Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 144 - Chapter 144: The Final Act of Protection Before Death

Chapter 144: The Final Act of Protection Before Death

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Yu Qianyu, the Seventh Miss of the Yu family, was also unhappy. She said sulkily, “Grandmother, if you want money, then think of a way yourself. How can you covet my mother’s money? It’s only a small sum of money…”

Old Madam Zhou was naturally furious. She berated, “Did your mother teach any manners? How dare you talk back to your elders?”

“Grandmother, I was just telling the truth,” Yu Qianyu retorted.

Old Master Yu said sternly, “Shut up! Your grandmother has spoken. You’re just a concubine’s daughter so you should listen!”

Old Master Yu slammed his hand on the table as he continued to say, “You should have the awareness of a concubine’s daughter and strive to contribute to the family. Your third brother is now a general. If he marries the Fourth

Princess, the Yu family’s status will rise. At that time, won’t you benefit from

‘This damned old geezer! It’s this excuse again! They only treat the legitimate children as family, and we’re just stepping stones!’

Concubine Deng and Yu Qianyu clenched their hands angrily.

“Old Master, I…”

Concubine Deng still wanted to argue, but Old Master Yu did not care to talk to someone like her who had a humble background. He scoffed and said contemptuously, “If you’re unwilling then leave the Yu family. Zhongcheng is still in his prime. Many daughters of wealthy businessmen are willing to marry him and contribute to our family!”

‘Ha! This old thing really thinks Yu Zhongcheng is a treasure!’

Concubine Deng could barely contain her anger.

If Concubine Tang was present, she would have already cursed loudly.

However, after thinking about how Yu Qianyu still had to rely on the Yu Residence to find a marriage in the future, Concubine Deng gritted her teeth and said, “I… I’ll return and calculate the money…”

Madam Chen and Yu Wanrong watched calmly from the side. As long as they were of the main branch of the family, these b*tches could only pave the way for them.

“Alright, you may leave,” Old Master Yu said impatiently. Despite receiving help from them, he still chased Concubine Deng and her daughter away.

Apart from Concubine Su, who tried to speak up for them a few times, the others did not have the slightest ounce of sympathy for the mother and daughter.

The mother and daughter supported each other as they walked out.

When they were outside, Yu Qianyu finally could no longer endure it. She held Concubine Deng’s hand and said, aggrieved, “Why do we always have to pave the way for Wanrong and the others? Ever since I was young, Grandmother always gave everything good to Yu Wanrong! Now we even have to hand them our money!”

Concubine Deng gnashed her teeth so hard that they hurt. She patted Yu Qianyu’s hand as she said, “As long as we’re in the Yu family, we’ll have to endure this. Qianyu, if you marry into a good family, both of us won’t have to suffer anymore.”

Yu Qianyu continued to say, aggrieved, “When the Yu family was still prosperous, I could still be the legal wife of an ordinary family even if I’m a concubine’s daughter. However, with the state that the Yu family is in now, I’m afraid I’ll only be a concubine even if I marry into an ordinary family! ” The more Yu Qianyu thought about it, the more frustrated she became.

“It’s not like all concubines’ daughters are lucky like Yu Yunxi. Not only did she marry the Prince Regent, but she even became the King of Xinan’s goddaughter!” Yu Qianyu muttered, filled with jealousy toward Yu Yunxi.

At this moment, Yu Qianyu hated herself for not rushing out to volunteer when they were replacing Yu Wanrong in the marriage with the Prince Regent. Otherwise, she would be living a good life now.

“The King of Xinan’s Residence…” Concubine Deng murmured as she lowered her gaze. A cunning light flashed in her eyes soon after, and she asked softly, “Qianyu, did you see the heir of the King of Xinan’s Residence earlier?”

