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Chapter 71 - I Have All Kinds of Ways to Deal With Bastards!

Chapter 71: I Have All Kinds of Ways to Deal With Bastards!

After Sheng Xiao left, Mu Qiqi got up from bed. She cleaned up her room for fear that Su Zipei might find out that a man had been staying in her room.

Luckily, Su Zipei did not think about that when she got home. She was thinking about that bastard and she did not care much whether there had been a man lying in Mu Qiqi’s bed.

“I went home to pay respects to your deceased grandpa and grandma. I heard that your uncle was there too. He might be hiding somewhere in Jianchuan now.”

Su Zipei was worried. If that bastard went to meet the Mu family and blurted out the fact that Mu Qiqi was backed by Sheng Xiao, then they might not allow her to stay in the small mansion anymore.”

“That bastard likes gambling. I’ll ask his old friends. They might know where he is.”

“Aunt, it’s too dangerous. Brother Xiao has asked Assistant Jing to investigate it.” Mu Qiqi consoled Su Zipei. “I don’t want to see him bullying you anymore.”


“If you meet that bastard, Aunt, would you consider your divorce?” Mu Qiqi asked Su Zipei.

It was because she knew that the vice-principal of Eaton was wooing Su Zipei. Mu Qiqi did not side with him because of his social background. She just hoped that her aunt could lead a better life in the future and cease living with that bastard for the rest of her life.

Su Zipei stared at Mu Qiqi without saying anything more. After a long time, she nodded her head. “Yes, I do need to get it done now. But, Qiqi, I’m not doing that so that I can marry someone else.”

“Aunt, you can do whatever you want as long as you’re happy. Just don’t be with that bastard anymore!”

“Let’s find his location first. I’ll ask his best friends.” Su Zipei insisted on finding that bastard. “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I just need to make a few calls.”

That was more like it.

So, Mu Qiqi did not stop her anymore.


In fact, that bastard did go back to Jianchuan. But, he did not manage to hold back his urge so he went gambling.

All his money had gone up in smoke the minute he stepped into the casino. He had lost all his money very quickly.

But, he could not blackmail both Su Zipei and Mu Qiqi now because he could not find them. So, he was thinking about contacting the Mu family instead.

However, the Mu family did not even answer his call just because they knew about his bad habit. They would not even agree to meet him in private.

Hence, he was observing the Mu family for a few days outside their villa. All he could see was their cars leaving the house. But, he did not meet anyone from the Mu family.

That bastard did not even have any money for food. So, he planned to block their cars in order to ask them for money. He thought that they would lend him a hand even though he was poor. It was because he was still their relative no matter what.

So, he had been staying outside the villa and observing their cars. Finally, he saw both Mu Tangxue and Mama Mu leaving the house. He was not afraid of death. Hence, he threw himself onto the road. The driver was forced to stop the car immediately. Both Mu Tangxue and Mama Mu were frightened.

The driver got down the car quickly and saw that bastard rolling on the ground. Then, he held the door of the car. “Sis-in-law, I’ve come to see you.”

They did not recognize him at first sight. They asked the driver to drive him away. “Who are you? How dare you claim that you’re their relative! Just take a look at yourself! You don’t look anything like Madam’s brother-in-law!”

Mama Mu took a few more looks of the man in front of her. Actually, she recognized him now. But…

She did not want to admit that she knew him.

But, Mu Tangxue opened the door now.


“Mom, he’s truly my uncle.”

“That beggar came to ask for money. Why do you want to get down from the car? Mama Mu grabbed onto Mu Tangxue’s hand.

But, Mu Tangxue just wanted to know where her uncle had sent Mu Qiqi to. She wanted to know all about Mu Qiqi’s secret so that she could make use of it.

At that moment, Jing Yun’s employees found their target and went forward to grab him. They explained to the driver, “He owes us money. He might want to blackmail you. We were searching for him everywhere.”

“Garbage!” The driver scolded him then he got into the car. He drove the car out of the scene directly. He was unaware that he had lost the chance to know some secrets.

After that, Jing Yun brought him to his former home and let Sheng Xiao deal with him.

Sheng Xiao gave Su Zipei a call when he received the news.

Su Zipei brought along the divorce settlement to meet him. She went to their former old and shabby home. She found that her husband was still as stubborn as before. She had no choice but to put the divorce settlement in front of him. “It’s been so many years now. I’ve had enough! I actually planned to endure all of it and let it be. But, I never thought that you would sell Qiqi.”

The man was surprised to find Su Zipei so charming and elegant. “Su Zipei, did you find yourself another man out there?”

“I just want a divorce.” Su Zipei repeated her request.

“I won’t! I’ll never let you have a better life even if I’m ruined!”

Su Zipei laughed at herself. She never truly realized how blind she was before.

“Did you remember what Young Master Sheng told you when you were driven away from Jianchuan?” Su Zipei asked her husband. “Since you’re back, I want to remind you that your limbs might be chopped off.”

The man was stunned when he heard that.

“Does Young Master Sheng know about it?”

“Who do you think captured you?” Su Zipei retorted. “You still wanted to go and meet the Mu family. What did you want to tell them if you had met them? Did you want to tell them that you sold their daughter away? Did you think they would care about you? They’ve hired a lawyer and they’ve always wanted to lock you up in prison.

“You’re lucky that they didn’t recognize you today. Now, you’re not even hiding anymore. You still want to appear in front of us. Do you want to put an end to your own life?”

A chill ran down his spine when he heard that.

“Then, what should I do now?”

“Sign the divorce papers. I have some money here and you can take it with you. But, you must leave Jianchuan immediately.” Su Zipei persuaded him. “This is your only chance if you want to survive.”

The man was tied up but he understood what Su Zipei had said.

But, he realized that Su Zipei might have found herself a rich man just by looking at her charming appearance. He might end up losing a lot if he set her free now.

“You’re free then if I leave, isn’t it?” The man sneered. He did not even speak nicely even when he was tied up. “No way! I’ll not leave if you don’t give me a million dollars!”

Su Zipei trembled with anger. She wanted so badly to kill him there and then just to protect Mu Qiqi.

But, Sheng Xiao told her that he would deal with the man himself if Su Zipei failed to persuade him.

So, she had no choice but to tell Sheng Xiao the truth.

Sheng Xiao’s eyes became cold and dark when he received her call. “I have all kinds of ways to deal with bastards!”

Sheng Xiao would surely make him suffer for what the pain he had inflicted upon Mu Qiqi!

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