Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Brother Xiao, I Want To See You

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“Aunt Zipei, Brother Xiao would never leave us!” Mu Qiqi told Su Zipei confidently.

However, she didn’t know that Papa Mu had made Su Zipei his target.

With the information from Mama Mu, Papa Mu learned about her daily schedule and even where she usually get her groceries. With that, he called up some people who would follow and harass Su Zipei.

It was underhanded, but totally enough against a woman.

Old Lin would always be around to take Mu Qiqi to school, and with Mama Mu’s previous attempt to kidnap her, the chauffeur was alert against such things.

Therefore, Papa Mu would have a hard time trying anything against her.

The next morning, Mu Qiqi arrived at school, but learned from her classmates that Papa Mu had personally brough Mu Tangxue to school and that he was in the class teacher’s office right now.

Mu Qiqi already guessed that Mu Tangxue could escape Papa Mu’s wrath, since they were a family regardless of what happened. Whatever she did, Papa Mu would only take Mu Tangxue’s side.

Clenching her phone, Mu Qiqi thought about her aunt and Sheng Xiao.

They were her worlds at the moment, and yet both could collapse at any given moment.

What would happen then?


Unsurprisingly, Mu Qiqi was asked to head to the teacher’s office.

This time, however, Papa Mu’s attitude was not as arrogant and cold as before.

“Qiqi, I have talked to your father about your grandmother. It won’t go well for Mu Tangxue or you if things escalate, which is why I think we should contain the matter,” the class teacher told Mu Qiqi, adjusting her glasses.

“You’re right, Teacher. Qiqi, Tangxue didn’t do it on purpose, and all of us shouldn’t talk about it since it’s already in the past. Both you and Tangxue are going to take your entrance exams soon, you should prepare yourself for the exams instead.” Papa Mu parroted the teacher.

“I do want to prepare for the exams, but Mu Tangxue is relentless. If I let it go now, who is going to stop her from spouting nonsense again?” Mu Qiqi retorted firmly. “Since it’s already been processed by law and the police have been informed, we’ll proceed as the police tell us to.”

“It’s fine if you trust Mu Tangxue, I’ll have the police investigate the truth.”

“Your Grandma has passed away a long time ago. There’s no need to pursue the matter.”

“No need? Just because you say so and after I have been disowned by my own parents? That’s too easy…” Mu Qiqi insisted. “All of you are taking Mu Tangxue’s side over so many years without affording me any fairness—that’s why I have to find it for myself!”

“Qiqi, stop.” The class teacher appeared worried. “Your exams are more important at the moment.”

“It’s fine, Teacher. Let her seek justice all she wants, as long as she doesn’t regret it. We’ll be counting on you to take care of Tangxue.”

With those words, Papa Mu did not continue the discussion with Mu Qiqi since he wasn’t here talk things out.

Therefore, he rose and left the school.

Later, the teacher could not help but sigh as she looked at Mu Qiqi. “Don’t get the direction of your life wrong, Qiqi. What is most important for you now is to make it into a good university, and not compare yourself to Mu Tangxue.”

“You’re not the one being framed, Teacher…”

“But your parents clearly trust her more and would never take your side. Have you thought about it? If you stand in court, they might even testify against you.”

After all, their disowned daughter had been thrown away like a pair of worn shoes in the first place.

“Don’t you get it? It means nothing to your parents even if you prove your innocence. They simply love her move and would accept her even if she made more mistakes.”

“You would only lose regardless when it comes to your parents.”

“When you work hard on your own to prove yourself better than Mu Tangxue and become more worthy than she is, only then would your parents regret it!”

“Looking at you now, I would ask why such parents exist…but they do in the news. There are mothers chopping their own daughters into a dozen pieces, much less those who would abandon their own children?”

At those words, the class teacher held Mu Qiqi by her shoulder and said, “Listen to me. Teach Mu Tangxue a lesson while your parents are still willing to negotiate and end things for the time being. Hide your strength, because there will be more opportunities in the future!”

“You’re an adult now, Qiqi!”

Mu Qiqi was stirred by her teacher’s words, because she knew that her teacher was sincerely thinking for her sake.

She and Mu Tangxue would both be wounded if they kept pursuing the matter of their grandma’s murder!

Moroever, the Mu family might come up with more tricks against her and her aunt.

That being said, she was very upset when she remembered Mu Tangxue accusing her of killing their grandma in front of everyone at school.

Was there really no way to find evidence?

Many thoughts crossed Mu Qiqi’s mind on that day, especially when she saw Mu Tangxue. Their mutual hate was so distinct when their eyes met that even bystanders could feel it.

Even so, Mu Qiqi realized that Mu Tangxue did not trouble her that day, and simply acted as if the other didn’t exist.

However, when Mu Qiqi returned home from school, she saw that Su Zipei had a poor look on her face as she sat at the dinner table.

“Aunt Zipei, what happened? Are you unwell?”

“No, you’re just seeing things.” Su Zipei quickly explained, touching her own face.

“What’s that scar behind your hand?” Mu Qiqi asked, promptly catching hold of Su Zipei’s arm.

Su Zipei sighed, but eventually told her that she had been followed and harassed earlier that day.

Mu Qiqi knew whose work that was. Indeed, everyone knew.

It was nothing more than a warning from the Mu family.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Zipei…you’re hurt because of me.”

Su Zipei clapped Mu Qiqi on her shoulder, setting her at ease. “I’m fine. I’ll just be careful when I’m outside next time.”

Even so, Mu Qiqi could not stand it. She whipped out her phone and called Sheng Xiao at once. “Brother Xiao…I want to see you.”

Sheng Xiao could hear that she was upset from the other end of the call, and promptly told everyone at the conference, “Meeting’s over. We’ll pick things up tomorrow.”

Everyone looked at each other, but none of them could do a thing against the Crown Prince. As such, they all watched as he left.

After all, there was no way he could still be in the mood for the conference with the little one being bullied!

That was why he drove to the little mansion immediately. He found both Mu Qiqi and Su Zipei sitting in the living room, with terrible looks on their faces.

“What is it?” Sheng Xiao asked, resisting the urge to grab the little one for a good spanking. “What happened?”

“Xiao…Brother Xiao, I don’t want to pursue the murder any longer…I don’t have the strength to fight back, and I’ll only create trouble for Aunt Zipei now. That’s why I’ve agreed to the Mu family’s suggestion to contain the matter. However, I still have a request.”

“Are you sure?” Sheng Xiao asked in return.

“When I grow up and I have the ability, I will have the entire Mu family regret what they’ve done today! But now, my only request is that Mu Tangxue disappear from my sight!”

“Brother Xiao, help me be strong! I beg you…”

Beg! She actually used that word!

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