Five Years Later, She Bombarded the Palace with a Miniature Version of the Regent

Chapter 133 - Chapter 133: Yu Yunxi Can’t Be Left Alive

Chapter 133: Yu Yunxi Can’t Be Left Alive

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“Imperial Father, I know my mistake, I know my mistake! Please give me a chance!” Feng Weirui pleaded, panicking.

However, Feng Yijin’s eyes were only filled with disgust. Previously, he had helped Feng Weirui deal with the corruption matter. After all, he still needed

Feng Weirui and Marquis Jian Zhongs Residence to restrain Feng Yili and the Crown Prince. However, who knew that Feng Weirui was so useless that he even killed Marquis Jian Zhong? With such a personality, it was not impossible for Feng Weirui to kill him in the future.

“Why aren’t you dragging him out? Without my order, he’s not allowed to return to the capital. Seize Prince Rui’s Residence; everything in it will be returned to the national treasury!” Feng Yijin said. He was truly furious this time. His order this time truly crippled Feng Weirui.

“Sister! Sister! Can you help me plead with the Emperor? I’m your little sister!”

Jian Si, who was very arrogant earlier, pleaded, panicking. She did not hesitate to seek help from Jian Xin at all.

However, Jian Xin’s eyes were devoid of warmth when she looked at Jian Si now. She said indifferently, “Little sister? I don’t have a little sister like you.

You better go to hell and repent.”

Soon after, Jian Si was dragged out. Even from afar, her desperate cries could be heard. For someone like her, only when her life was at risk would she feel regret.

Feng Yijin shifted his sharp gaze to Jian Xin, planning what to do with her next.

Jian Xin fell to her knees again, kowtowed, and said respectfully, “Your Majesty, Jian Xin has caused you too much trouble. Please allow me to go to a nunnery after this.”

‘She’s going to be a nun? How bitter would that be?’

Luo Xiuran was anxious and wanted to stop Jian Xin, but Yu Yunxi shook her head at him.

This was probably the most appropriate decision Jian Xin made after weighing the pros and cons.

Although the Emperor firmly demoted Feng Weirui to a commoner, it did not mean he was on Jian Xin’s side.

Jian Xin still carried the title of Princess Consort Rui. As such, the Emperor would likely create the false impression that Jian Xin had forgiven Feng Weirui to minimize the negative impact on the imperial family. To do that, Jian Xin would be tied to Feng Weirui for the rest of her life. However, if Jian Xin took the initiative to cultivate and become a nun, she would be able to get rid of her identity as Feng Weirui’s wife. Although life as a nun was not easy, it was still better than being tied to Feng Weirui.

Luo Xiuran understood Yu Yunxi’s meaning. In the end, he gritted his teeth and did not stop Jian Xin.

Jian Xin kowtowed again and said, “The Jian family doesn’t have a legitimate son so there’s no one to support the family. As the eldest daughter of the Jian family, I made a decision on behalf of my deceased parents. I left a small portion of the family’s assets for the family’s concubines and their daughters to live out the rest of their lives.’

Feng Yijin’s eyes flashed as he stroked his beard. He did not expect that Jian

Xin would know how to retreat. It was a pity she married that piece of trash, Feng Weirui. He was still angry at Feng Weirui, and Jian Xin’s words made it difficult for him to refuse her. Hence, he nodded and said calmly, “Very well. Then, I’ll bestow you with the Dharma name, Huiyin. In a few days, the Imperial Preceptor will return to the capital. At that time, you can cultivate with him.”

‘The Imperial Preceptor is returning to the capital?’

Many people’s expressions changed.

Jian Xin also frowned slightly. She obviously did not have a good impression of the Imperial Preceptor. However, she did not have the right to refuse now so she quickly kowtowed and thanked Feng Yijin.

“Thank you, Emperor. Long live the Emperor!”

Feng Yijin glanced at Feng Wei’an and said, “As for Prince Rui’s military power, Wei’an, you can take it over. I’ve been a little tired recently. Come and see me in the imperial study every evening to learn the national policy.”

Feng Wei’an was stunned when he heard this. He did not expect his father to favor him. He quickly stepped forward and replied, “Yes. Thank you, Imperial Father.”

Feng Weizhou and Feng Weichen could only grit their teeth as they listened, maintaining a fake smile on their faces.

‘Eldest Brother has just been demoted, but Father is already supporting Third Brother? How suspicious is he of us?’

“The matter regarding Marquis Jian Zhong’s Residence is bound to cause panic among the people of the capital, and the imperial court will also be chaotic. Ninth Imperial Brother, you must handle this matter properly,” Feng Yijin said to Feng Yili.

Feng Yili’s expression did not change as he replied, “Yes, Imperial Brother.”

Feng Yijin narrowed his eyes and said with a fake smile, “Also, County Princess, although your intentions are good, you’re too reckless. This time, if it weren’t for Ninth Imperial Brother, you would’ve lost your life. At that time, I wouldn’t know how to explain it to your godfather.”

Yu Yunxi lowered her head and hid the emotions on her face as she replied in a neither obsequious nor arrogant manner, “Yunxi will remember Your Majesty’s words.”

Feng Yijin was obviously furious that they were still alive, but he still had to pretend to care. It was really not easy for him.

Feng Yijin was really tired. After all, he was quite old. As such, he dismissed everyone.

Feng Weichen was really unhappy. Feng Weirui had just fallen, but his father was already supporting Feng Wei’an.

‘How good would it be if Father handed the military power to me?’

After leaving, Feng Weichen wanted to discuss the matter with Feng Yili, but Feng Yili led Yu Yunxi and the others into the carriage, not giving him a chance to speak at all.

Feng Weichen grew even more unhappy as he watched the carriage leave, clenching his hands under his sleeves.

At this moment, Feng Weizhou walked over and deliberately said, “I thought

Fifth Imperial Brother is the prince that Ninth Imperial Uncle values the most? However, it seems like you can’t even speak with him. Ever since Yu Yunxi returned, Ninth Imperial Uncle’s attention has been all on her. Since when has he cared about you?”

Then, Feng Weizhou lowered his voice and said meaningfully, “Fifth Brother, if you ever have a conflict with the King of Xinan’s Residence, do you think Ninth Imperial Uncle will choose to abandon you for Yu Yunxi?”

Feng Weichen’s eyelids twitched when he listened to these words, growing more and more uneasy. However, he still pretended to be calm in front of Feng Weizhou. He scoffed coldly and said, “Crown Prince, it seems like you have yet to appease Imperial Father about the previous incident. You should deal with your matters first before you care about others.”

With that, Feng Weichen flicked his sleeve and left.

Feng Weizhou did not move. He was not angry at all. Instead, there was a strange smile on his face as he murmured to himself, “What Mother said back then is true. Yu Yunxi can’t be left alive. Otherwise, she’ll bring chaos to Tianxia and even the world.. Look, it’s already started…”

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