Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Should We Stay At A Hotel Tonight?

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“Come out,” Sheng Xiao immediately commanded Mu Qiqi, saying nothing else.

Su Zipei knew that Mu Qiqi was not in a stable mood at the moment, but she trusted Sheng Xiao and allowed her to follow him because he would definitely ease her mind.

As such, she gave Mu Qiqi a shove on her shoulder. “Go. Talk things out with Young Master Sheng.”

Mu Qiqi hence rose from her side and followed Sheng Xiao. They both got into his sports car and he drove off.

Because the skies had darkened, the streetlights were already lit. Sheng Xiao led her to the old revolving restaurant, but it was only inside the VIP room when he pressed her on the table.

With his eyes ever so close to hers, he said, “Don’t think about becoming my woman if you make that pitiful face.”

Mu Qiqi was stunned.

“If you compromise so easily, won’t you agree to leave me just because someone threatens you?”

“I won’t!” Mu Qiqi quickly denied it.

“Look at me.” Sheng Xiao held her chin firmly. “Say it again.”

“That’s different,” she answered firmly.

It was only then that Sheng Xiao let her go and straightened himself. “Is that so? But I doubt that.”

In a split second and with a courage from out of nowhere, Mu Qiqi suddenly stretched her legs and wrapped herself around Sheng Xiao’s narrow waist, stopping him from leaving. “I won’t give up on you even if I die, Xiaoxiao.”

At her age and with her temperament, Sheng Xiao was afraid that Mu Qiqi would be shaken easily. After all, she was the one who dragged him into hell!

“I won’t. Trust me!” Mu Qiqi kept repeating herself agitatedly.

With that, Sheng Xiao picked her up so that she straddled him, and gazed into her small face as he went in for a kiss…

It was so long a kiss that Mu Qiqi could feel her lips swelling. Even so, the man was not letting her go, his warm grasp even reaching towards a protruding part on her front…

Mu Qiqi blushed immediately, and flinched from the unusual sensation.

“No running. It’s your punishment.”

Afraid to move right then, Mu Qiqi opened her eyes to see his handsome face.

It actually felt good, but she was just a little embarrassed.

“Xiaoxiao…promise me. Aunt Zipei was followed by someone from the Mu family today…I’m very worried because I couldn’t protect her.”

“And you’ll just suffer from nothing?” Sheng Xiao asked teasingly with a sideways glance.

“I won’t. As you’ve told me, I could set many conditions!” Mu Qiqi replied seriously. “Xiaoxiao, I still have long to live!”

In the end, the reason Sheng Xiao was angry was nothing other than the little one losing out!


Sheng Xiao relented, although he was still dissatisfied with the fondling just now. “Let’s look for a house near Sheng Ting sometime soon, and we’ll decorate it the way you like.”

“There’s still half a year to go.” Mu Qiqi found the man very impatient.

“It’s going to slip by in the blink of an eye. And didn’t you ask me to help you become stronger? Do you think you would have the free time with crams classes?” Sheng Xiao asked dangerously, lifting her chin. “And you probably don’t know I would devour you so hard there’ll be nothing left of you.”

“Are you that confident I can make it into Sheng Ting?”

“I understand you more than yourself!” With those words, Sheng Xiao put her down. After all, there was no telling what dangerous things he would do to the little one if he kept holding her.

Mu Qiqi slipped away and sat opposite him, reaching out to touch her thin lips. “It’s broken.”

“You took advantage, and still you play the good girl!”

At the very thought that there was half a year before they lived together, Mu Qiqi lowered her head for a few beats before asking, “Should we…stay at a hotel tonight?’

“Mu Qiqi! Do you know what you’re talking about?” Sheng Xiao’s question was cold.

“It would happen sooner or later anyway. I can…”

“Don’t regret it!”

Does that mean Sheng Xiao was…agreeing?

Mu Qiqi could not help thinking that they could simply return around midnight, since Su Zipei was comfortable with her being with Sheng Xiao.

She just didn’t know that the most dangerous people were often those one trusted and thought to be safe.

Sheng Xiao looked at Mu Qiqi skeptically. Was the little one suggesting that because she was still too young to understand it, or because she simply liked him too much?

After dinner, Sheng Xiao led her away—not to a hotel, but back to the little mansion.


“Go to bed. You have my word for what you’ve asked.” Sheng Xiao gave her a push from behind, and whispered a warning beside her ear when Su Zipei wasn’t looking. “And if you behave so casually with someone else…”

“I swear I would only be like that with you,” Mu Qiqi quickly explained.

“Hmm? Do you want to offer me your body right now, little one?”

Before Mu Qiqi could reply, Sheng Xiao had released her and let her go to her room to rest.

‘Was he finding me a little too casual?’ she thought.

It actually wasn’t her intention.

As such, she quickly texted him when she returned to her room. “Xiaoxiao, I don’t behave like that to just anyone, but only you. I think I could give you everything.”

Sheng Xiao felt stirred by the message, because he knew that he now possessed the best period of a girl’s life, and one usually wouldn’t look back at those relationships in those moments.

Therefore, he simply replied, “Would you dare to?”

Mu Qiqi giggled at the response, and that was when Su Zipei knocked on her door and entered.

“What did Young Master Sheng say?”

“He agreed with me, Aunt Zipei. I won’t fight Mu Tangxue to the bitter end this time, but I would also set some conditions for the Mu family.” Mu Qiqi replied.

“As you should.” Su Zipei nodded. “Sleep well…and what did Sheng Xiao feed you? Your lips are so swollen.”

“Isn’t it? It was so spicy…” Mu Qiqi quickly parroted. “Give me something cooling.”

“Qiqi, your exams are almost here. You must do your best!”

Mu Qiqi was aware of Su Zipei’s expectations, and Sheng Xiao had agreed to have someone tutor her. That was why she had to train herself to be better, and embolden herself as well!

Such as the bold move of wrapping her legs around Sheng Xiao’s waist.

Xiaoxiao was hers!

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