Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Where Do You Think I Should Sleep?

Mu Qiqi’s heart was beating like crazy. She was not ready for this. She always thought that everything was just her wild wishes. She did not even dare to think that she could live with Sheng Xiao.”

Seeing Mu Qiqi being speechless, Sheng Xiao stopped the car at the gate of the villa and asked, “Why? You don’t want to?”

Mu Qiqi got out of the car and looked at the building with a huge floor-to-ceiling glass. She was exhilarated. “Why would I? I wish for it so badly that I am scared that everything would disappear before my eyes. Xiaoxiao…”

Sheng Xiao put his hand around her and opened the door for her. “Don’t be scared. Just take your exam as usual.”

Mu Qiqi was brought into the new house that was personally prepared by him for her. When she saw the furnishings in the house, she felt that she was floating on the clouds. Everything seemed so unreal.

Then, Mu Qiqi was brought to the second floor. When Sheng Xiao opened the door of the master bedroom, Mu Qiqi flushed. She did not dare to meet Sheng Xiao’s eyes.

“We will be sleeping here.”

After he said this, Sheng Xiao pushed her chin up and asked, “Are you embarrassed?”

Mu Qiqi nodded, she did not look into Sheng Xiao’s eyes.

Sheng Xiao moved forward and locked his lips onto hers. Then, he carried her into the room and gently placed her on the soft bed.

Mu Qiqi felt as if her heart was pounding out of her mouth. But, Sheng Xiao was only sitting at the side of the bed. He said, “I was just making you try the bed…”

“You make fun of me again.” Mu Qiqi stared at Sheng Xiao. She was totally helpless with him.

Hearing what she said, Sheng Xiao gently touched Mu Qiqi’s earlobe with his long finger. “Go and have a look at your cloakroom, and the study. If you want to make any changes, tell me, and I will ask Jing Yun to do it.”

Hearing his name, Mu Qiqi looked at Sheng Xiao with a serious face. “Jing Yun knows about us?”

“Do you think you can hide things from him?” Sheng Xiao smirked. “Don’t worry, this is my personal matter. He did not have the power to control my life. So, you don’t have to worry about him knowing our relationship. Our relationship would be revealed one day. But you tell me, when will you be willing to reveal our relationship to the public?”

Mu Qiqi was anxious.

“You are the one who pulled me into this hell, you should be responsible for me.”

When Mu Qiqi heard his words, she embraced Sheng Xiao. “I can do anything for you.”

Sheng Xiao smiled and patted her on her head. He said, “We will be sleeping here tonight. I will send you back tomorrow morning.”

“What?” Mu Qiqi was stunned. Was it possible that Sheng Xiao was planning to…

“What are you thinking? Hmm? You naughty little thing?” Sheng Xiao smirked and got up. “You take a shower first. I will be having an online conference in the study. There are matters in the states that need to be taken care of.”

“Then, where will you be sleeping?”

“Where do you think I should sleep? Hmm?” Sheng Xiao asked flirtatiously. Mu Qiqi’s body was numb. But before she started to imagine things, Sheng Xiao was already walking to the study. And as for her, she took a nice shower, and…

Mu Qiqi did not dare to delve deeper into it. She was a bit scared. But, if Sheng Xiao wanted it, she would not have… stopped him. After all, she was willing to give the person she loved everything.

So, after taking her shower, she did not wear anything under her bathrobe and lay on the bed.

She was nervous, her mind spinning. She was worried that Sheng Xiao would think that she was not innocent, but a sly woman who was trying to seduce him.

But, she was really…

Her feelings were complicated.

After waiting for Sheng Xiao for about three hours, she was dozing off. When she almost fell asleep, she heard Sheng Xiao walking into the room.

Looking at the little thing on the bed and seeing her arm and her clothes by her side, Sheng Xiao knew that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Where did she get the courage to do that?

After washing up, Sheng Xiao entered the bedroom, wearing his pajamas. He gently lay beside her with his face directly facing her.

Mu Qiqi was nervous and wanted to roll over. But, Sheng Xiao quickly stopped her. “Don’t move. Or I will not know what I will do to you.”


Sheng Xiao looked at Mu Qiqi. He touched her earlobe and said softly, “I want you, but not now. At least, I will wait until you start university and when you are not a little thing anymore.”

“I can…”

“Don’t be too easy on a man. Although I will be your only man in this lifetime.” Sheng Xiao kissed her on her forehead. “Sleep now. We need to get up at five.”

How could Mu Qiqi fall asleep in this kind of situation?

In their new home, with Sheng Xiao lying beside her, Mu Qiqi felt that her life was completely turned upside down by him. She would never get back to her old life again.

This night, Mu Qiqi was very cautious and nervous, with a little bit of disappointment.

She could not sleep the whole night, until Sheng Xiao woke up early in the morning.

To be precise, he did not sleep either.

“You kept on moving. Perhaps you were really hoping that I would do something to you.”

As he said, Sheng Xiao sat up and embraced Mu Qiqi. He let her lean against his wide chest.

“Xiaoxiao… If it were not me getting to you, did you think of what kind of partner you get?” Mu Qiqi asked.

“I’m not interested in thinking about it.” Sheng Xiao answered firmly. “I do see people enjoy themselves having sex with many people, or changing three women in a day, but that has nothing to do with me.”

“You don’t like those…”

“I do not like people touching my things. So, I do not like to touch other people’s things either.” Sheng Xiao explained this clearly to Mu Qiqi. “Mu Qiqi, I am not a conservative person, nor do I like to follow rules. But I prefer to be with you. Going against my norm.”

Mu Qiqi listened quietly in his arms. She always felt that Xiaoxiao liked to describe himself as a bad person.

But in fact, he was very attentive and caring. He cared about other people’s feelings. He could even sense their suffering.

Mu Qiqi could not help but kiss his hand. “I will always follow you.”

Sheng Xiao hugged Mu Qiqi tightly. He knew perfectly well that she was naked under the sheets. But for her, he would not do it now. He did not want to become a loathsome man.

They were just lying together and falling asleep in their new home.

At five o’clock in the morning. Sheng Xiao woke Mu Qiqi up and sent her back to the villa.

On their way back, Mu Qiqi asked Sheng Xiao, “Xiaoxiao… will you be very busy with your family on New Year?”

“Very.” Sheng Xiao answered.

“Then, you will not be able to get out right?”

“Why? You want to see me? Or you want to send the night like yesterday…”

“I just want to see you.” Mu Qiqi looked at Sheng Xiao and answered seriously. “I will study hard without leaving any courses behind. I will get into Sheng Ting University.”

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