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Chapter 73 - You’re the One Who Taught Me That!

Chapter 73: You’re the One Who Taught Me That!

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“There’s one more problem. Xiaoxiao, I don’t know how to cook.” Mu Qiqi looked at Sheng Xiao helplessly.

“Just cook some noodles.” Sheng Xiao got up from the sofa and looked into the refrigerator. He then took out some ingredients.

Mu Qiqi looked at Sheng Xiao who had rolled up his sleeves and busied himself in the kitchen. She had no choice but to stay beside him and help him around. It was just like a veteran cook showing a novice cook what to do around the kitchen.

Displeasure was written all over Sheng Xiao’s face. Although his noodles did not look good, Mu Qiqi felt that it was quite enough for her.

Sheng Xiao said one thing to her when he served the noodles. “No one dares to ask me to cook except you, my little darling.”

Mu Qiqi took a bite and spat it out without any hesitation. Sheng Xiao folded his arms. He stared at her coldly. “How dare you spit out the noodles!”

Mu Qiqi thought for a while. Then, she got down from her seat and went over to where Sheng Xiao was sitting. She put some noodles in her mouth. Then, she held Sheng Xiao’s face in her hands. Before Sheng Xiao could make any response, she fed him the noodles with her mouth.

They shared the noodles in their kiss.

Mu Qiqi’s face flushed. She smiled happily. “The noodles won’t be disgusting if we eat it this way.”

“Mu Qiqi, you’re so naughty now.” Sheng Xiao enjoyed being loved and cared for by Mu Qiqi like that. The noodles became quite sweet no matter how disgusting it was before.

“You’re the one who taught me that!”

Sheng Xiao hugged Mu Qiqi. Then, he pointed at the noodles in front of him. “Continue what you started..”

It was well past midnight. Mu Qiqi’s uncle came out from the casino. He was surrounded by three men in black. They were asking him to return the money.

The man did not know what had happened. But, he soon fell down on his knees and begged them for their forgiveness when he saw the axes in their hands. “No. I don’t owe you money. I never asked for a loan!”

“How dare you say that! Then, tell me, what’s this?” The man took out the loan receipt he signed in the morning. “It’s clearly stated here. You’re going to return a million dollars to us after midnight. It’s going to be two million dollars if you’re late one day. If you’re still unable to pay the loan, you’re going to have to give up both of your hands and legs to compensate for it. You’re the one who signed this. How dare you deny it now!”

The man looked at the receipt and soon he remembered the guarantee letter which Sheng Xiao had asked him to sign earlier on.

No wonder Sheng Xiao had been so generous with him. It was all but a trap.

He had to return a million dollars for loaning ten thousand dollars!

The man was frightened when he saw the axes in their hands. He then begged for forgiveness, “I signed a guarantee letter this morning, not a loan receipt…”

“It seems like you want to give up a hand and a leg now. I’m telling you now, we’ll be able to find you no matter where you go as long as it’s in Jianchuan. So, don’t you dare try to run away from paying the loan!”

“No! How about this? I’ll pay you the money tomorrow morning. You need to give me some time to collect the money, isn’t it?” The man quickly pacified them.

“Fine, we’ll be waiting for you in front of your house tomorrow morning at six o’clock. If you dare to run away, you’ll spend the rest of your life in bed.”

Then, the men left with their axes. By now, Mu Qiqi’s uncle’s legs were trembling vigorously.

The bastard knew that it was useless lingering there for he knew very well that he had been framed. What he should do now was run away from there while he still had some money with him.

The next morning, Sheng Xiao received a call from Jing Yun. “That bastard has disappeared from Jianchuan. He is gone for real this time!”

“Don’t ever let him come back!” Sheng Xiao ended the call when he finished talking.

He must eliminate every threat against Mu Qiqi.


Now, Su Zipei was free at last. She got her divorce settlement. Mu Qiqi threw her a meaningful glance, “Aunt, you’re now free to pursue your own happiness. Be brave!”

“Do you think that I still yearn for love after what happened with that bastard? I just hope that you’ll be successful in life. I have no other concerns now,” Su Zipei replied.

“Fine, we’ll take things slow now,” Mu Qiqi responded with a smile.

Although it was almost time for the new year, Mu Qiqi stayed home. She did her training diligently. She understood what she must do in order to become stronger after what happened with her uncle. It was because she wanted to help Xiaoxiao and not become his burden in the end!

Sheng Xiao did what he promised too. He said that Hotel Huang Yao would become busier as the new year approached. He needed to attend all kinds of feasts and dinner parties.

Mu Qiqi could only get a glimpse of him on TV.

It was obvious that she could clearly see what the women wanted when they approached Sheng Xiao. They wanted to have physical contact with him without being too conspicuous. Sheng Xiao pretended that he did not notice their advances.

However, Su Zipei did not know about Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi’s relationship. Hence, she would comment to Mu Qiqi on the women who surrounded Sheng Xiao, “That girl is quite suitable for Young Master Sheng. That actress will make a charming couple with Young Master Sheng.”

Mu Qiqi could not help but feel sad for what she said.

However, she could not bring herself to tell Su Zipei that Sheng Xiao belonged to her solely. He was hers!

Sheng Xiao became busier when the new year was around the corner. Mu Qiqi did not even get the chance to meet him.

Although she was busy with her lessons, she still wanted to send him a message or give him a call when she was free. But, she was afraid that she might disturb him while he was working.

It had been a long time since he received any news from the Mu family.

They might have forgotten about him.

But, she never realized that Mu Tangxue was practising her handwriting at home. It was because Mu Tangxue wanted to exchange her exam papers with Mu Qiqi’s.

Mama Mu was checking Mu Tangxue’s homework every day. She found that her handwriting almost resembled that of her sister’s now. She was relieved. “Xue’er, just work harder from now on. You don’t have to be afraid of your elder sister anymore after the college entrance exam.

“Moreover, your dad is choosing a suitable future husband for you. It’ll be perfect once you get married.”

It seemed that Mu Tangxue’s life centred around surpassing her elder sister in everything she did.

She followed Mama Mu’s plan. She even felt that she had long surpassed her.

But, she didn’t know that Mu Qiqi had found herself a Crown Prince.

The kind of victory she envisioned for herself may never come true.

It was almost New Year’s eve. There were a lot of guests in their home. The uncles visited them and somehow they began discussing Mu Qiqi causing her grandma’s death.

If Mu Qiqi was still living at their home, she might not be able to endure their nasty remarks.

“Brother, do you have any news regarding Mu Qiqi?” Papa Mu’s younger brother raised a question.

“She caused my mother’s death. How could I let her stay? She’s living poorly with her aunt now. They have a terrible life,” Papa Mu replied.

“Then, it’s fine. You have Tangxue now. Educate her well and don’t let anything happen to her! Let’s forget about Qiqi…She’s just a woman who brings bad luck to our family.”

Mu Qiqi held some kind of expectation toward the Mu family before. But now, she just wanted to stay by Sheng Xiao’s side on New Year’s Eve.

She really did not mind giving Sheng Xiao everything she had.

Why not take her own initiative and fulfill his wish at last?

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