Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 137 - Chapter 137: Consort Dowager Ning Makes Thing Difficult for the Little Bun

Chapter 137: Consort Dowager Ning Makes Thing Difficult for the Little Bun

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‘H-her grandson? Doesn’t this mean he’s… Father’s son?!’

Yu Junjin stared blankly at the child who was just a few years older than him. His heart sank immediately.

Meanwhile, the people of the Yu family broke out in an uproar when they heard those words. They were shocked that Feng Yili had a child before marrying Yu Yunxi. They thought that she was really pitiful; whether it was back then or now, she did not get any benefits at all. At the same time, they also wondered what kind of woman could give birth to Feng Yili’s child. Moreover, based on Consort Dowager Ning’s attitude, she was clearly very satisfied with both mother and son.

At this moment, the child tugged Consort Dowager Ning’s arm and said coquettishly, “Imperial Grandmother, why are we here? I want to see Father. I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

Consort Dowager Ning’s expression and voice were gentle as she said, “After I deal with some matters here, I’ll bring you back to the Prince Regent’s Residence to meet your father. You’ve been away from the capital for so many years, it’s time for you to acknowledge your ancestors and announce to the world that you’re the legitimate son and heir of the Prince Regent.”

When everyone heard the second part of Consort Dowager Ning’s words, their expressions changed.

Meanwhile, the little bun’s expression was bleak. He was at a loss, not knowing what to do. He found this difficult to understand. His mother never mentioned that he had a brother before.

At the same time, Shen Hezhi’s guards, who were following the little bun, were enraged. Recently, they felt that perhaps Feng Yili was a good person, but now it seemed they had been blind. Since Feng Yili had a woman and a child, why did he force their County Princess to be with him? In the end, they concluded that everything was as they had thought in the beginning; there were no good people in the Prince Regent’s Residence at all!

At this moment, Yu Wanrong, who was hiding in a corner, covered her mouth and snickered. It seemed like Yu Yunxi was not the rightful Princess Regent. Now that the rightful owner of the title was here, Yu Yunxi would only be more miserable. It was likely that Yu Yunxi would not be able to keep her title as Princess Regent anymore.

Consort Dowager Ning patted the child’s hand as her piercing gaze swept across the members of the Yu family. She asked, “Is Yu Yunxi in the residence now?”

“Consort Dowager Ning, it seems like Yu Yunxi has gotten into trouble, and she was summoned into the palace by the Emperor,” Old Master Yu said. He and the others only heard some rumors regarding Prince Rui’s matter and did not know the specifics so he could be vague with his answer.

Consort Dowager Ning had just returned to the capital so she was unaware of what had happened. When she heard Old Master Yu’s words, she scoffed and said, “She’s indeed troublesome. Back then, she ran away attempting to murder Yili. Now that she returned with a new identity, she’s still stirring up trouble!”

Yu Wanrong was very observant. She had already noticed the little bun, who was standing not far away. A sly expression briefly appeared on her face before she said. “Consort Dowager Ning. that’s… that’s the King of Xinan’s grandson.’

Consort Dowager Ning turned to look immediately.

Meanwhile, the child next to Consort Dowager looked at the little bun as well, and his eyes were filled with hostility.

Consort Dowager Ning looked at the little bun in disgust as she said, “The King of Xinan’s grandson? How good can someone related to Yu Yunxi be?” The little bun gritted his teeth, feeling angry and wronged.

Meanwhile, the guards behind the little bun could not endure it anymore.

However, just as the guards were about to take action, the little bun looked at them and shook his head, using his eyes to tell them to calm down and not cause trouble for his mother and his uncle.

“Consort Dowager Ning, are you planning to…”

Old Master Yu trailed off. He could not guess what Consort Dowager Ning’s intention was so he could only probe her.

“Since I’m here, I naturally plan to meet that sinner, Yu Yunxi. I really am very curious about how she became the County Princess of Xinan and escaped the Emperor’s punishment. Why, Old Master Yu? Do you not welcome me?” Consort Dowager said, narrowing her eyes as she looked at Old Master Yu with a faint smile on her face.

Old Master Yu smiled and said ingratiatingly, “Of course not! I wouldn’t dare! It’s our honor that you’re willing to visit Yu Residence. Consort Dowager Ning, Little Prince, please come in.”

‘It seems like Consort Dowager Ning is determined to see Yu Yunxi today,’ Old Master Yu thought to himself as he respectfully invited Consort Dowager Ning in.

Yu Wanrong and Madam Chen exchanged a look, feeling rather happy. ‘Finally, someone who can deal with that little sl*t has come!’

“Are you staying with your aunt in Yu Residence?” Old Master Yu asked as he turned to look at the little bun. His tone was completely different from when he spoke to Consort Dowager Ning.

The little bun clenched his hands into fists. He decided to return to Shen Hezhi’s residence first. He came here to look for his mother. Since his mother was not here, there was no reason to stay here and suffer.

However, just as the little bun turned to leave, Consort Dowager Ning said coldly, “You’re leaving as soon as you meet me. Do you have any resentment toward me?” Then, she said to her guards, “Men, invite him over.”

Despite using the word ‘invite’, her tone was cold and unquestionable. As soon as her voice fell, a few guards walked over and surrounded the little bun and the others.

The guards of the King of Xinan’s Residence looked grim as their hands moved to the swords on their waists. Although they were few in number, they were confident about dealing with these insignificant guards.

At the crucial moment, the little bun raised his hand and stopped them. If he had a conflict with Consort Dowager Ning, the Emperor would definitely find a reason to blame the King of Xinan’s Residence. He knew his mother, his grandfather, and his uncle had been very careful in order to protect the King of Xinan’s Residence so he did not want to cause them any trouble. Moreover, Consort Dowager Ning was his father’s mother. He could not help but wonder if he went against her, would his father dislike him?

Seeing how sensible the little bun was, the eyes of the guards from the King of Xinan’s Residence were filled with pity.

The little bun lowered his head and walked over step by step.

Consort Dowager Ning looked down at the little bun and said in disgust, “The King of Xinan’s Residence is good in every aspect, but everyone’s too kind. They have poor judgment and are too accepting of everyone. When you return to Xinan, you should tell your grandfather to stay away from Yu Yunxi. She’s not a good woman!”

“My… My aunt is not a bad person!” The little bun raised his head and protested angrily through gritted teeth as he clenched his hands.

“You’re so rude at such a young age. With your identity, you should just listen to me. What qualifications do you have to refute me? You’ve really opened my eyes today. It seems like the upbringing in the King of Xinan’s Residence is not that good. No wonder they would accept Yu Yunxi…” Consort Dowager Ning said as her tone grew more and more sarcastic.

The little bun clenched his teeth so hard that they hurt. Tears welled up in his eyes, causing his eyes to turn red. He tried his best to suppress his anger. He had always wanted to protect his mother, and he could not understand why his father’s mother would say such things about his mother.

At this moment, the child next to Consort Dowager Ning reached out and patted her back as he said, ‘Imperial Grandmother, don’t be angry. It’s bad for your health.”

Consort Dowager Ning’s expression softened immediately as she said with a nod, “Zixiu, you’re still the most sensible.”

Feng Zixiu raised his chin and straightened his back as a prideful expression appeared on his face..

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