Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Half a Year Later, Our Home

After Mu Qiqi succeeded in concealing the real meaning of the tattoo, she went to her room and lay on the bed happily.

To her, she was burning herself for every day being with Sheng Xiao.

Because she would never know when trouble would come, if the secret were to be exposed.

She had no status, no background, her family was hostile to Sheng Xiao’s and Sheng Xiao was her lifesaver. There were so many obstacles before them. She did not know how long they could be together.

But, she promised Sheng Xiao that she would never give up on him no matter what happened.

It did not matter if people look down on her, or humiliate her. For their love, she was ready to sacrifice everything…

For her, she had to give all of her. For Sheng Xiao, he had to give his heart and plan all the steps ahead. He wanted to build a path for Mu Qiqi in advance, so that she would not need to walk the path of fire.

As a man, planning ahead for their future was something he must consider, no matter in what kind of circumstances.

For something he wanted, he would never let it go!

Looking at the tattoo through the mirror, Sheng Xiao quickly wore a shirt to cover Mu Qiqi’s name when his mother knocked on his door.

Sheng Xiao opened the door for her and saw there were keys on her hand. She said, “I have got the house ready for you. A villa with a sea view. Am I good to you? When do you plan to move into the house?”

“After New Year…” Sheng Xiao answered.

“Yeah, right. There will be a lot of family gatherings during the New Year. If you live elsewhere, it would be inconvenient for you. Son, you wouldn’t disappoint me right?”

“When have I ever disappointed you?” Sheng Xiao asked his mother in return. In business, he was fiercely popular for his way of handling matters. He was an unbeatable figure. Of course, he knew exactly what his mother meant, but he pretended to be ignorant.

“Among you and your brothers, the family was looking up to you. You know what I mean.”

He was the Crown Prince, of course he was the most noticeable one.

But Sheng Xiao was an individualist. He never cared about what other people thought of him.

“Mom, I am tired.” Sheng Xiao said.

“Alright, have a good rest.” Mama Sheng left the keys and left his room.

Sheng Xiao could put in a lot of effort into the Sheng family’s diamond business. He never let his family down. But it was in his personal life that he was fated to disappoint them.

Sheng Xiao looked at the keys his mother gave him and put them into the drawer. He planned to let Jing Yun live there so that the house would look occupied. At least it would give his mother the impression that he was living there.

As for the villa nearby Sheng Ting University, he had arranged everything. It was now waiting for Mu Qiqi to decide on how to decorate the place.

He wanted to bring Mu Qiqi to choose the place herself at first. But it would be too eye-catching. So, he ordered his man to look for this place. It had excellent privacy and security.

On the next day, when Mu Qiqi went to school, she received a lot of attention from the teachers and the students. Obviously, it was because of her overnight change.

Mu Qiqi looked more confident and dazzling.

When Qianqian saw her, she could not believe her eyes. “OMG, is this really my deskmate? Qiqi, I couldn’t even recognize you!”

“Do I look good?” Mu Qiqi smiled.

“Compared to that crap in Class-5, you look a lot dazzling alright? I don’t like that obedient girl image, this is way better than that. I am totally satisfied! Who was your stylist? I want to get him to do it for me as well.”

Mu Qiqi looked at her exaggerated facial expression and said, “Not telling you.”

“Wait, what was on your earlobe?” Qianqian lifted her hair and saw the tattoo. She covered her mouth out of surprise. “Qiqi, you are a bad girl now! You got yourself a tattoo!”

“It is to distinguish me between Mu Tangxue!” Mu Qiqi hushed her, signaling her not to talk so loud.

“But it’s obviously a name. Now, tell me. Whose name is this?” Qianqian eyes were as if looking into her heart. She knew Mu Qiqi would never simply tattoo a random name on her ear. “Is he the person in your diary?”

Mu Qiqi nodded.

“Wow, it is so romantic! I want it too!” Qianqian hugged Mu Qiqi playfully. Then, she helped Mu Qiqi cover her tattoo. “Qiqi, I know you want to hide everything you have done from the other people. But, I am not simply anybody, I am your best friend. I am Qianqian.

“Mu Tangxue did not become your good sister but I will. You understand?

“If you need me, you can look for me anytime you want.”

“I know, Qianqian.” Mu Qiqi was touched. Because Qianqian hid nothing from her.

But she did not hide it purposely from Qianqian. She was just waiting for the right time to tell her.

Mu Qiqi’s appearance had caused a stir in school. Everyone was talking about her. After all, everyone knew all her fierce fight with Mu Tangxue. They never gave in to each other. But looking at the current circumstances, Mu Qiqi had the advantage in all aspects.

Her performance in her studies was unquestionable.

As for Mu Tangxue, after the revelations of numerous scandals, she was seen as a street rat in school.

Even though she was transferred to Class-5, she did not make friends. So far, there were only two girls willing to get close to her.

After seeing Mu Qiqi’s dazzling changes…

Mu Tangxue could only use work given by her father to numb herself. She did not want to fall behind Mu Qiqi.

She would become the CEO of Mu Group, but what would Mu Qiqi become?

She was merely sponsored, with no background. She would be a nobody in the future.

But, when the most recent examination results were out, Mu Tangxue’s performance dropped even more. She barely passed to enroll in Sheng Ting University.

Mu Tangxue was very worried about this.

Seeing this, Mama Mu thought of her idea again, swapping their papers after the exam. She did not think it was necessary before, but looking at Mu Tangxue’s results now, she felt that she had to start making arrangements. The clock was ticking…

Speaking of New Year…

The semester was ending soon. But, Mu Qiqi thought that perhaps Sheng Xiao would be very busy. There were so many members in his family. So they would definitely celebrate New Year together. For this year, she would only spend the day with her aunt.

Xiaoxiao would be unable to make time for her, wouldn’t he?

When the night came, the two of them went out for a date after Su Zipei was asleep as usual. But this time, Sheng Xiao brought her to a new place instead of the places they normally went. He brought her to the new villa.

Driving to an unfamiliar area, passing by the campus area of Sheng Ting University, Mu Qiqi suddenly realized where he was heading to. “Xiaoxiao, this is…”

“Half a year later, our home.”

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