Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 138 - Chapter 138: The Little Bun Fell into the Pond

Chapter 138: The Little Bun Fell into the Pond

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The little bun was practically pushed into the house.

Feng Zixiu, who was next to the little bun, said, “Tell your aunt that she’s not worthy of my father. If she knows what’s good for her, she should stay away from the Prince Regent’s Residence.”

Feng Zixiu was a few years older than the little bun so he was much taller than the latter. When he spoke, he looked down at the little bun, and he was very arrogant. His attitude was completely different from how he behaved in front

of Consort Dowager Ning.

“Are you afraid? If my aunt isn’t worthy of the Prince Regent like you said, the Prince Regent and the Emperor would have long abolished her title. However, she still holds this title,” the little bun said seriously. Although he was angry, his thoughts were very clear.

Feng Zixiu was naturally unhappy by the little bun’s rebuttal. His expression darkened. He did not expect the kid would dare to refute him.

At this time, Consort Dowager, who was walking in the lead, said, “Zixiu, what are you doing there? You have a noble status so you don’t have to lower your status for some unnecessary people.”

Feng Zixiu scoffed at the little bun coldly before he quickly ran over.

Meanwhile, the members of the Yu family surrounded Consort Dowager Ning, trying their best to please her and Feng Zixiu and completely ignoring the little bun.

The few guards behind the little bun felt their hearts ache for him, but they did not know how to comfort him.

Consort Dowager glanced at Old Master Yu from the corners of her eyes as she asked in a low voice, “I heard that your grandson has become a general?”

Old Master Yu smiled and hurriedly replied, “It’s all thanks to the Emperor for appreciating Yongnian that he was given such an important position.”

“You’re too humble. If he has no talent, the Emperor wouldn’t give him such an important position. He’s not married yet, is he?” Consort Dowager Ning asked.

Madam Chen saw the opportunity, and she quickly stepped forward and said politely, “Yongnian has been busy leading troops to war all these years. As such, he has never thought about marriage. Fortunately, he’s more idle after returning to the capital. Recently, the Fourth Princess wanted to learn horsemanship so she invited him to the palace many times.”

At this time, Consort Dowager Ning had already taken a seat in the pavilion in the Yu Residence’s courtyard. As soon as she sat down, a maidservant quickly served her tea and pastries. When she picked up her teacup, she heard Madam Chen’s words. The corners of her lips curled up into a faint smile immediately. How could she not see through Madam Chen’s thoughts? However, she was not averse to helping the latter.

Consort Dowager Ning put her teacup down and said lightly, “The Fourth Princess has long reached the age of marriage. Although the Emperor loves her, she can’t stay in the palace forever. When I enter the palace, I’ll mention this matter to the Emperor.”

Madam Chen was delighted.

The Fourth Princess had set her sight firmly on Yu Yongnian. With the help of Consort Dowager Ning, it would not be long before the Fourth Princess married into the Yu Residence.

Madam Chen quickly kneeled down and said, “Thank you, Consort Dowager Ning!”

Meanwhile, Old Master Yu, who was listening, could not help but feel that

Consort Dowager Ning came specifically to help them today. A thought appeared in his mind as his eyes flashed, and he hurried forward before he said, “Consort Dowager Ning, my unfilial son had served the imperial court diligently for many years, but he was recently stripped of his official title. Alas, he’s wasting his talent…”

Old Master Yu sighed after he finished speaking, sounding very sad.

Consort Dowager Ning scoffed inwardly.

‘The members of the Yu family are really good at scheming.’

Despite her thoughts, Consort Dowager Ning did not mind saying a few words for them in front of the Emperor.

After a short moment, Consort Dowager Ning said, “I’ve heard about that matter. He was an official in the court for many years. Even if he didn’t make any contributions, he had worked hard. The Emperor punished him a little too severely this time. I’ll mention this matter to the Emperor in the future.” “Thank you, Consort Dowager Ning! Thank you!”

Old Master Yu, Madam Chen, and the others were overjoyed. They hurriedly kowtowed.

Consort Dowager looked at Old Master Yu and said meaningfully, “I have something to tell you…”

“Please speak, Consort Dowager Ning,” Old Master Yu said fawningly as he looked at Consort Dowager Ning eagerly.

Consort Dowager Ning asked Feng Zixiu to sit next to her before she said casually, “It’s not appropriate for Yu Yunxi to continue occupying the position of Princess Regent. I’ll persuade Yili to divorce her. When the time comes, the Yu family will have to step forward to deal with the rumors regarding the

Prince Regent’s Residence that might arise…”

‘Does she mean she wants not only the Prince Regent’s Residence but also the Yu Residence to completely abandon Yu Yunxi? It seems like she really came for Yu Yunxi today!’

Old Master Yu’s eyes flashed, and he quickly understood Consort Dowager Ning’s meaning.

Old Master Yu smiled fawningly and said, “Consort Dowager Ning, the Yu family will do its best for such a small matter. Yu Yunxi is immoral; she even acted against her father. The Prince Regent’s Residence should’ve severed ties with her long ago.”

The intelligent little bun understood the meaning behind the conversation immediately.

‘They actually want to force Father to abandon Mother!’

The little bun clenched his hands and walked over. He said through gritted teeth, “My aunt has never done anything wrong! Don’t slander her!”

“Presumptuous! Did I give you permission to speak? Who gave you the courage? You’re just the grandson of the King of Xinan. You really lack upbringing. How dare you act so presumptuously in front of me?” Consort Dowager Ning reprimanded the little bun as she slammed her hand on the table. Her expression was extremely dark. She was venting all her dissatisfaction with Yu Yunxi on the little bun.

The little bun was determined to protect his mother. He continued to clench his hands as he raised his chin and stubbornly stared at Consort Dowager Ning.

“Men, tie him up for me! Since the King of Xian’s Residence didn’t teach him any manners, I’ll do it on their behalf today!” Consort Dowager Ning said coldly.

The guards surrounded the little bun again.

The guards from the King of Xian’s Residence were naturally ready to move.

They had sworn to protect the little bun, after all.

However, the little bun still thought about the King of Xian’s Residence at this moment, He shook his head imperceptibly at them. After all, if his guards made a move, they would likely pin the charge of attempting to murder

Consort Dowager Ning on the King of Xian’s Residence. He could not drag the King of Xian’s Residence down.

The guards from the King of Xian’s Residence could only grit their teeth and retreat to the side. However, their bodies were incredibly tense. If the other party dared to make a move they would fight even if it meant they had to go all out.

Unexpectedly, Feng Zixiu spoke up at this moment.

“Imperial Grandmother, he’s just a child. Although he lacks manners, there’s no need to tie him up.”

“Zixiu, why are you speaking up for him? You’ll inherit your father’s title in the future. You must not be soft-hearted, especially for this kind of person,”

Consort Dowager Ning said seriously.

Feng Zixiu rose to his feet and approached the little bun. He smiled as he said, “Little Brother, don’t be afraid. My Imperial Grandmother only wants to teach you the rules…”

The little bun naturally did not believe Feng Zixiu’s act. He and the guards were wary, and their bodies were tense, poised to make a move.

A pond was behind the little bun, and without any warning, he was pushed into the pond. At this moment, Yu Yunxi had just rushed back from the Revival Hall. Her heart trembled when she saw this scene. She rushed over to save him as she called out anxiously, “Junjin!”

However, a white-clad slender figure was faster than her. The other party jumped in the pond and picked up the little bun, carefully protecting the little bun in his arms..

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