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Chapter 70 - It’s Really Exciting

Chapter 70: It’s Really Exciting

Qianqian spotted Mu Qiqi in the cafe and sat right in front of her. “Now, explain to me.”

Mu Qiqi put down her cup. “It is like what you saw. We are together.”

“But you are still a high schooler! How did you meet the crown prince?” Qianqian still could not believe it.

“When I was thrown out by my family, I saved him by coincidence,” Mu Qiqi said softly.

“Well then. It does not matter how you two get together now. What is more important is that you are now Sheng Xiao’s girlfriend. In the future, if Mu Tangxue bullies you, you must fight back, alright? You have such a strong backer, what should you be afraid of?”

“Qianqian, our relationship should remain a secret for now.” Mu Qiqi told Qianqian her worry.

Qianqian laughed and took a sip from her teacup. “Of course I understand that. Both of us are in hushed relationships. But Qiqi, don’t you feel super about this?”

“The Mu family still thinks that you are suffering outside. How would they know you have become the Crown Princess?”

“Next time, when Mu Tangxue messes with you, you just give her a slap…”

“Don’t you think I am messing around?” Mu Qiqi looked concerned. “You know, Xiaoxiao is eight years older than me, and the Mu family and Sheng family are the enemies in business.”

“Why do you even care? If people don’t root for you, will you leave the Crown Prince? What are they? More importantly, you should enjoy your happiness together. You must know that your partner is the dream lover of the women in the entire Jianchuan. What else do you want?”

To Mu Qiqi, what Qianqian said was very important.

Because she knew that there would be very few people rooting for her and Xiaoxiao.

With her friend’s support, she felt much better.

“Now, come on, spit it out. Which stage have you gone through?” Qianqian was eager to hear her answer.

“We are planning to… move in together when I start university.”

“That is just so cool! Have you kissed? Is his body hot?”

“Has my body got anything to do with you?” Sheng Xiao’s sexy voice echoed behind them. Qianqian awkwardly turned around and greeted him.

“How are you, Crown Prince?”

“Let’s go home.” Sheng Xiao glanced at Qianqian and took Mu Qiqi with him. He warned her, “No more next time.”

Qianqian showed him an okay sign. She did not mind his grudge at all.

“Qianqian, I will go then. Take care.”

“I have my chauffeur. Off you go.” Qianqian waved goodbye to Mu Qiqi.

Mu Qiqi obediently followed Sheng Xiao like a good wife. Qianqian saw her and laughed out loud. She looked like a rabbit in the mouth of a big bad wolf, waiting to be swallowed at anytime.

“You still have the mood to have fun here.” Sheng Xiao said seriously after they got into the car.

“What’s wrong?”

“Your aunt called me and told me that she heard the news about your uncle’s whereabouts. He has snuck back into Jianchuan. He knows you are with me. If he tells the Mu family about this…”

Mu Qiqi choked when she heard it. She could not breathe.

Uncle did not just know that she was taken away by Sheng Xiao because he sold her once. He must have thought that she was deflowered.

“What do we do now?”

“I have ordered Jing Yun to get him.” Sheng Xiao answered while driving. He saw her turn pale. “Are you scared?”

“No.” Mu Qiqi tried to act tough.

In reality, she was scared to death. She was afraid that her relationship with Sheng Xiao would be revealed. If it happened, she would not be able to stay with him anymore. She loved her life with Sheng Xiao. She did not want to lose it.

“I am here. I will not let anything happen to you.” Sheng Xiao comforted her.

Mu Qiqi did not realize she was back in Shengjing. She was worried that her uncle would go to Mu Tangxue.

Sheng Xiao sensed her worry so he stopped teasing her. He told her, “Jing Yun has moved more men to get him. He would not have a chance to go near the Mu family at all.”

“I am not scared of him, I am worried that he would affect us being together.” Mu Qiqi felt depressed as she thought about it.

Sheng Xiao stopped his car when they reached the villa. He hold Mu Qiqi’s hand and told her seriously, “No one can stop you being with me.”

Mu Qiqi’s eyes were watery. But she held it in.

“I am not afraid of losing anything, but you.”

Right after Mu Qiqi finished her sentence, Sheng Xiao put his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his lap. He rested her back on the steering wheel and started kissing her intensely.

Mu Qiqi was out of breath with Sheng Xiao’s affectionate kiss. When she realized it, they had been kissing along the way into the villa.

Of course, they could only behave brazenly with Su Zipei’s absence. They kissed wildly all the way into the bedroom.

Mu Qiqi was gasping for air. Her mind was completely filled with Sheng Xiao’s name.

This night, Sheng Xiao did not leave. He fell asleep with Mu Qiqi in his arms.

The next morning, she was still sleeping when he woke up. Sheng Xiao made a call to Jing Yun. “Have you found him?”

“Young Master, there’s no news of him yet. We are scaling up the search on him”.

“Be sure to find him before he goes to the Mu family. If he was dealt with properly before, we wouldn’t have this trouble now.” Sheng Xiao said coldly. Mu Qiqi’s uncle was her trauma.

He should not have shown mercy on that scum before.

“Yes, Young Master.”

Mu Qiqi heard his conversation on the phone. She got up and hugged Sheng Xiao from the back. “Xiaoxiao…”

“Tidy up, your aunt is coming back soon.” Sheng Xiao told her.

“Xiaoxiao, you go ahead with your work. I know how to handle my aunt.” Mu Qiqi rubbed herself against his back.

Sheng Xiao turned around and draped his arms around her neck. He pulled her close to him and said, “I, Sheng Xiao, never like to be secretive. But for you, I have tasted the excitement of being sneaky.”

“Do you regret it?” Mu Qiqi looked at Sheng Xiao, seeking an answer.

“It is really exciting!” Sheng Xiao sneered. “This time, I will not show mercy when I find your uncle. Don’t interfere with how I handle him!”

Mu Qiqi nodded. “Yes, sir!”

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