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Chapter 67 - You Are Not Innocent Anymore, Mu Qiqi

Chapter 67: You Are Not Innocent Anymore, Mu Qiqi

“You bad little thing.” Sheng Xiao chuckled and stopped the car near the villa. “Stay at home. I will come to look for my heart.”

“What do you mean.”

“You took my heart away. If I don’t come to you for it, who should I go to?” Then, he stole a kiss from her lips.

Mu Qiqi chuckled. It was so sweet. She pushed the door and entered the house.

Although she felt bad for her aunt, she could not stop herself already.

The school soon issued a holiday notice. But, Mu Qiqi was not going to have the chance to enjoy the holiday. She had all sorts of courses to fill her time during the holiday. She wanted to become stronger. She wanted to excel in all areas.

At the same time, under her father’s arrangement, Mu Tang Xue was meeting many business partners. She also started getting to know and mingling with the ladies.

Of course, a few months before the college entrance examination, Mu Tangxue had fainted at home several times due to stress.

Mama Mu could not bear looking at her daughter suffering anymore. She told Mu Tangxue her plan. “I know that your sister will score in the exam judging from her performance these days. Although it is very risky, I have already contacted the people concerning the exam, now what is left is to give them the money. On the day of the exam, your sister’s result will be yours!”

Mu Tangxue did not show any particular reaction after hearing this. But in order to get her father’s trust, she nodded in the end. “Mommy, you are the best!”

“By the way, you still have to work hard for your exam. If the exchange fails, you can still use your result. Understand?”

Mu Tangxue was very clear about this. Although she wished to hand in a blank paper to make Mu Qiqi get zero marks in the exam.

But it was impractical as what they wanted to do would be exposed if she did that. So she would rather give Mu Qiqi her real result.

“Your father has been bringing you to visit his friends. It seems like his trust in you is increasing. You should work hard and learn from now. Mu Group will be yours in the end.”

“Yes, Mommy.”

Let’s just let Mu Qiqi enjoy her last few days of happiness until the day the result comes out. She would want to see her crying face on that very day.

Mu Qiqi was attending all sorts of courses endlessly. But, lately, she noticed that her aunt had been spending a lot of time dressing up.

Mu Qiqi paid careful attention to Su Zipei’s every move. In the end she asked her aunt before dinner, “Aunt, you have changed a bit lately…”

Su Zipei was stunned when she heard it. “Is it that obvious?”

“Aunt, what is the matter? You can tell me.” Mu Qiqi said, holding Su Zipei’s hands.

“Do you still remember your vice principal?” Su Zipei asked. “Apparently, he lived in this area as well. I bumped into him several times when I went out to get some groceries. So…”

“So he’s wooing you?” Mu Qiqi was excited.

“I do not know what he likes about me. Maybe I am mistaken. You know, although your uncle is kicked out of Jianchuan, I am still his wife. And you need me. How can I think about all this mess now?”

Mu Qiqi thought about their vice principal. He was an endearing man in his forties.

And he was a good match for her aunt.

In fact, the vice principal had already taken notice of Su Zipei when she attended the parent-teacher conference as Mu Qiqi’s guardian. When he knew that she was living in the same area as him, he was very excited. So, he couldn’t help but find chances to chat with Su Zipei.

After so many times, how could Su Zipei not know his intention?

“Aunt, if he is a good man, why don’t you accept him? You should not sacrifice your happiness because of me.” Mu Qiqi said sincerely, holding her hands.

“But it is still not right. It is almost New Year and I will go to C Town to visit your grandparents’ graves and stay there for a few days. Do you want to come?”

Actually, Su Zipei was looking for an excuse to escape from it. At this age, she did not want to marry into a rich family. She was comfortable with her life now.

“Aunt, you know I have a whole list of courses to take. Don’t worry about me. If I want to go out, I will ask Uncle Lin to drive me to places.” Mu Qiqi replied. “No, why don’t you bring Uncle Lin with you? I can just stay at home for those few days.”

Su Zipei nodded. “It is better that way. When your grandparents were still alive, they did not treat you well either. You don’t have to make an effort to travel so far just to visit them. But I will not bring Old Lin with me. Then you can go out with your friends whenever you like. Just one thing, you must keep in touch with me.”

“Yes, I will.”

Mu Qiqi was already a grownup. There should be no problem for her to be alone at home. Moreover, she had Uncle Lin and Sheng Xiao around.

Su Zipei was currently bothered by the budding love. So, she was too disturbed to take care of Mu Qiqi. All she wanted now was to leave this place for a few days to calm herself down.

So, she packed her luggage straight away at night.

Mu Qiqi was a bit upset when she saw this. She was rarely apart from her aunt after living together.

“Aunt, I really hope that you can find your happiness.”

Su Zipei smiled and patted Mu Qiqi’s head. “I will come back on New Year Eve.”


After sending Su Zipei away, Mu Qiqi told Sheng Xiao about it.

Since Su Zipei was not around, Sheng Xiao went to the villa to accompany Mu Qiqi. When they were having their supper, he noticed Mu Qiqi’s uneasiness and asked, “What is it?”

“My vice-principal is wooing my aunt. But, my aunt thinks that she’s not good enough for him and rejected him.” Mu Qiqi explained. “Xiaoxiao, you know the vice principal, right?”

“You want him to become your uncle?”

“I am just thinking, after I am married, Aunt will be lonely…” Mu Qiqi felt sad as she said this. “I hope she can find her happiness. She is still young.”

“Married?” Sheng Xiao chuckled. He pushed Mu Qiqi’s chin up. “Do you think you can still marry somebody else?”

“Why can’t I get married?”

“You slept with me. And who else are you thinking of marrying?” Sheng Xiao mocked her. “You are not innocent anymore, Mu Qiqi.”

Mu Qiqi flushed. She did not say anything. Instead, she carefully reached out and held Sheng Xiao’s hands. “I do not want anyone but you…”

Sheng Xiao was very satisfied with her answer. Then, he said, “I am going on a business trip tomorrow and will be back on the next day…”

“Alright. Qianqian asked me out tomorrow. I will take care of myself, don’t worry.” Then, Mu Qiqi gave him a peck. “I will… wait for you.”

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