Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Why Hold Back Against Outsiders?

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Seizing the moment, Sheng Xiao caught her chin for another long kiss, before letting her go and allowing her space to breathe.

“If you weren’t a little one, I wouldn’t just be meeting you at an amusement park.”

Sheng Xiao had never repressed his desires in front of Mu Qiqi—it was the most direct expression of interest between genders.

Even if Mu Qiqi would often find herself embarrassed, that was the Sheng Xiao she could swear a deadly oath that she loved, and it was clear that she had always been captivated by him…

As such, she moved closed for another kiss, allowing him to catch her lips and tease it however he wanted…


Amidst Mu Qiqi’s bliss in the night, Mu Tangxue was hiding in her grandfather’s house since she had no courage to return.

Grandpa Mu knew that Mu Qiqi had been chased out of the family after his longtime partner had passed away. Even so, he never seemed to react much because he had not overcome the agony from his wife’s passing.

Now, things escalated with Mu Tangxue being unable to return home just because she accused Mu Qiqi, as well as Mama Mu’s adding details to the story.

Therefore, Grandpa Mu’s distrust against Mu Qiqi only deepened.

It was just a short time apart, but that little girl had already caused so much trouble.

Even so, was a grand family like the Mu family helpless against one girl?

Soon, Papa Mu had arrived as well, asking his own father to bring his own wife and daughter home.

Holding onto his crutch, Grandpa Mu was standing upright in the living room. “Tangxue has already told me everything as it is,” he told his son. “Why are you blaming her instead of trying to shut Mu Qiqi up? She wouldn’t have said the wrong thing if she wasn’t bullied by Mu Qiqi in school.”

“In the end, you have to take responsibility as a father!”

“Dad…” Papa Mu exclaimed helplessly.

“Tangxue is the only daughter of the Mu family. Why aren’t you caring for her? Hadn’t she been bullied enough by Mu Qiqi? Instead, all you do every day is to scold her—if you don’t treat her right, the management rights of Mu Shi would go to your brothers!”

“I will make things right, Dad.” Papa Mu lowered his head and admitted his mistake.

“Mu Qiqi has already left our family. She’s an outsider, and as Tangxue’s father, you should be taking her side. Why would you let an outsider get what she wants instead?”

In other words, Grandpa Mu was implying that every single one of Mu Tangxue’s mistakes was Mu Qiqi’s instead.

Because their own family could never be at fault.

Understanding what the old man meant, Papa Mu verbally promised that he would watch his own behavior and never blame Mu Tangxue again!

“And why hold back against outsiders?”

Grandpa Mu certainly hated Mu Qiqi. He loved his wife dearly, only to have Mu Qiqi kill her ever so simply—and from his stubborn point of view, he was more willing to believe Mu Tangxue since his wife loved her a lot since she was a child.

Mu Qiqi’s departure from the Mu family and her subsequent enmity made things even more evident: she was an ungrateful brat from the very start, and the Mu family did not have to treat her kindly!

Therefore, he was directly telling Papa Mu that he did not need to compromise against outsiders!

“Or do you need to teach me how to handle a child?”

“No, Dad.”

“Then bring your wife and daughter home. I’m holding you and only you responsible if Mu Shi’s stocks drop because of Mu Qiqi.”

Unable to go against his own father, Papa Mu took Mama Mu and Mu Tangxue home with a long face. Still, although he did not scold them, he gave them a strong-worded caution. “If you two cause any more trouble, I don’t care if you’re hiding at my father’s home—both are you are leaving the family, just like Mu Qiqi.”

“I’m letting this go for now. There must never be a next time!”

Mu Tangxue was pale white in fear, but for better or worse, Papa Mu was not beating her.

Meanwhile, Mama Mu kept shielding her, and it was until they reached her room that she finally said, “It’s alright, dear. Your Grandpa helped us.”

“Mommy, I hate Sis so much…why is she so persistent? Why would she take everything from me?” Mu Tangxue ran and buried her head in Mama Mu’s arms, sobbing.

She was scared witless the entire day, and Papa Mu would have laid his hand on her if her grandfather had not been there to help.

Mama Mu herself was full of hard feelings towards Mu Qiqi too. She shouldn’t be setting herself against the Mu family since she already left, because it would only give everyone a difficult time.

“Don’t be afraid, dear. Mommy will think of something for you. Definitely.”

Now, the Mu family was the reactive side, not to mention that Mu Qiqi was going to keep pursuing the matter.

Therefore, so as to not affect the Mu family’s stocks, Papa Mu must find Mu Qiqi…

Whether by threatening, manipulating, or some other measure, he was not going to let one little girl turn everything upside down!

Therefore, when Mama Mu returned to her room, Papa Mu suddenly asked, “Is Mu Qiqi living with your sister?”

“Yes.” Mama Mu nodded. “What’s wrong with Zipei?”

“Maybe Mu Qiqi has to be helpless to learn discipline!” Although Papa Mu didn’t specify what he was about to do, it was clear that he would make a move against Su Zipei.

Even so, the Mu family didn’t know that they were not only up against Mu Qiqi and Su Zipei, but also Sheng Xiao, who was helping them behind the scenes.


As usual, Mu Qiqi stayed outside with Sheng Xiao and returned late into the night.

Su Zipei had been worried about the Mu family’s reaction as well, and Mu Qiqi let her listen to the recording given to her by Sheng Xiao as closure.

Su Zipei had been worried about what dirty tricks the Mu family would try against Mu Qiqi since she was just a child, and that the entire family was on Mu Tangxue’s side.

“Qiqi, I think that unless you could prove Mu Tangxue killed your grandma, the Mu family would all be fooled by Mu Tangxue’s tears. Think about it—they love her while rejecting you, and they would only hate you more for making matters worse.”

“Aunt Zipei, I’m not worried at all what the Mu family would try because now I have you and Brother Xiao,” Mu Qiqi told her determinedly. “You know Mu Tangxue was the one who started everything, but this time I’m not letting her get away so easily.”

“Qiqi, we’re only an orphan and a single mother. We can’t always trouble Young Master Sheng!”

There were times when Su Zipei was afraid of the day when Sheng Xiao would stop helping them.

What would happen to them when that happened?

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