Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 285 - Chapter 285: Empress Qin Is Not a Kind Person

Chapter 285: Empress Qin Is Not a Kind Person

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Yu Xiaoxiao said unhappily, “That’s right. We’re a family, after all. He just needs to nod, and Brother will become the heir and inherit the King of Zhenbei’s Residence in the future.

The entire family felt that the King of Zhenbei was heartless. They had completely forgotten that the King of Zhenbei did not inherit this title.

The King of Zhenbei was conferred the title because he had contributed greatly to protecting Xichu back then. Moreover, he was engaged to Princess Changning.

Yu Xiaoxiao said viciously, “Don’t tell me he’s still waiting for Princess

Changning to return? It’s been so many years. She’s probably dead.”

However, Yu Feng felt a little uneasy. He said in a low voice, “I heard from the servant of the Minister of Revenue that the Emperor Emeritus seemed to have found Eldest Brother and Princess Changning’s daughter.”

“What?” Yu Xiaoxiao and Madam Shang exclaimed shrilly in unison.

“W-what should we do then? Second Master, she won’t snatch the King of Zhenbei’s Residence from us, right? This is our home! No one can snatch it away!” Madam Shang said anxiously.

Yu Feng said gloomily, “I’m not sure if it’s true. The Emperor’s trusted aides are very tight-lipped so I can’t find out anything.”

Yu Feng had worked hard for many years, but he was just a seventh-rank official under the deputies of the Dali Temple. In fact, the people in the capital only paid attention to him because of his brother, the King of Zhenbei. As such, it was naturally not easy for him to find out what the Emperor was thinking.

“I’ll enter the palace to visit the Empress in two days. At that time, I’ll test the water,” Yu Xiaoxiao said uneasily.

After returning to the residence, Meng Xia went to bring the medical books for

Yu Yunxi.

Yu Yunxi stayed in the study and continued reading past midnight. Many memories of her medical knowledge surfaced in her mind, making her overjoyed. She felt as though these things had been engraved in her bones and were a part of her. With this, her heart did not feel as empty anymore.

At this moment, Meng Xia hesitated outside the door. After a beat, she pushed the door open and said, “Eldest Princess, it’s already so late. You should rest.”

Yu Yunxi massaged her temples. Although she really wanted to continue reading, it was indeed very late now. Her health was the most important.

“Alright, let’s go,” Yu Yunxi said softly.

Seeing the unconcealable joy on Yu Yunxi’s face, Meng Xia asked, “Princess, do you like the medical books?”

“Yes, I feel familiar with them. Moreover, some of my memories seemed to have resurfaced,” Yu Yunxi said with a nod. However, the memories she regained were only limited to her medical knowledge; she did not remember anything else.

“I regained these memories because of the medical books. I wonder what I will remember if I see someone I know from the past?” Yu Yunxi murmured. Then, she turned to Meng Xia and asked excitedly, “Meng Xia, did I have any friends in the past?”

Meng Xia was silent when she heard the question.

The smile on Yu Yunxi’s face faded immediately, and she asked with a frown, “It’s because I wasn’t in Xichu before I lost my memory, right?”

Meng Xia nodded.

Yu Yunxi had almost forgotten about this. Moreover, if she had been in Xichu before, the people here should have recognized her. Not only that, but she had been here for three months, but there was no friend who came to visit her.

“Then, where was I before?” Yu Yunxi probed.

Meng Xia looked nervous when she heard this. She did not dare to look at Yu Yunxi as she whispered, “I was only sent here by the Emperor Emeritus after you returned so I don’t know about your past…

‘Is that true?’

Yu Yunxi’s eyes flashed briefly. After spending time with Meng Xia, she knew that Meng Xia was not good at lying. Seeing how nervous the latter was, it was not difficult to see that the latter was hiding something from her. She could also guess that her grandfather must have ordered Meng Xia to do so.

‘Forget it…

Yu Yunxi did not intend to make things difficult for Meng Xia so she nodded and said softly, “Let’s go back and rest.”

The next morning.

When Yu Yunxi woke up, she saw Meng Xia waiting at the door. She planned to go to the study to continue reading the medical books she did not finish reading last night.

However, Meng Xia said, “Eldest Princess, someone from the palace is here. The banquet is tomorrow so you’ll need a palace dress.”

“It’s tomorrow? Do we have time to make a new palace dress?” Yu Yunxi asked with a frown.

“Eldest Princess, the palace has the best tailor. If dozens of people work overnight, it’s not a problem to get it done,” Meng Xia replied respectfully.

“But I have dresses here as well. There’s no need to go to so much trouble,” Yu Yunxi said, waving her hand in refusal.

Over the past three months, her grandfather kept sending new clothes here. She would not be done wearing them even after a few years. Most importantly, her attention was on the medical books now. She was not interested in clothes.

“Eldest Princess, the banquet tomorrow is for you. It’s an important day. The ministers and nobles will learn of your existence tomorrow. We have to prepare the palace dress for you. We can’t disregard it and underestimate its importance…” Meng Xia said earnestly.

In the end, Yu Yunxi could only compromise. She asked, “So, who came?”

“It’s the Empress’ palace maid and the tailor from the palace’s Imperial Clothes Bureau,” Meng Xia quickly replied.

“The Empress?” Yu Yunxi’s gaze turned cold immediately.

Meng Xia understood Yu Yunxi’s reaction.

Over the past three months, they had caught at least five disloyal maidservants in the residence. Although the girls were very tight-lipped, all evidence pointed to the fact that they were sent by Empress Qin.

Meng Xia explained helplessly, “Originally, the Emperor Emeritus planned to send someone to make the clothes for you. I don’t know the Empress convinced the Emperor Emeritus…”

Yu Yunxi brought a veil out and put it on before she said, “Let’s go.”

Seeing Yu Yunxi walking to the back, Meng Xia chased after her and said, “Eldest Princess, they’re in the hall, not at the back hall.

Yu Yunxi raised an eyebrow and asked, “Who said I’m going to see them?”

“The clothes don’t necessarily have to be made by the people from the palace. There are so many clothing stores outside, right? We’ll just buy it,” Yu Yunxi said nonchalantly.

“Then, the Empress…”

Meng Xia frowned slightly. After all, she knew Empress Qin was not a kind person.

Yu Yunxi stopped in her tracks and looked at Meng Xia meaningfully as she asked lightly, “Why? Do you think I should be afraid of the Empress?”

For some reason, Yu Yunxi’s aura at this moment made Meng Xia nervous. It was the first time she had seen the former like this. It reminded her a little of the Emperor Emeritus. When she recovered her senses, she said softly, “No, that’s not what I mean.”

“Alright. Then, follow me out.”

With this, Yu Yunxi brought Meng Xia out..

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