Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 146 - Chapter 146: I Was the Person in the Cold Palace That Night

Chapter 146: I Was the Person in the Cold Palace That Night

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“What did you find out?” Yu Yunxi asked urgently. She had to know where the other party came from and how many others had the same symptoms. Only this way could they stop the disaster.

“S-she, she said she came from Xinan,” Doctor Li replied after hesitating for a moment.

‘What? From Xinan?’

Not only did Yu Yunxi’s expression change, but even the expressions of Shen Hezhi, Qian Jiao, and the others, who had just arrived, changed.

“If they came from Xinan, doesn’t that mean…” Qian Jiao could not finish her words.

“Xinan still hasn’t sent a letter. Don’t panic,” Shen Hezhi said seriously as he clenched his hands. Then, he asked Doctor Li solemnly, “What else did you find

Although this was Doctor Li’s first time meeting Shen Hezhi, he could guess the latter’s identity. He gulped and replied, “Although the woman kept emphasizing she came from Xinan, based on her accent, it seems like she came from Nanyue Kingdom.”

“Nanyue!” Yu Yunxi and Shen Hezhi exclaimed in unison.

Doctor Li nodded and said seriously, “When I was young, I traveled to many places to learn medicine. I traveled to Nanyue the most frequently. There’s no doubt that the people of Nanyue speak with this accent…”

Yu Yunxi and Shen Hezhi exchanged a look, and they could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

‘If Doctor Li is right, then the situation is even more terrifying than a plague outbreak in Xinan… What kind of game is Nanyue playing?’

“Use a goshawk and send a letter back to Xinan immediately. Contact our people in the various cities and have them stop foreigners from entering the cities. Also, investigate those who entered the capital in the past few days,” Shen Hezhi said, reacting quickly.


The secret guards behind Shen Hezhi left without wasting any time.

“Qian Ji, I’ll list down some herbs later. Obtain as many as you can. After that, transport all of them to Xinan,” Yu Yunxi said. “Yes, I’ll get to it immediately!”

“Qian Jiao, gather as many foodstuffs as you can!” “Qian Mei, pay attention to the rumors in the capital!”

“Yes, County Princess!”

Everyone was tense at this moment.

Seeing that everyone was assigned a task, Doctor Li asked, “C-County Princess, what should I do?”

“Doctor Li, the medical hall will have to rely on you in the next few days. Keep an eye on that woman. If patients with the same symptoms appear, inform me immediately, ” Yu Yunxi said solemnly.

Doctor Li felt needed after he received his task. He quickly nodded and replied, “Alright! I’ll complete my task well!”

At this moment, a guard rushed over and reported, “County Princess, someone from the palace came. It’s said that Consort Qin isn’t feeling well, and she invited you to the palace to take a look.”

‘Consort Qin?’

Yu Yunxi felt her head throbbing. She looked at the sky that was gradually darkening.

‘It has only been a day, but so many things happened…’

Prince Rui was demoted to a commoner, and Prince Rui’s Residence had been seized. Jian Xin had also miscarried. There was no doubt that Consort Qin would be aware of these things by now.

Yu Yunxi wondered if Consort Qin was going to look for trouble with her.

“I’ll enter the palace with you,” Shen Hezhi said in a grave tone.

Yu Yunxi knew he was worried about her, but she said, “Brother, I need to enter the palace anyway. It’s too slow for us to wait for the news of the situation in Xinan to reach the Emperor’s ears. If I can start from the harem, perhaps it’ll be different. It won’t be convenient for you to follow me into the harem. I can handle this myself. Moreover, there are still many affairs related to Xinan that we need you to handle. We don’t have much time left.”

Shen Hezhi sighed silently, seeing how much thought Yu Yunxi put into this. Everyone said that it was Yu Yunxi’s great fortune to be accepted into the King of Xinan’s Residence and that the residence protected her. However, that was not completely true. The King of Xinan’s Residence was also lucky to have her, and she had also always done her best to protect the residence.

In the end, Shen Hezhi compromised. “Alright. Qian Jiao, Qian Mei, follow the

Countv Princess and protect her.”

