Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 145 - Chapter 145: Feng Yili Is Unwilling to See Them

Chapter 145: Feng Yili Is Unwilling to See Them

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Yu Yunxi gave in when she saw Shen Hezhi’s sincere gaze. She said firmly,

“Alright, I’ll speak to Feng Yili about this.”

‘I should give him a chance at least… After all, I promised to try again with him when we were in the Revival Hall… Giving him a chance is also like giving me and Junjin a chance.’

Yu Yunxi knew that her and Feng Yili’s marriage was decided by the Emperor and the Imperial Preceptor back then. Moreover, he was unconscious back then. Perhaps, he was with that woman first if the child was truly his. It was not surprising nor his fault if he did not want to marry her. If that was the case, she would return to Xinan with her son as soon as possible and sever all ties to the Prince Regent’s Residence.

Shen Hezhi coughed before he said firmly, “I’ll go with you.”

Yu Yunxi was really worried about his health, but seeing how adamant he was, she could not reject him. In the end, she could only nod and agree.

Qian Jiao was quick to prepare a carriage for them. It did not take long before they arrived at the military base.

Yu Yunxi and Shen Hezhi looked a little emotional when they heard the sounds of soldiers training at the military base. They both wondered how the soldiers in Xinan were doing. After all, it had been a while since they left Xinan, especially Yu Yunxi.

“Who are you?”

The guards at the entrance stopped the duo.

Shen Hezhi said icily, “I’m the heir of the King of Xinan’s Residence, and she’s the Princess Regent. We wish to see the Prince Regent.”

This time, Shen Hezhi addressed Yu Yunxi as the Princess Regent.

Yu Yunxi frowned slightly when she heard his words, feeling slightly uneasy. In the past, her godbrother was opposed to her having anything to do with the

Prince Regent’s Residence. Why did it seem like he was pushing her to the Prince Regent’s Residence recently? He made her feel like someone who was making arrangements before their death. Her eyelids twitched when she thought about this, and she felt even more uneasy.

The guard was taken aback. When he recovered, he said respectfully, “P-Princess Regent, I’ll report this immediately to His Royal Highness.” The guard rushed away without looking back.

Yu Yunxi and Shen Hezhi waited for a long time before the guard finally returned. He looked conflicted as he walked up to them. After hesitating for a moment, he whispered, “Princess Regent, please return. His Royal Highness said that the military base is a serious place and that you shouldn’t have come here.”

Shen Hezhi said coldly, “Then tell him to come out. We have something important to discuss with him.”

However, the guard still shook his head. “His Royal Highness also said that he has something important to attend to and that he can’t step away for now.

Please leave.”

‘Something important?’

Yu Yunxi and Shen Hezhi exchanged a look, frowning slightly. However, they had stayed in a military base before so they could understand Feng Yili’s actions. Although she was a little disappointed, she still expressed her understanding.

“Brother, let’s go back first,” Yu Yunxi said softly.

They had just gotten into the carriage, and the carriage had just begun to move when another carriage came from the opposite direction.

The curtain of Yu Yunxi’s carriage was blown up by the wind, and she saw the very conspicuous emblem of the Prince Regent’s Residence. She called out to Qian Ji immediately, “Stop the carriage.”

The other carriage pulled to a stop at the entrance of the military base, and in just a moment, Feng Zixiu alighted from the carriage.

“Little Master, why are you here?”

The guards were extremely respectful when they saw Feng Zixiu. It was also clear, based on their reactions, that Feng Zixiu visited the military base often.

“I want to see my father,” Feng Zixiu said sternly.

“Yes, I’ll report your arrival now…”

The guard rushed away again, and it did not take long before he returned.

“Little Master, His Royal Highness is waiting for you inside. Please come in, ” the guard said respectfully.

At the same time, Yu Yunxi witnessed everything.

“Isn’t the Prince Regent going too far?” Qian Jiao said angrily.

Yu Yunxi’s expression was surprisingly calm. Perhaps she had been disappointed too many times, she had grown a little numb. She was only glad that Yu Junjin was not here. Otherwise, based on how he admired Feng Yili, he would definitely feel extremely hurt and disappointed. Shen Hezhi frowned as he called out worriedly, “Yunxi…”

He regretted bringing her here.

“Godbrother, I’m fine,” Yu Yunxi replied calmly. Then, she turned and said to

Qian Ji, “Let’s go to the Revival Hall.”

Shen Hezhi sighed silently. He knew that she was only calm on the outside. There was no way she did not feel anything at all. In the past, when she was feeling down, she would focus on studying herbs. It seemed like she was still the same now.

When the carriage arrived at the Revival Hall, and Yu Yunxi alighted from the carriage, Doctor Li rushed over.

“County Princess, you came back just in time! There’s a patient with a tricky situation…”

‘Tricky situation?’

Yu Yunxi’s eyelids twitched. She quickly asked, “What’s the situation?”

“During this period of time, we listened to your instruction and did not open the doors of the Revival Hall. However, today, a patient fell at the entrance. Her condition seemed serious so we brought her in. Her condition…” Doctor Li said anxiously.

Yu Yunxi’s expression turned a little solemn when she saw the state Doctor Li was in. It was the first time she had seen him like this. It was likely that the patient’s condition was not optimistic.

Doctors were generally kind. Although the doors of the Revival Hall were closed, since the patient was already in front of her, there was no reason not to save the other party.

“Brother, you can rest in the side room first,” Yu Yunxi said solemnly.

Shen Hezhi’s health was not good. It would be bad if he caught something infectious.

Shen Hezhi nodded and left without wasting time.

Doctor Li led Yu Yunxi to a room. Before they arrived, he took out a piece of cloth and handed it to her as he said seriously, “County Princess, you should cover your mouth and nose.”

Yu Yunxi did not hesitate and quickly covered her mouth and nose with the cloth before she entered the room.

Apart from the patient lying unconscious on the bed, there was no one else in the room.

The patient was a woman in her forties. Her skin was sallow. With just one glance, one could tell she was a simple and honest farmer. At this moment, her face was covered with spots.

Yu Yunxi frowned as she leaned over to check the other party’s pulse before checking the other party’s wounds. After she was done, she exchanged a look with Doctor Li. Subsequently, both of them tacitly left the room and closed the door.

An employee came over immediately with a huge basin of water and wine while another carried a torch,

Yu Yunxi and Doctor Li threw their respective cloth to the ground and allowed the employee to burn them. After that, they washed their hands thoroughly with water and wine.

“It could be a plague… I’ll write a prescription later. Everyone in the hall will have to take the decoction for three days,” Yu Yunxi said with a frown.

The word ‘plague’ was very terrifying.

“County Princess, do you also think that the woman is infected with the plague?” Doctor Li asked in a grave tone, “I was hoping that my diagnosis would be wrong…’

It would be a disaster once the plague spread.

“We only have one patient now, and she’s only displaying initial symptoms. We can’t come to a definite conclusion just yet. However, we can’t be careless either,” Yu Yunxi said, shaking her head. Then, she asked with a hint of anxiety, “Did she come with anyone else?”

“No, she was alone when we found her. She woke up a few times before this, and we managed to get some information out of her,” Doctor Li replied..

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