Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 284 - Chapter 284: It’s Only a Matter of Time Before You Become the Crown Princess

Chapter 284: It’s Only a Matter of Time Before You Become the Crown Princess

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“Why? What happened?” Madam Shang asked anxiously.

Yu Xiaoxiao had no choice but to recount everything that happened tonight.

Madam Shang’s expression darkened immediately. She said indignantly, “She knows you’re from the King of Zhenbei’s Residence, but she still dared to take the painting away? It seems like she has a death wish!”

After that, Madam Shang said worriedly, “What to do? I’ve already promised your father in front of that b*tch that we’ll get the Mountain Dwelling painting.”

‘That b*tch took advantage of her recent pregnancy and young age to occupy Second Master every day! It wasn’t easy for me to make Second Master agree to stay in my courtyard for the night using the painting… If he knows the painting has been taken away, he’ll be angry…’

Yu Xiaoxiao was naturally aware of Madam Shang’s worries. She hurriedly said, “Mother, don’t worry. Although I didn’t obtain the Mountain Dwelling painting from the Lotus Moon Pavilion, I’ve already sent assassins to stop that woman. The painting should be in our hands soon…”

Madam Shang heaved a sigh of relief. “Fortunately, you thought of another way.”

At this moment, Concubine Tang walked over and asked, “Oh, the Commandery

Princess is back. Did you get the painting?”

Concubine Tang looked like she was in her thirties, and she possessed a pair of seductive eyes.

Next to her was Concubine Wu, who looked to be in her twenties. She looked like a pretty girl from an ordinary family, but her back was straight, looking very confident. Perhaps it was due to her slightly bulging belly.

Madam Shang sneered. “Concubine Wu, you’re pregnant so you stay in the house and rest. If anything happens, don’t come and cry to me.”

Concubine Wu lowered her head and listened to Madam Shang scold her. She really looked harmless. She said, “You’re right, Madam. I heard the

Commandery Princess brought the painting back so I came to have a look..

“Why are all of you standing at the door?”

At this moment, the voice of the Second Master of the Yu family, Yu Feng, rang in the air.


When Yu Xiaoxiao saw Yu Feng, she quickly ran over and pretended to be cute.

When Yu Feng saw Yu Xiaoxiao, his gaze turned gentle immediately. He asked,

“Did you have fun tonight?”

Although Yu Feng had many children, the daughter he doted on the most was still Yu Xiaoxiao. After all, her personality greatly resembled his.

“Of course, I had fun! Father, don’t worry. I’ll get Mountain Dwelling for you soon,” Yu Xiaoxiao promised.

At this moment, a scream rang from the backyard.

Everyone hurried over immediately.

A servant quickly reported, “M-master, a few men suddenly appeared here…’ “Master, are they assassins?” Concubine Wu asked fearfully.

“If you’re afraid, return to your room. Don’t embarrass yourself here,” Madam Shang said disdainfully.

Concubine Wu could only shut her mouth in embarrassment.

“Who dares to target our King of Zhenbei’s Residence? Thev actuallv dare to send assassins here! When I enter the palace, I’ll mention this matter to the Emperor!” Yu Xiaoxiao said angrily.

At this moment, the servants pulled out the cloth used to gag the mouths of the men.

One of them said, “Commandery Princess, we failed.”



Concubine Wu and Concubine Tang were shocked and confused.

‘Don’t tell me these assassins are all Yu Xiaoxiao’s men?’

Madam Shang reacted quickly and ordered, “Men, send the two concubines back to their courtyards.”

“Madam, I just…”

Yu Feng interjected, “All of you, go back.”

With this, Concubine Wu and Concubine Tang lost the guts to stay and watch the show. As they left reluctantly, they looked back repeatedly.

Yu Feng turned to look at Madam Shang and Yu Xiaoxiao. He asked unhappily, “What’s going on?”

Yu Xiaoxiao frowned and roughly told him what happened. In the end, she said gloomily, “I didn’t plan to take her life. I just wanted her to know her place and hand the painting over. I didn’t expect..

Yu Feng held back his anger and interjected, “Alright, stop talking. Do you still not know your mistake?”

Yu Xiaoxiao lowered her head, looking very unhappy as she said, “Father, I know my mistake. ”

“Then tell me what’s your mistake?”

Yu Feng said coldly, cutting her off, “You’re the Commandery Princess of the King of Zhenbei’s Residence. Why do you have to fight with a lowly person? Since she likes that painting so much, just let her have it!”

Seeing that Yu Feng had no intention of blaming Yu Xiaoxiao, Madam Shang sighed in relief. Then, she hurriedly echoed Yu Feng’s sentiment, “That’s right, Xiaoxiao. That girl knows we’re from the King of Zhenbei’s Residence but still dares to go against us, she must have a death wish. Don’t bother with such a person.”

Yu Feng scoffed again. “Remember that we’re from the King of Zhenbei’s

Residence. Don’t fight with a lowly person over such a small matter.”

Yu Xiaoxiao stomped her feet and said indignantly, “But, Father, isn’t she humiliating us by sending the assassins back?”

As the Commandery Princess of the King of Zhenbei’s Residence, Yu Xiaoxiao had never been humiliated like this before.

Yu Xiaoxiao’s expression lit up as soon as she heard these words. She quickly walked over and held Yu Feng’s hand as she said coquettishly, “Father, I knew it! You treat me the best! You definitely won’t let me suffer!”

“Alright. It’s also time for you to restrain yourself. It’s good for you to have a good relationship with Young Lord Qin, but you have to know your limits. After all, you’re going to be the Crown Prince’s side consort in the future.”

“I understand. My relationship with the Crown Prince is also very good,” Yu Xiaoxiao said, acting cute with her father.

Madam Shang nodded and chimed in, “I can tell the Crown Prince cares about you. Whenever there’s something new in the Eastern Palace, he’ll send it over to our King of Zhenbei’s Residence. Xiaoxiao, you have to hold on to the Crown Prince well. After entering the Eastern Palace, it’s only a matter of time before you become the Crown Princess.”

Yu Feng exhorted, “That’s right. When you become the Crown Princess, you have to bring up the matter of your Eldest Uncle adopting your brother in front of the Emperor.”

Madam Shang complained unhappily, “Second Master, the Eldest Master is too much. He’s staying alone in the border city. He has no heir. If he dies in the future, doesn’t it mean that the King of Zhenbei’s Residence won’t have an heir? We’re willing to let him adopt our son, but he just ignores us.”

If the King of Zhenbei had agreed to their request, they would not need to think of so many ways..

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