Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Get Out of My Sight!

After hearing what Mu Qiqi had said, Papa Mu sneered. “Qiqi, how could a young girl at your age have such deep thoughts? You really surprised me.”

“Just tell me if you agree or not. I have nothing else to say to you.” Mu Qiqi did not want to say anything to Papa Mu, not even a word.

“It is not a problem if you want Mu Tangxue to apologize. But, is slapping necessary?”

“It is a must.” Mu Qiqi was firm. “I want to remind her not to mess with me again or she will have to pay the price.”

After hearing this, Papa Mu kept mum for a few seconds. And then he nodded. “I promise you. But you have to promise me as well not to let the media know about this.”

“You should not worry about this. I keep my promises, unlike some people.” Mu Qiqi uttered her last sentence and got out of the car. Before she left, she reminded him again. “Remember, slap herself and apologize!”

“I know!”

Papa Mu was forced to make his promise. It was his priority to appease Mu Qiqi.

It was Mu Tangxue who had caused trouble, so she had to learn her lesson. It would be a good reminder for her to choose her words before saying them.

“Then I will be waiting for her apology!”

After that, she carried her bag and entered the Eaton’s gates.

As for Papa Mu, his eyes darkened when staring at Mu Qiqi’s back.

Then, he ordered the chauffeur, “Get Tangxue here.”

“Master, are you really making the young missy do it in front of the whole school?”

“What else can I do? After all, it only happens in school. She needs to learn her lesson or she will be tricked by other people in business in the future. When it happens, she will have to endure it as well. The winner gets it all. That is how it works!” Papa Mu didn’t really care if Mu Tangxue was hurt. All he cared about was the reputation of Mu Group.

Soon, Mu Tangxue walked out of the school and got into her father’s car. She was as white as a sheet. “Daddy, were you looking for me?”

“I’ve talked to your sister. She was willing to let it go this time but with conditions. All her conditions involve you.”

Mu Tangxue had guessed it already. Mu Qiqi would definitely screw her over when she had the chance.

“Dad, just tell me. I will be fine.”

“First, she wants you to transfer to another class. Second, she wants you not to appear in front of her again and not try to start a fight with her. Third, she wants you to slap yourself and apologize to her in front of everyone!”

When she heard his father telling her the conditions, Mu Tangxue knew her father must have had agreed to her conditions.

“Tangxue, I know you will feel bad about this. But there is nothing else we can do. I know you are my sweetheart and will help me to resolve this issue, right? By the way, Mu Group will be yours eventually…”

Mu Tangxue looked into his father’s loving eyes and nodded. “I am willing to ease your burden.”

“Good, I will be waiting for your good news!”

Mu Tangxue felt awful. But, she had no choice. Now, besides Mu Qiqi she had always hated, she added another name to her hate list. It was her father.

When Mu Qiqi was still in the family, she would endure all the hardships. So, she never knew that her father could treat his own children this bad.

No wonder Mu Qiqi did not wish to come back after leaving the family.

But she would not. She would not leave the Mu family like the cowardly Mu Qiqi. Because, in the end, she would get everything in the Mu family, and she would chase all the people she hated away. She would throw Mu Qiqi out of the country and make sure she would never come back!

Who could not slap herself and apologize?

Once she entered the classroom, Mu Tangxue came to Mu Qiqi. Before Mu Qiqi even realized it, she slapped herself in the face and apologized. “Sister, I am wrong. I should not talk nonsense. Please forgive me.”

“Didn’t you say I killed Grandmother?” Mu Qiqi turned around and asked her.

“I was just anxious when I said it. You are innocent, sister. Please forgive me. I will not talk nonsense again in the future.”

Qianqian’s eyes widened when she saw Mu Tangxue apologized to Mu Qiqi all of a sudden. She had never thought that she would get the chance to see such a scene.

How fortunate!

“Louder, I can’t hear you.” Mu Qiqi demanded.

Mu Tangxue slapped herself again. She said loudly this time, “Sister, please forgive me. I talked nonsense and made everyone misunderstand you. I was wrong. You did not cause Grandmother’s death. I’ve wronged you.”

This time, all their classmates heard her.

They sighed.

Mu Qiqi was finally satisfied. She stood up and said, “If you dare to mess up with me again, I can take nastier actions. It was no big deal if we perish together.”

“I am sorry, sister.”

“Get out of my sight.”

Mu Tangxue did not look at other people, she went back to her seat with her head down. Later, the teacher announced once entered the classroom that Mu Tangxue had been transferred to Class-5. After she packed all her stuff, the teacher brought her to her new classroom.

“Finally that crap is gone. The air in the class became much more refreshing now.” Qianqian stretched herself out happily. “Qiqi, how did you make her apologize?”

“It was nothing that great. I compromised to get what I want.” Mu Qiqi answered. “And do you think this will stop her from framing me again? She will surely deal with me with more severe tricks to get her revenge over the humiliation I gave her today. It is just not the right time yet.”

“Things are very complicated for the two of you. But isn’t it better to get rid of her from your sight, is it, Qiqi? At least it bothers you less now.”

Xiaoxiao told her there were lots of courses waiting for her to learn. So, when would she have the time to care about Mu Tangxue?

Also, she had promised herself to get stronger, strong enough to never let the Mu family step on her again.

When the bell rang, Mu Qiqi walked out of the classroom. Everyone looked at her differently now. Perhaps it was because they knew what she made Mu Tangxue do just now.

But Mu Qiqi did not care at all. Even when she met with Mama Mu who came to fetch Mu Tangxue at the school gate, she treated them like gas and walked straight ahead…

In this lifetime, she decided to treat her aunt as her real mother. As for Mama Mu, she did not even bother to get close to her!

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