Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 64

Chapter 64: You Are So Naughty!

“Since you have made up your mind, let’s get into the studio.” The tattoo artist said. “Girl, don’t be scared. Your tattoo will be on your earlobe, and the tattoo is small. So, it will not hurt, don’t worry.”

Mu Qiqi held Sheng Xiao’s hand, her hand was sweating.

Sheng Xiao patted her head with another hand. He said softly, “I am here, what are you afraid of?”

“I am just nervous…” Mu Qiqi answered. “I am very nervous.” But, at the same time, she was very excited because once the tattoos were done, there would be an unbreakable bond between her and Sheng Xiao. She felt a strong sense of belonging in her heart.

She belonged to Sheng Xiao, and Sheng Xiao belonged to her alone. A personal belonging that was tagged with her name.

When they entered the studio, the tattoo artist told them, “Please be seated. When you have your names tattooed on your lovers’ body, it is just like exchanging rings. You will own each other. Doesn’t that feel very sweet?”

Under the dim light, Mu Qiqi glanced at Sheng Xiao secretly. Would Xiaoxiao have this kind of feeling? Was he happy?

The tattoo artist finished drawing the design in a short period based on the design given by Sheng Xiao. Then, she drew the design on Mu Qiqi’s earlobe. Since they were just beautiful cursive letters, other people would not be able to guess the meaning of the tattoo. Also, it was very conveniently designed for Mu Qiqi as she could cover the tattoo with a big earring if she did not want people to see it.

However, Mu Qiqi had not thought of covering the tattoo once it was tattooed on her.

Because other people would not know it was Sheng Xiao’s name. But she knew it clearly!

The tattoo artist sterilized the needles in front of them. To a tattoo artist, a small tattoo like this was just a small matter that would not take more than ten minutes to finish.

Mu Qiqi was scared to put her attention on her earlobe. So, she looked at Sheng Xiao during the whole process. In a short while, beautiful letters were already imprinted on her earlobe.

The small letters arranged neatly along the side of her earlobe were very beautiful…

“Now, you have another obvious mark that Mu Tangxue would never be able to imitate!”

She needed not to worry about people being unable to tell them apart again.

It seemed that Sheng Xiao took her words about her dream to heart.

Of course, he would have never mistaken Mu Qiqi for someone else. Mu Qiqi knew the reasons perfectly well. A person’s scent and the way he breathed could not be imitated. Besides, Mu Qiqi and Mu Tangxue were very different in many ways. People could not distinguish between them just because they always thought that twins should be the same. Sheng Xiao wanted Mu Qiqi to feel at ease. That was why he brought her to get a tattoo.

After that, Sheng Xiao unbuttoned his shirt and lay lazily on the chair.

The tattoo artist was awed by this man. A man like Sheng Xiao should be able to get any kind of woman he wanted with the least effort.

But, his taste seemed a bit inclined towards…

Young people.

“Mister, your tattoo just under the collarbone would look nicer if I make it bigger.”

“It does not hurt at all.” Mu Qiqi told Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao looked at her earlobe. He was over satisfied with it until he had the urge to kiss it. But he knew it was inappropriate to do it here. So, he closed his eyes and let the tattoo artist get his tattoo of Mu Qiqi’s name done.

“Men are generally afraid of dominance, especially someone with high standards like your boyfriend. I can see that he really cares about you.” The tattoo artist whispered in Mu Qiqi’s ear. “Treasure him, I wish you happiness.”

Mu Qiqi was red-faced, but she was holding Sheng Xiao’s warm hand during the whole time.

Although they were very careful in keeping their relationship a secret, it did not feel like a deadly crime when it was known by other people by coincidence.

Ten minutes later, a name was imprinted on Sheng Xiao’s body. To Mu Qiqi, maybe it was just her name that was tattooed on his body. But to Sheng Xiao, Mu Qiqi’s name was already engraved in his heart, and his bones.

After the tattoos were done, Sheng Xiao reminded the tattoo artist to keep their information confidential. Only then, he left the serene courtyard with Mu Qiqi, ready to get back to their villa.

But, when they were in an area with no people, Sheng Xiao stopped the car.

“What’s wrong? Xiaoxiao?”

Sheng Xiao embraced Mu Qiqi, and licked her earlobe.

Mu Qiqi was electrified. Her whole body felt numb.

“You are so sensitive.” Sheng Xiao smiled playfully. He let go of Mu Qiqi and continued driving.

Mu Qiqi was flushed. She could not help but scold him, “You are so naughty. You always make fun of me.”

“You don’t like it?” Sheng Xiao asked.

“Of course I like it. This is the unique way you act only when you are with me.”

After leaving the Mu family, Mu Qiqi had been very unfortunate to have almost no one by her side, except her aunt. But she felt very lucky for leaving the Mu family because she would not have saved Sheng Xiao and become his lover if it had never happened.

If Mu Qiqi were given another chance to start over her life again, she would still be willing to endure all the pain to meet Sheng Xiao.

Wasn’t she very lucky to have the person she loved to love her back?

When they reached the villa, Sheng Xiao said, “The tattoo…”

“I know how to explain this to my aunt.” Mu Qiqi replied.


A whole new Mu Qiqi bravely walked into the house. When she saw Su Zipei with a surprised look, she smiled confidently. “Aunt, I’m home.”

Su Zipei looked at Mu Qiqi in awe. She was surprised to see her becoming so pretty. “Qiqi has really grown into a beautiful lady!”

“Do I look good?”

“Of course! But what’s on your earlobe…”

“It is a tattoo, aunt. I had a dream not long ago. I dreamt that Mu Tangxue used my identity to break the law. Then the police came and caught me instead. I was really sad but no one could tell us apart. So, when I told Sheng Xiao about this, he got this done for me. He said that we will look different when I have this.”

“You are exaggerating things. You may look similar to Mu Tangxue, but your figures and personalities are totally different.”

“And what is the meaning of the letters?” Su Zipei was guessing the meaning of the letters.

“It means nothing. The tattoo artist let me choose the design so I randomly picked this design because it looked nice. I don’t know the meaning of it either.” Mu Qiqi answered.

Su Zipei nodded in agreement. “This is fine. But will it bring trouble to you at school?”

“I will let my hair down in school then nobody will see it. By the way, I am graduating soon, it wouldn’t be a bother.” Mu Qiqi explained.

“Alright then.” Su Zipei did not say anything more. She was satisfied with Mu Qiqi’s look.

“You are better than Mu Tangxue in all ways, Qiqi. Be brave to unleash your real self. We are not afraid of anything.”

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