Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 61

Chapter 61: He Must Get It!

After deciding to keep the conflict simple, Mu Qiqi asked Su Zipei to contact the Mu family to inform them of her thoughts.

But she had her conditions.

Although Papa Mu was angry, he was relieved Mu Qiqi was willing to give in. Now what was left was to see what her conditions were.

After Mama Mu knew Mu Qiqi’s had her conditions before she was willing to keep things simple, she advised Mu Tangxue to promise to her conditions. “Xue’er, no matter what your sister wants, you must agree to them. Do not go against your father. The college entrance examination is coming in just a few months, I hope you can keep yourself safe until you get into a prestigious university.

“Mommy, I do not have confidence in getting a recommendation from the school. Moreover, with my current result, I cannot be sure to get a placement in Sheng Ting University!” Mu Tangxue explained.

“Xue’er, I had discussed the matter with your father yesterday. You are the only daughter in the Mu family. Everything the family owns will be yours in the future. So, you really do not have to go against Mu Qiqi. It is not worth it if you lose your father’s trust in you after defeating her.

“More importantly, your father is planning to bring you to all sorts of banquets to get to know all the gentlemen. You and Mu Qiqi are two people of different classes. Remember, you will just lower your class if you mess with her. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

“And one more thing, we can do something about the examination.”

Mu Qiqi’s performance was stable and she always had a high ranking in examinations. If she performed as usual in the college entrance examination, she would bribe the invigilators to swap her answer scripts with Mu Tangxue’s.

Once it was done, Mu Tangxue was definitely going to Sheng Ting University!

Of course, it was just Mama Mu’s idea. She had not decided whether to use it or not. So, she did not tell anyone about it.

“We will see what Mu Qiqi asks for tomorrow!”

On the other hand, Sheng Xiao had decided to live with Mu Qiqi after half a year. So, he had to plan from now how to move out of the Sheng family’s home.

When he told Mama Sheng about his thoughts, she was reluctant to let her son move out. “You are living in such a grand villa already, why do you want to move out?”

“Mom, when will you get to see your daughter-in-law if I come home every night?” Sheng Xiao asked.

Mama Sheng agreed with him, somehow. “It is okay if you want to move out. But you must let me choose and decorate your new place.”

“Suit yourself.” Sheng Xiao said and pushed his mother out of his room. “I will be waiting for your good news.”

Then, Sheng Xiao sat on the couch again. His hand was holding the ugly but cute cufflinks that Mu Qiqi had given him.

He had done everything he should, and could, for the little one.

He had also thought about things he should not do or think about.

Even though it might not be acceptable for everyone, that lovely little one, he must get it for sure!

At night, Mu Qiqi did not sleep well. She had a dream. She dreamt about Mu Tangxue snatching Xiaoxiao from her.

Mu Qiqi was awakened by her dream in the middle of the night. She sat on her bed and kept calling Sheng Xiao’s name. She was very scared.

She looked at the time. It was three o’clock in the morning. She did not want to bother Sheng Xiao, but in the end she texted him. “Xiaoxiao, will you not recognize me and Mu Tangxue?”

“I had a dream just now. Mu Tangxue pretended to be me and seized you from me!”

There was of course no response from him. But after about forty minutes, Sheng Xiao replied to the message, “Get down here now!”

Mu Qiqi sat up straight right away. She looked out of the window and saw his car. Immediately, she rushed out to the gate.

“Did I wake you up?”

In the moonlight, Sheng Xiao hugged her. He said, “Do you think everyone in this world has the same intelligence as you?”

“It was not me who wanted to have this kind of dream.”

Sheng Xiao brought Mu Qiqi into the car. He let her sit on him and lie on his chest. “Sleep.”

“Here?” Mu Qiqi was shocked.

“You don’t want to?”

“Yes, I do!” Mu Qiqi answered quickly. “Xiaoxiao, to be honest, how do you distinguish me from Mu Tangxue?”

“Let me ask you. If I had a twin brother, would you not be able to tell us apart?” Sheng Xiao asked.

“I would. Everyone has their unique scent, it’s impossible for me to not recognize you.”

“Then why did you ask me?”

Mu Qiqi thought for a while and got an idea. “Why don’t I go and get a tattoo? Then, you will not get the wrong person. I will get your name tattooed on my chest.”

This time, Sheng Xiao did not say anything. It seemed that Mu Qiqi had said intrigued him.

What Mu Qiqi had suggested could fully satisfy the desire of a man to own a woman.

But wouldn’t tattooing a name on the chest mean they were telling the whole world about it? And it was not aesthetically appealing.

Thinking of this, Sheng Xiao really felt it was a good time for Mu Qiqi to get her image changed.

So, when Mu Qiqi was sleeping, Sheng Xiao stroked her hair and thought hard about what kind of tattoo would suit her.

As for him, where should it be?

“Such an unstoppable little thing…”

Of course, Mu Qiqi could not sleep with Sheng Xiao for too long. Nearing six o’clock, Mu Qiqi got home before Su Zipei woke up.

Before she got inside, Sheng Xiao reminded her of everything she needed to pay attention to when dealing with Papa Mu. Although he might not agree, he still wanted to respect Mu Qiqi for her choice. He did not like to force her into anything.

Su Zipei did not notice that Mu Qiqi spent the night outside. After waking up, she woke her up to get ready for school and prepared breakfast.

Mu Qiqi was thoroughly energetic after Sheng Xiao’s accompaniment. She had gotten over with the suffering that the Mu family had brought upon her without realizing it.

After breakfast, she went to Eaton with Uncle Lin’s chauffeuring.

Meanwhile, Papa Mu’s car was already at the school gate.

Mu Qiqi got into the car and said, “My aunt should have told you that I want to simplify the matter. But, it does not mean that I will let Mu Tangxue off easily. If you want to get this matter settled, you must fulfil my conditions.”

“State them.” Papa Mu said.

“First, I want Mu Tangxue to transfer to another class. I do not want to see this hypocrite acting in front of me ever again!”

“Deal.” Papa Mu nodded.

“Second, if it is Mu Tangxue who starts the trouble again, I will get revenge on her and nobody in the Mu family can intervene. For this, you must sign an agreement with me.”

“Sure.” Papa Mu nodded again.

“Third, the most important one, Mu Tangxue had to slap herself in front of the whole school and apologize to me! You must fulfil all the three conditions. I know you’ve got people to stalk my aunt. But you know, all you’ve done is useless if I really wanted to make things worse for you.”

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