Upon hearing these words, Yu Qianyu recalled the immortal-like figure she had seen earlier, and her face flushed red. Apart from the Crown Prince and the Prince Regent, she had never seen such a handsome man before. However, she still pursed her lips and said, “He has a good family background, and he’s good-looking, but… his health is bad, and he probably doesn’t have long to


“Who cares if he lives long or not? If you can give birth to his child, and the child inherits his title, won’t we be able to live in glory for the rest of our lives?” Concubine Deng said disapprovingly as she glared at her daughter.

Yu Qianyu looked at her mother in shock. “Mother, you… what do you mean? Don’t tell me you want to…”

Concubine Deng said calmly, “I’ve already thought about this for you. You’re outstanding and talented. It’s just that your background is a little low. It doesn’t matter if he’s sickly. As long as you give birth to his child, when he dies, the King of Xinan’s Residence will be yours! Although the Emperor is wary of the King of Xinan’s Residence, he still hasn’t done anything after so long. It won’t be so easy for the King of Xinan’s Residence to fall!”

The more Concubine Deng spoke, the more enthusiastic she became. It was as though she was already certain about the success of her plan.

Yu Qianyu frowned. “But he already has a child… I heard that the child belongs to Yu Yunxi’s maidservant…

“That’s right! He even allowed a maidservant to give birth to his child! Isn’t your status more noble than that of a maidservant? You can do it too!” Concubine Deng said forcefully.

Yu Qianyu lowered her head and mulled over her mother’s words. She also felt that the plan was feasible.

Concubine Deng patted her chest confidently as she continued to say, “Moreover, I observed his son today. He’s nothing but a pushover. When you give birth to his son, it won’t be difficult for your child to replace that child!”

Seeing that Yu Qianyu still did not speak, Concubine Deng said impatiently,

“Don’t tell me you disagree? Do you want to marry a butcher or a stable boy?”

“Of course not!” Yu Qianyue retorted immediately. Then, she said, stuttering a little, “B-but our relationship with Yu Yunxi is so bad… She would surely stand in our way…”

“Don’t worry. As long as you’re willing, Mother will definitely think of a way for you!” Concubine Deng said reassuringly as she patted her chest confidently again.

Yu Qianyu thought about Shen Hezhi’s handsome face again and how gentle he was to the child. Her face turned red again as all kinds of thoughts appeared in her mind.

‘Although he’s sick, it’s fine… I won’t suffer a loss if I marry him…’

Meanwhile, Shen Hezhi was unaware that he had been targeted. He felt a little better and got up.

When he pushed the door open, he saw Yu Yunxi standing outside with a grave expression on her face. Realization dawned on him, and he asked, “Are you worried about Nanyue?”

“As expected, I can’t hide anything from you,” Yu Yunxi said as she shook her head and sighed.

Shen Hezhi slowly walked over to her before he raised his hand and gently flicked her forehead as if she was the little bun. His actions were familiar and intimate. He was just about to do it again when his eyes flashed with sorrow, and he slowly lowered his hand. Since he had decided to entrust her and the little bun to Feng Yili, it was best for him to keep his distance from her. He took a step back and said gently, “Don’t worry too much. Father and I will handle these matters.”

Yu Yunxi did not notice his strange behavior; she was still thinking about Xinan. She said slowly, “Your health isn’t good so you shouldn’t worry about these things.”

Shen Hezhi said gently, “I heard Qian Ji say you decided to make this information known. That’s a good idea. All we have to do is pretend like we don’t know anything. When the Emperor hears about it, he’ll have to let us return to Xinan. For now, let’s deal with other things…”

“Other things?” Yu Yunxi frowned.

‘What other things do we have to deal with?’

Shen Hezhi said seriously, “You have to ask Feng Yili about that child.”

“Brother, this matter…”

“Since you treat me as your brother, then listen to me. At the least, you have to investigate this matter thoroughly for Junjin,” Shen Hezhi said in an unquestionable tone. It was rare that he was not gentle.

Shen Hezhi could feel his health getting worse day by day. Who knew when he would not wake up after going to sleep? His father was also getting old. He was worried that there was no one to protect Yu Yunxi and Yu Junjin so he wanted to plan for them before he died..

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