Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 135 - Chapter 135: The Jealous Young Marquis Luo

Chapter 135: The Jealous Young Marquis Luo

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“Has the County Princess returned?” Shen Hezhi asked the person behind him.

“No, Young Master.”

“When she returns, tell her to come here,” Shen Hezhi said hoarsely and coughed.

“Young Master, do you feel unwell?”

The secret guards looked at him worriedly.

Shen Hezhi shook his head. “No, it has nothing to do with my health. I just want to speak to her about Junjin.”

The secret guards looked at each other. Although his tone was casual, they could tell that something was wrong.

After lunch, Yu Yunxi still had yet to return so the little bun began to worry again. He raised his head and said to Shen Hezhi, “Uncle, I feel like my mother will return to Yu Residence first. I want to return to Yu Residence to wait for her…’

“I’ll go with you,” Shen Hezhi said.

If the matters in the palace were smoothly resolved, she would not leave alone. With so many people, it was impossible for her to bring them here. Just as the little bun said, she would likely return to Yu Residence first.

“Young Master, there’s a secret letter from Xinan. His Highness has something to tell you.”

Shen Hezhi looked up and saw his father’s trusted aide. Since his father sent his trusted aide, this meant that something serious must have happened.

The little bun watched from the side and could tell at a glance that the situation was serious. He said obediently, “Uncle, you should deal with Grandfather’s matter first. I can go to Yu Residence on my own.”

Shen Hezhi frowned. He could not rest assured. After all, there were many people in the capital staring at those from the King of Xinan’s Residence. Yu Junjin could be in danger.

The little bun understood Shen Hezhi’s concern. He quickly patted his chest and said, “Uncle, don’t worry. With so many guards with me, nothing will happen.”

Then, the little bun tugged at Shen Hezhi’s sleeve and said coquettishly, “Uncle, I want to see Mother as soon as possible. She must have been injured after falling off the cliff, but she still had to enter the palace to see the Emperor. I wonder how injuries are…”

Shen Hezhi’s gaze darkened. He knew the little bun had a point. He was also very worried about Yu Yunxi’s injuries. Finally, he said, “Alright, you go over first. I’ll come over immediately after dealing with the matters here.”

Shen Hezhi stroked the little bun’s head gently as he ordered his trusted aides to protect the little bun.

“Yes, we’ll definitely protect the little master!”

The guards quickly promised.

Just like that, the little bun happily got onto the carriage and made his way to Yu Residence. Although he did not like the members of the Yu family, as long as his mother was there, he would tolerate them.

The little bun miscalculated slightly this time.

Indeed, Yu Yunxi planned to return to the Yu Residence first. However, before that, she had to bring Jian Xin to the Revival Hall first.

The Revival Hall had been closed for a while now, and there were often people who came to see when it would open again. After all, there were very few medical halls in the capital that had good ethics.

Unfortunately, Yu Yunxi was too disappointed by what happened previously, and she had no intention of opening the doors of the medical hall. Yu Yunxi glanced at the people at the entrance coldly and said, “Go to the back.”

“Yes, Princess Consort,” Jiang Ying said, turning the carriage around.

“County Princess.”

The staff of the Revival Hall greeted Yu Yunxi when they saw her.

“Sister Jian, let me have a look at you,” Yu Yunxi said seriously.

Similar to Qian Qing and Luo Xiuran, Yu Yunxi also began to address Jian Xin as ‘Sister’.

“When I was rescued, the people of the Prince Regent’s Residence had already found a doctor to look at me… I…” Jian Xin said, shaking her head. She did not want to trouble Yu Yunxi.

At this time, a familiar voice rang out.

“Sister, you should let the County Princess look at you. Otherwise, I won’t feel at ease.”

Soon, someone supported Qian Qing over.

Luo Xiuran felt distressed when he saw Qian Qing like that. However, he suddenly remembered their promise to treat each other as strangers so he could only withdraw his hands in embarrassment.

“Qing, your leg…” Jian Xin looked at Qian Qing’s leg, distressed.

Qian Qing said calmly, “Sister, my leg is fine. On the contrary, you were poisoned by those animals. I won’t feel at ease if you don’t get it checked out…”

Seeing how adamant Qian Qing was, Jian Xin no longer refused. She turned to Yu Yunxi and said gently, “County Princess, I’ll have to trouble you again.” Seeing that Jian Xin agreed, Yu Yunxi sighed in relief.

After Yu Yunxi led Jian Xin over, Luo Xiuran sidled over to Qian Qing’s side and muttered, “You’re so badly injured, but… but he didn’t even come and see you?”

Initially, Qian Qing did not want to bother with him. However, she remembered that if it were not for him, it would not be as simple as just injuring her leg. Hence, her expression eased as she said, “Young Marquis Luo, I only suffered a small injury. It’s not worth mentioning at all. In the past, I was able to endure injuries worse than these.”

‘This is considered a small injury? She really suffered a lot… I was really a scumbag in the past…’

Luo Xiuran lowered his gaze, hiding the loneliness and heartache in his eyes. He continued to say in a low voice, “Nonetheless, you’re injured. He… He should still come and see you.”

“He? Who? Young Marquis Luo, please be more direct. Who are you talking about?” Qian Qing asked with a frown, puzzled.

“Your child’s biological father,” Luo Xiuran said, unable to hide his jealousy at all.

It was impossible for them to return to the past. She was now the mother of the grandson of the King of Xinan. Shen Hezhi was gentle and kind. Any woman would like him.

The more Luo Xiuran thought about it, the more bitter and sour he felt.

‘Oh, he was talking about Young Master…’

Qian Qing’s expression turned slightly unnatural. She turned to the side and said, “He’s naturally concerned about me. He has already sent someone to send medicine to me.”

“He sent someone? He didn’t even come to see you personally? What kind of concern is that?” Luo Xiuran continued to mutter. His voice was filled with dissatisfaction and resentment toward Shen Hezhi.

Qian Qing’s expression was cold as she said, “Young Mar quis Luo, Young

Master is very good to me. We have our own way of getting along. Please don’t point fingers and try to sow discord.”

Luo Xiuran’s expression froze when he heard Qian Qing defending Shen Hezhi. He was extremely jealous. After a long time, he said self-mockingly, “Alright, I understand. I’ve crossed the line..”

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