Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 63

Chapter 63: She Is Mine

Later, Mu Qiqi got into Uncle Lin’s car. By the time she reached the villa, her tutor was already there.

Xiaoxiao really practised what he preached!

When Su Zipei saw this, she asked, “Qiqi, your school results are already very good. Will you be able to handle all the courses after school?”

“Aunt, I need to learn all sorts of things, only then can I make the most of my value.” Mu Qiqi answered.

“Alright. Young Master Sheng is coming to see you. He wants to bring you out for dinner later.”

When Mu Qiqi heard what Su Zipei had said, she chuckled. Xiaoxiao was getting even more daring in using fake excuses to bring her out to do naughty things recently.

Mu Qiqi did not think much. She changed her clothes and went to the study again…

Besides studying, Mu Qiqi was learning musical instruments, chess, literature, art and advanced etiquette. She did not want to lose her elegance as a fine lady after leaving the Mu family with the kind of environment that shaped her grace. In fact, she did not want Sheng Xiao to be a laughing stock in the future because of her.

After an hour of wine course, Mu Qiqi sent her tutor downstairs. Then, she saw Sheng Xiao sitting in the living room. He looked as if he was a man in a painting.

“Qiqi, what are you looking at? Young Master Sheng has been waiting for you for a long time.” Su Zipei said quickly. “He is very busy. You should not be wasting his time.”

“Wait for me to get changed. I will be here in a minute!”

“You don’t have to.” Sheng Xiao closed her textbook he had randomly picked and read. He used his eyes to signal her to leave right away.

Mu Qiqi nodded and followed behind Sheng Xiao.

Once they got into the car, Sheng Xiao immediately put his hand on her neck and stole a kiss.


“I am bringing you out for a makeover today.” Sheng Xiao started the car engine and drove Mu Qiqi to a high-class image consulting center.

To avoid being recognized, Sheng Xiao purposely wore a pair of black glasses. When he kept a low profile, he looked like a bookish and polite gentleman.

Soon after, Sheng Xiao told the stylist his opinions on what style he wanted for Mu Qiqi.

The stylist suggested that Mu Qiqi should decide on her own to suit her identity as a high school student.

Therefore, the stylist gave Mu Qiqi a medium-short haircut and dyed her hair maroon. Then, he also slightly permed the ends of her hair…

During the whole process, the stylist kept on praising Sheng Xiao. “I have never seen such a dedicated brother.”

He was not her brother. Could he be counted as her… boyfriend?

Of course, Mu Qiqi would not tell anyone their relationship. She just sat quietly and peeked at Sheng Xiao who was behind her with the mirror. What was he drawing?

Two hours later, a whole new Mu Qiqi stood in front of Sheng Xiao.

“Mister, you have a keen eye on choosing a style for your sister.” The stylist said and put on some lipstick on Mu Qiqi’s lips.

Sheng Xiao looked at Mu Qiqi’s delicate thin lips. His eyes were fixated on them for a long time.

“Xiao… Brother, how is it?”

Sheng Xiao gathered himself and said, “Not bad.”

Mu Qiqi liked her new flamboyant style very much. It went well with Sheng Xiao’s style.

The two left the center. But before they reached the parking lot, Sheng Xiao embraced Mu Qiqi, held her to a dark corner and kissed her uncontrollably.

“Um…” Mu Qiqi was shocked but she quickly responded to this man. It was only until both of them were out of breath, Sheng Xiao let go of her. He held her hand and ran to the car. “I could not bring you to our family’s exclusive boutique because your identity cannot be revealed yet.”

Sheng Xiao explained.

“It is fine. This place was good enough.” Mu Qiqi replied. “But why are we leaving in such a hurry?”

“Do you want to see me getting embarrassed?” Sheng Xiao said hurriedly.

Mu Qiqi did not get what he said at first. But when she saw the lower part of his body, she was red-faced.

She never thought that this man would nearly go out of control by just a kiss.

After getting into the car, Sheng Xiao closed his eyes to calm himself down. After a while, he brought her to another place.

Mu Qiqi saw the sky was getting dark and so she asked, “Why don’t we go another day?”

“I want to see how it will look now.”

Mu Qiqi had no idea where Sheng Xiao was bringing her to so she could only stay with him quietly. Then, Sheng Xiao brought her to a decent place. It was a small Japanese style courtyard.

Soon, a lady with tattoos on her arm came and welcomed them. “Perhaps you two are the special guests tonight?”

“I heard that you are the best tattoo artist in Jianchuan so I booked an appointment.”

“Yes, I am aware of that. That is why I am waiting for you. But, might I know your relationship? You know, tattoos are permanent. It would be a pain if you want to remove them. I have many guests getting and removing tattoos frequently. So, I hope you are sure of it so that you will not have to undergo the pain later.” The female tattoo artist, who was in her thirties, asked the two of them.

“We are siblings…” Mu Qiqi answered.

“Couple,” Sheng Xiao answered.

Hearing the word, both Mu Qiqi and the tattoo artist were stunned.

“This little miss, are you still a student?”

“She is mine.” Sheng Xiao replied.

The tattoo artist smiled and knowingly stopped asking. Since they were her special guests, she had to give them good services.

“Then what kind of tattoos you want to get, and where?”

Sheng Xiao heard her questions and gave her the drawing he had drawn to the tattooist. “These are the initials of our English names. You can just copy them and keep the size the same.”

Sheng Xiao’s cursive handwriting looked very nice.

Also, the size of the tattoo was small. So, it would not be too painful for Mu Qiqi.

“Then, where do you want to put them?”

Sheng Xiao walked towards Mu Qiqi and stroked her hair up with his finger. He looked at her earlobe and said, “Here.”

Tattooing at the side of the earlobe would look as if wearing an earring. It was not very noticeable but it looked chic.

“Very special, indeed.” The tattoo artist nodded, agreeing to Sheng Xiao’s suggestion. It would look like a signature to declare his ownership.

The great desire of owning a person was making her get goosebumps…

However, it was enviable.

“How about you, mister?”

Sheng Xiao let go of Mu Qiqi. He turned around and pointed to his left collarbone. “Here.”

“Xiaoxiao… you are getting one as well?” Mu Qiqi was surprised.

“Why not? You are not willing to give me your name?” Sheng Xiao looked at her with narrowed eyes, giving out a sense of threat.

“No, I am just… too happy.” Mu Qiqi was nearly moved to tears. She had never thought that Sheng Xiao would take her words to heart and went along with her girly and boring idea.

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