Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 136 - Chapter 136: Feng Yili’s Eldest Son

Chapter 136: Feng Yili’s Eldest Son

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Luo Xiuran silently walked away.

Feng Yili, who saw everything from the side, said, “If you really can’t let go, think of a way to get what you want. You’ve already missed it once, are you going to miss it the second time?”

This was the first time Feng Yili had said such words to Luo Xiuran patiently.

Luo Xiuran was stunned. After a long while, he looked up and asked hesitantly, “Yili, are you encouraging me to pursue Qian Qing again? But she’s now Junjin’s mother and Shen Hezhi’s woman…’

Luo Xiuran still believed Qian Qing and Shen Hezhi had that kind of relationship. He said self-deprecatingly, “If she’s unhappy now, I would fight for it. However, based on how defensive she was of Shen Hezhi earlier, it seemed like the two of them are very happy. How can I interfere?” “Sometimes what you see isn’t necessarily true,” Feng Yili said. ‘Hmm? What does he mean by that? What is he trying to remind me?’ Luo Xiuran looked at Feng Yili inquisitively.

However, Feng Yili had no intention of saying anything and left.

At this time, the room door swung open, and Yu Yunxi and Jian Xi came out.

“County Princess, how’s my sister?” Qian Qing asked anxiously, hobbling over without any help.

“The poison in her body is almost cleared. Everything is fine. She’s just a little weak now. Now that the knot in her heart has been untied, it’ll be easier for her to recuperate,” Yu Yunxi said softly.

Qian Qing finally sighed in relief.

“Alright, you two sisters should have a good chat,” Yu Yunxi said. She knew Qian Qing and Jian Xin had not seen each other for many years and had many things to talk about so she gave them space.

Yu Yunxi walked over to Feng Yili and said in an unnatural tone, “Let me have a look at your injuries.”

A hint of surprise could be seen in the depths of Feng Yili’s eyes at this moment.

‘She… Does this mean she’s trying to accept me?’

Sensing the change in Yu Yunxi’s attitude, the frustration in Feng Yili’s heart was immediately swept away. Although his body had suffered a lot after he fell off the cliff, he felt that it was worth it.

Seeing Feng Yili’s burning gaze, Yu Yunxi frowned and said stiffly, “You don’t need me to look at your injuries? If so, I’ll leave first.”

Just as Yu Yunxi turned around, Feng Yili grabbed her arm and said, “I was injured because of you so you have to be responsible for me until the end.”

‘Why does he sound so clingy?’

Yu Yunxi furrowed her brows. However, she was not angry. After all, he had gotten injured because of her.

After leading him into the room, she told him to remove his clothes.

When he took off his inner robe, she saw that his wounds had reopened again due to the friction, and his back was bloody.

‘Did he endure it all until now just to accompany me to the palace?’

Yu Yunxi silently treated his injuries, but her eyes were filled with complicated emotions.

Suddenly, Feng Yili said in a hoarse and slightly trembling voice, “Yu Yunxi, let’s go back to the past, okay?”

Only he knew how nervous he was at this moment. He was most fearless, but he truly feared that she would reject him decisively.

The person behind him remained silent, only the sound of heavy breathing could be heard.

After a long time without any response, the anticipation in Feng Yili’s eyes was slowly devoured by darkness. He clenched his hands, suppressing his loneliness.

At this time, Yu Yunxi had already applied the medicine for him and was helping him put on his robes.

After she was done, Feng Yili did not say anything and walked out. However, before he crossed the threshold, he heard a soft voice say, “Okay.”

‘What?! Did she agree?’

The loneliness in Feng Yili’s eyes was quickly replaced by joy. He quickly turned around to look at her.

Yu Yunxi walked past him. Her ears were a little red, and her expression was a little stiff as she said, “I, I should bring Sister Jian back to the Yu Residence…”

In fact, Yu Yunxi did not know if it was right or wrong to give Feng Yili a

chance. If she chose Feng Yili, she might have to stand against the King of Xinan’s Residence. However, when she thought about how he had jumped off the cliff without hesitation, she could not help but feel moved. During this time, the things he had done for her were enough to wash away the grievances and resentment in her heart bit by bit.

‘Forget it. Let’s just give him a chance. I’ll treat it as giving myself and Junjin a chance. What if we’re really suitable to be a family? What if there’s a way for the Prince Regent’s Residence and the King of Xinan’s Residence to get along?’ Meanwhile, the little bun’s carriage pulled to a stop in front of the Yu Residence. When he jumped off the carriage, he saw a bigger and more luxurious carriage next to him.

‘Is it Mother and Father?’

The little bun’s eyes lit up, and he ran over with his short legs. He cried out,

“Aunt! Your Royal Highness!”

However, when the curtain was pulled to the side by a servant, the little bun saw a majestic old woman. She had a head full of white hair, but she was noble and dignified.

At this moment, Old Master Yu and a group of people rushed out from the residence and hurriedly bowed. “Greetings, Consort Dowager Ning.”

‘Consort Dowager Ning?’

The little bun’s expression changed, and he instinctively retreated.

“I just returned to the capital today, and I heard you were also in the capital. That’s why I came to the Yu Residence first before returning to the Prince Regent’s Residence,” Consort Dowager Ning said coldly.

Old Master Yu was the Great Ancestor’s study companion back then so he was also familiar with Consort Dowager Ning and the Empress Dowager. Moreover, they also had some relationships between them.

Old Man Yu was very proud, and he said flatteringly, “It’s an honor that

Consort Dowager remembers me.”

Consort Dowager Ning lowered her voice and asked, “That’s right. I heard that your granddaughter, Yu Yunxi, has also returned. Is it true?”

Old Master Yu’s expression changed slightly. He realized that Consort Dowager Ning was lying and that she was not here to see an old friend; she likely wanted to see Yu Yunxi. He could not figure out her attitude toward Yu Yunxi so he only nodded vaguely and said, “Yes.”

The temperature of Consort Dowager Ning’s voice dropped as she said with a scoff, “A person who dared to murder my son casually back then still has the guts to come back…’

Upon hearing Consort Dowager Ning’s words, Yu Wanrong and the others who were hiding in a corner were filled with excitement.

‘As it turns out, Consort Dowager Ning hates Yu Yunxi! It seems like there’ll be a good show!’

At this moment, a childish voice rang from inside the carriage.

“Grandmother, why didn’t you wake me up?”

Following that, a luxuriously dressed boy of eight or nine years old jumped down from the carriage.

‘Grandmother? H-he is…

Everyone was shocked.

Consort Dowager Ning pulled the child over and slowly said, “This is my grandson. He was born before Yili married Yu Yunxi. The child’s body is weak so he was raised outside..”

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