lifted Mu Qiqi the minute they entered their home. He put her onto the dining table and kissed her vigorously.

Mu Qiqi tried her best to respond to his kisses. She wanted so badly to give him her heart. But, Sheng Xiao knew to restrain himself no matter how madly in love they were. He let her go before they had that kind of thought.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy now?”

“I just feel like I’m your burden. I don’t want to burden you. I want to be useful to you.”

“Do you think that you’re useless to me?” Sheng Xiao laughed aloud. He grabbed her hand and put it against his chest.

There was a deep desire in his strong body. Mu Qiqi hid in his embrace while leaning against his chest. She looked up at him and used her tongue to enjoy the taste of his Adam’s apple.

Sheng Xiao pressed her down immediately and locked her there. He slapped her hip. “Have you any idea what you’re doing right now?”

“Xiaoxiao, I can do it!”

“Your body now cannot endure my urges.” Sheng Xiao helped her to sit properly after giving her a punishment. He stared at her teary eyes. “Do you want to go to college while you’re pregnant?”

Mu Qiqi did not worry too much about it. She just felt that she could not disappoint Sheng Xiao again.

They were at an impasse now. Sheng Xiao put her down on the floor. “I’m hungry. Go and cook for me so that you could get used to the idea of us living together.”

“Uncle…no, I meant that bastard. Is he really not going to appear in our lives anymore?”

“Yes,” Sheng Xiao replied firmly.

It was because that bastard would soon know that he had borrowed money from the loan shark and all he could do to save himself was to run away from Jianchuan.

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