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Chapter 68 - Are You Looking Forward to It?

Chapter 68: Are You Looking Forward to It?

Sheng Xiao moved closer to Mu Qiqi and teased her. He asked in a very flirtatious tone. “Then what about tonight?”

Mu Qiqi did not dare to move. She could only give him a frank answer. “It is your house, you can sleep wherever you like.”

“What if… I want to sleep on your bed?”

“Then I…” Mu Qiqi pointed to Su Zipei’s room and said, “I will sleep in my aunt’s room.”

“Then… what if I want you to stay by my side?”

“Then I…” Before Mu Qiqi could say anything, Sheng Xiao’s lips were already on hers.

Mu Qiqi was used to his kissing. But still, she could not focus. She was worried that Su Zipei might come back anytime. Perhaps Sheng Xiao sensed her absent-mindedness, so he let go of her, carried her and put her on the dining table.

“Are you scared?”

Mu Qiqi froze. Her heart was beating fast. “I… I am worried that my aunt might come back.”

“You are feeling guilty about doing naughty things?” Sheng Xiao deliberately made Mu Qiqi look directly at him. And he started kissing her again. This time, he invaded her mouth with his tongue, leaving her with no energy to think about other things. In just a short time, Mu Qiqi collapsed on Sheng Xiao.

“You little naughty thing, your aunt is not coming back tonight.”

Mu Qiqi cuddled Sheng Xiao close. She liked his scent.

“Xiaoxiao… how can I love you this much?”

Sheng Xiao picked her up and slowly walked to her bedroom.

Mu Qiqi was getting more nervous. Her heartbeat was accelerating. She was scared. But she was also looking forward to it…

Soon, Sheng Xiao kicked the door open. Since the day she moved into this house with her aunt, he had never been in Mu Qiqi’s room.

The room was full of books. Sheng Xiao put Mu Qiqi on the bed gently. He held her hands and asked: “Are you looking forward to it?”

Mu Qiqi flushed and bit her tongue.

Sheng Xiao chuckled and let her go. “You wish!”

Mu Qiqi knew he was just teasing her. So she got up and locked the door. Now, even if Su Zipei came back, she would not be scared anymore. But, Sheng Xiao laughed at her action.

“You silly girl, you are not clever enough to do bad things. You know, my car is right outside.”

“I have never dared to do this kind of thing before knowing you.” Mu Qiqi admitted honestly. “I would never kiss, cuddle with, or be teased by a man so frequently at this age.”

Sheng Xiao said on the bed and looked at her intensely. His stare was like an eagle locking on his target, his prey.

Mu Qiqi felt awkward being looked at, so she went to the closet and took out her pajamas and said, “I am going to take a shower.”

“Go ahead.” Sheng Xiao lay on the bed again and said, “I will leave in a while.”

“Then suit yourself. You were so mean just now.” She said and entered the bathroom.

Suddenly, a memory flashed through her mind. She thought of the night she was sold by his uncle. She was in this bathroom and Sheng Xiao was sitting outside waiting for her. He was injured at that time. Then, he got the hotel manager to open the door for him after a long wait.

Thinking about it now, things had really changed.

Mu Qiqi washed up quickly and walked out of the bathroom. She saw Sheng Xiao lying on her bed with his eyes closed.

Mu Qiqi smiled. She went forward to cover him with a blanket. But suddenly he rolled her underneath his powerful body. “Just sleep.”


“I told you. You are still too young.” Sheng Xiao made his stance clear. He changed his position so that Mu Qiqi could lie down more comfortably.

This was the first time they spent the night together in her room.

This, to Mu Qiqi, was like a bang in her life.

She loves this man so deeply that she was willing to take any risk for him.

Darkness surrounded the two lovebirds. Sheng Xiao kissed Mu Qiqi on her forehead, and kissed her alluring earlobe. She did not know that she was almost driving him crazy.

When Mu Qiqi fell asleep, Sheng Xiao got out of the bed, made sure the place was safe and drove away.

He was not confident in himself that he would do nothing to her if he stayed the night…

It was simply hard to imagine the Crown Prince of Huang Yao would put so much effort in restraining himself from getting a woman he wanted.

Because he was waiting. Waiting for his apple to ripe. And until that very day, he would surely devour that little thing whole, with nothing left…

On the next day, Mu Qiqi was woken up by her ringing phone. She was wide awake when the screen showed that the call was from her aunt. She thought that Sheng Xiao was still in the villa.

But when she realized she was the only one in the room, she picked up the phone.


“Qiqi, are you alright being alone at home? Are you scared?” Su Zipei was in the vehicle. She called Mu Qiqi to make sure that she was safe.

“Aunt, I am fine. Don’t worry.” Mu Qiqi replied quickly.

“Good then. Enjoy your outing with your classmate.”

Now she remembered that she had a date with Qianqian.

So, she got up quickly and rushed to their meet up place.

Qianqian was getting very impatient when she got there. “You are so very late!”

“I am very sorry, Qianqian. I overslept.” Mu Qiqi explained and presented her with a good breakfast. Only then, she cooled down.

“Get into the car. We are going to Z Town.”

“Why so far?”

“I want to meet the person I like. He studies there.” Qianqian explained. “Come on or we will be late.”

Mu Qiqi did not tell Sheng Xiao where she was going. So as Sheng Xiao, he did not tell her where he went on a business trip.

When they reached Z Town, Qianqian brought Mu Qiqi to the gate of a private high school. Looking at Qianqian looking so excited, Mu Qiqi laughed. “So, it turns out that you have fallen in love at a young age too.”

“We are adults, alright? Why wouldn’t I have a person I like?” Qianqian winked at Mu Qiqi.

“How did you meet then?”

“He is my neighbor…”

Mu Qiqi thought that Qianqian would like a warm man. But the boy she saw walking out from the school was an arrogant boy with silver-dyed hair.


“What makes you come here to look for me?” The boy walked towards Qianqian. He gave her a disdainful look and took out a cigarette and started to smoke.

Mu Qiqi’s impression of him was really bad when she saw him. His look gave her a feeling that he must be thinking that the world revolved around him. Well, life was easy for a rich boy like him.

“I am on vacation and I miss you.”

Duan Shao’an hummed and led the way to the high-class club he used to go. “How about a game of billiards?”

Mu Qiqi was not comfortable in a noisy place like this. Because she knew that Sheng Xiao would definitely fish her out of this place if he knew she was here.

But seeing Qianqian so happy being here, she did not have the heart to leave.

Maybe things would be more likely to happen when she thought more about it. Sheng Xiao called her. Mu Qiqi quickly went to the washroom to pick up the call. “Xiaoxiao…”

How good were his senses actually? Would he not know where she was? He asked right away after hearing the music in the background. “Where have you gone clubbing?”

“The Empire.”

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