Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 286 - Chapter 286: Qin Wencheng Actually Followed Her

Chapter 286: Qin Wencheng Actually Followed Her

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On the street.

When Yu Yunxi saw a store called the Raiment of Rainbows Pavilion, she

quickly walked in.

Upon seeing this, Meng Xia reminded in a low voice, “Eldest Princess, this is just a small store. I don’t think there are any appropriate clothes here. We should go to the Myriad Phoenixes Pavilion next door.”

“Myriad Phoenixes Pavilion?” Yu Yunxi raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“Yes. It’s the largest clothing store in the capital of Xichu. Many noble ladies shop there,” Meng Xia replied.

“Oh, then that’s even more reason for me not to go there,” Yu Yunxi said lightly.


Meng Xia was puzzled.

“I don’t like crowded places. This Raiment of Rainbows Pavilion is good. It’s quiet,” Yu Yunxi explained. Then, she quickly walked into the store.

Meng Xia quickly chased after Yu Yunxi.

The store was a little dark, and the clothes hanging in the store could not be clearly seen.

An old woman with a hunchback walked out and asked with a smile, “Miss, do you want to buy clothes?”

Based on the faded colors of the clothes the old woman wore, it could be seen that it had been washed plenty of times. However, it did not look shabby. She looked kind, and it made her seem very approachable.

“Yes,” Yu Yunxi replied warmly.

“What kind of clothes are you looking for?” the old woman asked.

“A banquet dress. It can’t be too shabby, but I also don’t want it to be too eye-catching,” Yu Yunxi said. She did not know much about the palace so it was better to keep a low profile.

Meng Xia was a little anxious when she found out that Yu Yunxi chose the Raiment of Rainbows Pavilion not only because it was quiet, but also because she wanted more understated clothes.

Meng Xia sighed inwardly. ‘The Eldest Princess is too low-key. What if the

Emperor and the Empress treat her as a pushover and bully her?’

“A banquet dress? I’m sorry, Miss, we don’t have…” the old woman said. Then, as though she thought of something, she quickly said, “Ah, that’s right, we’ve been making a dress, but it’s not complete yet. If you’re not in a hurry, you can buy it when we’re done.”

“That won’t do. We need it tomorrow night,” Meng Xia said worriedly.

“Tomorrow night? I can get it done by then, but I’m not sure if you’ll like it… the old woman said worriedly, frowning.

Seeing the other party’s reaction, Yu Yunxi said gently, “Granny, you don’t have to be nervous. It’ll be fine. I’ll wait for you.”

“Miss!” Meng Xia became even more anxious. She was worried the old woman would not be able to fulfill her promise and fail to complete the dress tomorrow. Moreover, what if the stitches and embroidery were ugly?

“Don’t worry,” Yu Yunxi said reassuringly. If the dress could not be completed tomorrow, she would wear something she had already had at home. She

brought her the silver taels and asked, “Granny, is this enough?”

“It’s more than enough! It’s too much!” the old woman said as she quickly pushed some of the silver taels back to Yu Yunxi.

Seeing that the other party was determined and did not covet her little bit of silver, Yu Yunxi could only put the silver taels away.

When they came out of the Raiment of Rainbows Pavilion, Meng Xia asked worriedly, “Eldest Princess, are you sure you want to wear the clothes made by the granny?”

Yu Yunxi glanced at the Myriad Phoenixes Pavilion at the side. There was an endless stream of people coming and going. It was truly a world of a difference from the Raiment of Rainbows Pavilion. She said faintly, “We’ll see when the time comes. Moreover, I saw the granny’s hands are full of calluses, and the embroidery in the store is beautiful. Perhaps she’ll surprise us…”

Since Yu Yunxi had already said so, Meng Xia did not say anything else. She nodded and asked, “Eldest Princess, shall we return?”

“We have not eaten breakfast yet. Let’s find a place to eat,” Yu Yunxi said.

Just as the two women turned around and left, a few people appeared in front of the Myriad Phoenixes Pavilion.

“Stop!” a shrill female voice called out from behind.

Yu Yunxi turned around and saw Yu Xiaoxiao.

‘Indeed, enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road…’

Yu Xiaoxiao looked at Yu Yunxi resentfully. Last night, her father told her to not argue with a lowly person, but who knew she would meet the other party today?

‘I won’t let this b*tch have an easy time!’

Yu Xiaoxiao slowly walked over and said disdainfully, “No wonder you had to go to the Lotus Moon Pavilion to snatch the Mountain Dwelling painting. As it turns out, you’re poor. You even have to go to small unknown shops to buy clothes. Don’t tell me you sold the painting for money?”

At this moment, Qin Wencheng, who was standing behind, strode over. He lowered his voice and said, “Alright, Xiaoxiao, don’t mention what happened last night. We offered to pay for the painting last night but this young lady didn’t sell the painting. She probably didn’t do it for money. Don’t speculate.”

Qin Wencheng was indeed furious last night, feeling like his pride had been lost. However, after returning to his residence last night, the moment he lay down in bed and closed his eyes, he saw Yu Yunxi’s bright and lively eyes. With that, his heart began to race in his chest for a long time.

Qin Wencheng convinced himself that Yu Yunxi had only acted in such a manner because she wanted the painting badly. After all, there were many women in the capital who liked him. In his opinion, if it were not for the painting, Yu Yunxi would not have been so cold to him.

‘That’s right. She definitely wanted the painting badly. That’s why she was so cold to me…’

For this reason, Qin Wencheng’s attitude toward Yu Yunxi became much gentler. He looked at Yu Yunxi and said. “Miss. do vou want to buv clothes?

Why don’t you come to the Myriad Phoenixes Pavilion? I’ll buy them for you.”

Yu Xiaoxiao’s smile froze when she heard these words.

‘Don’t tell me Brother Wencheng has taken a liking to this b*tch?’

Yu Xiaoxiao’s gaze became even more resentful when she looked at Yu Yunxi.

Meanwhile, Yu Yunxi and Meng Xia frowned deeply.

‘Is Qin Wencheng possessed? Didn’t we part on bad terms last night because of the Mountain Dwelling painting? Why is his attitude so good now?’

“You! You’re really an uneducated b*tch! Did we allow you to leave?” Yu Xiaoxiao said indignantly.

Qin Wencheng frowned. Although he was slightly unhappy that Yu Yunxi ignored him, he still chased after her.

Seeing this, Yu Xiaoxiao could only chase after Qin Wencheng with her servants.

“Eldest Princess, Yu Xiaoxiao and Qin Wencheng are still following us,” Meng Xia said coldly.

Yu Yunxi replied expressionlessly, “Since they want to follow, let them follow.”

“Yes, Eldest Princess.’

Soon, Yu Yunxi stopped at a place called Fuman Restaurant. She was very hungry now so she quickly walked in.

After hesitating for a moment, Meng Xia quickly said, “Eldest Princess, Fuman Restaurant belongs to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, but he left it to the Qin family to manage…

Yu Yunxi stopped in her tracks.

‘What kind of luck is this? I just stopped at a random place, and it actually belongs to the Crown Prince… Forget it. It’s just a meal. It doesn’t matter whose restaurant this is…’

Yu Yunxi said to the person who welcomed them, “Please give us a private room.”

“Alright. Please come in, Miss..”

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