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Chapter 69 - The Crown Prince Is Your…What?

Chapter 69: The Crown Prince Is Your…What?

“Stay there and don’t move.”

Mu Qiqi hung up and walked to the hall. Seeing all the rich guys and girls squandering their time here, she could not help but sigh. It sometimes seemed quite dangerous living in the world of the rich.

But Qianqian seemed used to this kind of environment. This completely changed Mu Qiqi’s understanding of Qianqian.

“Qiqi, come here. I have not introduced you to each other yet.”

Qianqian beckoned to Mu Qiqi who was sitting near the window.

Mu Qiqi did not like this kind of occasion, but she still walked to Qianqian.

“Shao’an, this is my best friend, Mu Qiqi.”

“Qiqi, this is my boyfriend, Duan Shao’an.”

Mu Qiqi glanced at him and looked away. She did not like the kind of boy who liked dressing up and acting cool, making others keep their distance. To her, he was just immature.

Duan Shao’an was holding the cue. He sneered at Mu Qiqi. “Your friend would probably not know how to play, right?”

“She is a shy good girl.”

“What’s a good girl doing here?” Duan Shao’an glanced at Mu Qiqi scornfully and continued his game.

“Qiqi does not like this place. So I will leave after playing a few rounds.” Qianqian knew that her friend felt uncomfortable being here. She said this because she did not forget to stick up for her friend.


Qianqian stood up and joined the game with Duan Shao’an. As for Mu Qiqi, she was bored to death. Although her tattoo and her fashion made her seem like she wasn’t a good girl, her eyes gave her away. She was clearly a novice.

Soon after, a tall figure walked into The Empire. He seemed to be looking for something.

His charismatic presence in the club made the men and women whistle.

Meanwhile, Mu Qiqi was sitting on the couch as if in a daze. It was Duan Shao’an and Qianqian who spotted Sheng Xiao first.

“I never expect to see him here.”Duan Shao’an said, pointing to Sheng Xiao with his chin.


“The Crown Prince of Huang Yao.” Duan Shao’an answered.

Qianqian turned around and saw Sheng Xiao. She knew instantly why Duan Shao’an looked so surprised. After all, she knew very clearly how famous this man was in Jianchuan.

Mu Qiqi had yet to see Sheng Xiao until he stood before her. He reached for her collar and held her up.

Qianqian immediately moved forward to protect her friend. “What are you doing?”

Mu Qiqi was shocked to see Sheng Xiao. But she quickly explained to Qianqian. “It is fine. You can go on playing…”

Sheng Xiao was too lazy to entertain Qianqian. But to prevent his little thing from coming to this kind of place again, he warned her, “Do not let me find out about you bringing her to this kind of place again.”

“It is very safe here…”

“A place full of beasts.” Sheng Xiao uttered and carried Mu Qiqi out.

Mu Qiqi resisted quickly. “Xiaoxiao… let me talk to Qianqian. After all, she brought me out to have fun.”

Sheng Xiao loosened his hand and let Mu Qiqi stand on the ground. Mu Qiqi took a deep breath and said, “Give me one minute.”

Then, she walked to Qianqian whose eyes were wide open, staring at her. “Qianqian, give me a call when you leave. I will meet up with you by then.”

Qianqian could not hold her curiosity any longer. She grabbed Mu Qiqi and asked, “Who is the crown prince to you?”

“Boyfriend.” Mu Qiqi answered helplessly. She never expected that she would have to introduce Sheng Xiao to her in this situation.

Qianqian opened her eyes even bigger. She was so shocked hearing Mu Qiqi’s answer. “Okay, you can go first. We will talk about this later.”

“Okay, give me a call.” Mu Qiqi ended her conversation and went back to Sheng Xiao.

And they left the club.

Seeing them leaving together, Qianqian still thought that it was unbelievable. “Am I hallucinating? Doesn’t Qiqi like someone at school? Shoot! Making the crown prince hers. She is really something.”

“Looks like I really underestimated your friend,” Duan Shao’an who was sitting beside her exclaimed.

“No wonder Qiqi has changed so much these days. Stepping on Mu Tangxue that crap. She has the crown prince backing her. Who would she be afraid of?”

Qianqian suddenly felt immensely happy. Now Mu Tangxue would never expect that Mu Qiqi had such a powerful backer.

Even if Mu Tangxue were married, Mu Qiqi would still surpass her in all ways. After all, she had gotten herself the best of all in Jianchuan, hadn’t she?

“Hahaha! Awesome!”

Mu Qiqi did not know Qianqian was feeling very happy for her right now. All she could do was stay quiet behind Sheng Xiao.

“I’m away for just one day and you are already acting up?”

Mu Qiqi felt a bit guilty and quickly shifted the topic. “Aren’t you on a business trip?”

“I am working in the production base twenty kilometers away from this town.” Sheng Xiao looked cynically at Mu Qiqi, who was looking at her feet. “You really were having fun.”

“Xiaoxiao… I…”

Before Mu Qiqi had the time to explain, Sheng Xiao dragged her into the car. He pulled her onto his lap, rested her back against the steering wheel and started kissing her.

Mu Qiqi’s lips were red and swollen after too much kissing. Her eyes showed slight grievance. “I did not know Qianqian would bring me here…”

“In the future, no other people can take you to these places except me.” Sheng Xiao ordered. “There are so many people who desire you, tasty little thing.”

“Xiaoxiao…” Mu Qiqi could not hold in her feelings and leaned towards him and kissed his thin lips. She could not control herself.

Since they were not in Jianchuan, she was more daring in showing her affection and desire. She wanted to let loose her feelings.

Sheng Xiao held her around her waist and kissed her earlobe. They kissed until his mind began to spin wildly. He stopped and hugged Mu Qiqi tightly.

Mu Qiqi wanted to move but Sheng Xiao would not let her. “Don’t move or I will want you now.”

Mu Qiqi immediately turned into an obedient girl and stopped moving.

After a long cuddle, Sheng Xiao said, “Do not go to that kind of place again at night, go back to Jianchuan.”

“You are here, I wouldn’t…” Mu Qiqi pouted and said, “And now that you appeared in front of Qianqian without prior notice, I have to explain to her about us.”

“I don’t care about other people, I just want you to be safe.” Sheng Xiao bit her earlobe. “This will help you to remember.”

“Then what about you?”

“I will get everything done at ten. Then, I will pick you up and we go home together.” Sheng Xiao told her his plan.

“Alright, I will wait for you.”

Sheng Xiao nodded with satisfaction. He told her to wait for him at the cafe. While waiting, Qianqian called her. “Qiqi, where are you?”

“I am in the cafe outside the club.”

“I am coming.” Qianqian was filled with curiosity. She did not expect that Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi, whose families were enemies, would become a couple.

It was unbelievable.

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