Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 134 - Chapter 134: Junjin, Do You Like Feng Yili?

Chapter 134: Junjin, Do You Like Feng Yili?

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In the carriage.

Yu Yunxi took the initiative to sit next to Jian Xin and hug her.

“I’m fine,” Jian Xin said hoarsely as she shook her head, putting down her defenses from earlier. Then, she thought about Qian Qing and said worriedly, “By the way, County Princess, Qing, she…”

“Princess… Sister Jian, Jian Qing, no, Qian Qing is fine even though she’s slightly injured. You don’t have to worry,” Luo Xiuran quickly explained.

When Jian Xin looked at Luo Xiuran, his body stiffened. Then, he said awkwardly, “I… I’m Luo Xiuran who was engaged to Jian Si back then..

Luo Xiuran was really awkward for the Jian family. Although he was also a victim back then, now he was ‘Luo Xiuran’.

Seeing Luo Xiuran’s nervous expression, Jian Xin gently shook her head and said, “Don’t be nervous. I believe you’re not a bad person.”

‘Some things might not be what they appear to be… Back then, Feng Weirui also seemed like a decent person. However, he did so many inhumane things…’

Although what Luo Xiuran did in the past was infuriating, just based on his willingness to save Qian Qing and speak up for them in the imperial palace today, Jian Xin felt that he could not be a bad person.

Luo Xiuran was stunned by Jian Xin’s words. Then, he said gratefully, “Thank you for believing in me, Sister Jian.”

“The Jian family…” Yu Yunxi frowned when she thought about the Jian family.

Jian Xin’s smile faded a little when she heard this. She said coldly, “I’m sad that something happened to my parents and Jian Si. However, it’s not because I feel bad for them. I just pity my past self. It’s really not worth it…”

Jian Xin protected her family’s honor at all costs, but her parents did not care about her feelings at all. In hindsight, Qian Qing did the right thing when she left Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence back then.

Upon hearing this, Yu Yunxi sighed in relief. Clearly, Jian Xin had thought things through and was trying to let things go. She held Jian Xin’s hand and said gently, “In any case, the Imperial Preceptor has yet to return to the capital.

Stay with me during this period of time.”

“This…” Jian Xin frowned, afraid that she would disturb Yu Yunxi.

“Don’t tell me you want to return to the Jian family or Prince Rui’s Residence? Although Prince Rui has lost, there’s still Consort Qin. Who knows if she’ll vent her anger on you? It’s safer for you to stay with me.”

Yu Yunxi had considered everything. She felt that Jian Xin had a tenacity that was very similar to hers back then. For this reason, she could not help but want to get close to Jian Xin and help Jian Xin.

Jian Xin sighed lightly. “Although Prince Rui is despicable and shameless,

Consort Qin treats me very well. I’ve hurt her this time.”

Not wanting Jian Xin to think about Prince Rui’s Residence anymore, Yu Yunxi said, “If you stay with me, how can you see Qian Qing?”

Jian Xin’s expression changed slightly upon hearing this. She shook her head helplessly as she said, “County Princess, you’ve caught my weakness. Alright, I stay with you. I’m sorry for the trouble.”

Yu Yunxi finally sighed in relief.

Luo Xiuran glanced at Feng Yili with a gloating expression on his face. With Jian Xin, Yu Yunxi probably would not return to the Prince Regent’s Residence so soon. It would be much more difficult for a certain Prince Regent to pursue his wife.

However, Feng Yili did not care about Luo Xiuran’s teasing gaze at all. He frowned, and his expression was solemn, thinking about what Feng Yijin said earlier.

‘The Imperial Preceptor is about to return to the capital. The person who schemed to kill me five years ago is finally returning. Moreover, does his return to the capital mean that Mother is also returning?’

Shen Hezhi’s temporary residence.

Shen Hezhi brought the little bun back to the residence.

The little bun raised his head and asked seriously, “Uncle, Mother and Fa… the Prince Regent went to the imperial palace to testify against Prince Rui… Will everything go smoothly?”

The little bun had almost misspoken again.

Shen Hezhi caught the little bun’s slip of the tongue. He put down the book in his hand, and a complicated expression could be seen on his face. He patted the little bun’s head and said gently, “You should trust your mother.”

The little bun patted his chest and said proudly, “That’s right! Mother is the best! She’ll definitely be able to handle this matter!”

Inwardly, the little bun thought to himself, ‘Father is also the best! He’ll definitely be able to protect Mother!’

If the little bun had a tail, the tail would be wagging at this moment.

“Junjin, do you like Feng Yili a lot?” Shen Hezhi asked in a complicated tone as he withdrew his hand.

The little bun gulped. He glanced at Shen Hezhi nervously from the corners of his eyes and said in a muffled voice, “I, I don’t like him. He hurt my mother and even opposed the King of Xinan’s Residence.”

Seeing the little bun like this, Shen Hezhi smiled with a hint of bitterness in the depths of his beautiful eyes. He said patiently, educating the little bun, “Junjin, what did Uncle teach you? You can’t lie. You must follow your heart. If you like it, then you like it. If you don’t like it, then you don’t like it.”

The little bun lowered his head and fidgeted with his fingers nervously as he asked, “B-but, but, Uncle, will you be unhappy if I tell the truth?”

The little bun could sense that his uncle did not like his mother and him getting too close to Feng Yili.

“Indeed, I’ll be unhappy…” Shen Hezhi murmured. After all, he could not allow the two people he protected to be hurt again. The Prince Regent’s Residence was dangerous; those from the residence were in constant danger.

He was also jealous. He had accompanied them for five years, but it still could not compare to the one month they spent with Feng Yili.

Shen Hezhi suppressed the loneliness in his heart and said gently, “However, I want you to be happy.”

The secret guards who were watching from the side felt very sad and bitter on Shen Hezhi’s behalf.

In their opinion, if it were not for Shen Hezhi’s poor health, he would have had a chance to fight Feng Yili. He was the one who accompanied Yu Yunxi and the little bun through their most difficult days after all.

The little bun looked at Shen Hezhi, perplexed. “Uncle, you..

Shen Hezhi pulled the little bun and said, “It’s time for lunch. Children who don’t eat won’t grow. If you don’t grow, you won’t be able to protect your mother.”

Upon hearing this, the little bun clapped his hands before he ran away to wash his hands.

Looking at the bouncing figure, a gentle smile appeared on Shen Hezhi’s face.

He and his father knew that Feng Yili was not a good match for Yu Yunxi. If Yu Yunxi chose Feng Yili, she would be in danger. However, when he saw the little bun’s expectant gaze earlier, he could not help but feel slightly shaken..

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