Qian Jiao and Qian Mei nodded.

“Yes, Young Master!”

Yu Yunxi could see the carriage from the palace and Consort Qin’s subordinates as soon as she stepped out of the Revival Hall.

The nanny standing next to the carriage said, sounding a little unfriendly, “County Princess of Xinan, please get in the carriage.”

‘I might really be walking into a trap…

“County Princess, why don’t we invite Princess Consort Rui along?” Qian Mei asked softly.

“There’s no need to bother Sister Jian Xin with this kind of thing,” Yu Yunxi said calmly and quickly got into the carriage.

Even if it was a trap, she still had to go.

In Consort Qin’s palace.

Consort Qin kneeled on the ground and chanted under her breath before she suddenly opened her eyes.


Everyone watched in horror. It would be disrespectful if the statue fell to the ground.

However, at the critical moment, Consort Qin reached out and caught the Buddha statue. She said slowly, “In the future, you’re not allowed to be so careless.”

Consort Qin’s voice was gentle, but her aura was very intimidating.

The palace maid quickly replied, “I know my mistake. I won’t do it again.”

Yu Yunxi, who had just walked in, saw this scene, and her eyes glinted coldly.

‘As expected, Consort Qin knows martial arts!’

“You’re here.”

Consort Qin was very calm when she looked at Yu Yunxi.

Yu Yunxi slowly walked forward and said with a bow, “Yunxi greets Consort


“There’s no need to be so polite.”

After Yu Yunxi took a seat, Consort Qin personally poured her a cup of tea. She pursed her lips. She could feel the hostile gazes of the people in the hall. After all, in their eyes, she was the one who caused Feng Weirui’s downfall. However, she could not read Consort Qin’s thoughts at all.

Consort Qin glanced at Yu Yunxi’s wrist and asked lightly, “Why didn’t you wear the Buddhist beads I gave you?”

Yu Yunxi glanced at her wrist as well before she calmly replied, “I’m usually very clumsy and rough. I was worried that I would lose it so I put it away.”

“You must always wear the Buddhist beads to be protected,” Consort Qin said again.

Yu Yunxi’s expression changed slightly. She really could not understand Consort Qin at all.

After a moment of silence, Consort Qin said again. However, she did not ask about Feng Weirui. Instead, she asked about Feng Yili.

“I heard that Consort Dowager Ning brought a child back. In fact, I have a slight impression of that child…”

Yu Yunxi’s grip on the teacup tightened, and her eyelids twitched when she heard these words.

Consort Qin glanced at Yu Yunxi before she continued to say, “The Prince Regent has a junior sister. They grew up together and have a very good relationship. In fact, all of us expected her to become the Princess Regent..

Yu Yunxi suddenly looked up and interjected, “Consort Qin, did you summon me here to talk about this?”

Consort Qin chuckled. She did not seem angry. She asked, “Then what do you think I summoned you here? To ask you why you acted against Prince Rui?”

Upon hearing this, Yu Yunxi thought that Consort Qin was finally going to blame her.

Unexpectedly, Consort Qin dismissed all the servants before she said lightly, “In fact, I’ve long expected such a day to come…”

‘What? What does she mean?’

“Do you think I’m unaware of the things Prince Rui’s Residence did? No, I know everything. However, I didn’t stop it. Do you know why?”

Consort Qin suddenly leaned over. Her face was magnified before Yu Yunxi’s eyes, and it looked a little sinister.

Yu Yunxi did not respond, and she remained calm.

Consort Qin laughed coldly before she said, “After all, that was how I raised him to be. I kept telling him that he was not the legitimate son and that his father wouldn’t care about him. I told him that he would have to do whatever it took to get what he wanted…”

“Why did you…”

Consort Qin smiled strangely as she said, “I deliberately raised him like that so he would ruin himself.

The candle cast shadows on Consort Qin’s face, making her look scary.

Suddenly, Consort Qin yanked the prayer beads off her hand and said, “I’m not afraid to tell you that the person in the Cold Palace that night was me.. I was the one who killed those palace maids!”

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